Friday, November 18, 2011

Resepi Bubur Sum Sum


Salam... Arini Cik Lyzz nak kasi resepi la. Resepi ni simple j... tp best tau!
Lebih2 lagi kalau dimakan sejuk2... rasa lembut j berlari2 ke anak tekak.. dengan rasa dia yg lemak2 masin.. tambah pulak dengan kemanisan air gula melaka tu.. pergh.. nyumm. ;D

Desert ni sesuai dimakan bila2 masa.. sebagai desert la kan.. x pon sebagai snack masa tgk tv pon sedap jugak. X sedar j dah habis bermangkuk mangkuk kann?? Hehe.. Untuk sesiapa yg xde selera nak makan, pon amat sesuai kita jamu Bubur Sum2 ni pada mereka. So, kalau ada sape2 yg demam..rasa tekak pahit n tak lalu makan.. boleh la hidangkan bubur sum sum ni sebagai pembuka selera ye. InsyaAllah laju la dia makan.....

Ok, meh intai resepi Bubur Sum Sum ni..

Cik Lyzz ambil resepi dari blog AnaWahid :
Terima kasih ye.. Lawa bubur sum sum dia. Color hijau lagi.. hihi

Bahan2 :
1 cawan tepung beras
3 cawan santan
sedikit garam
1 sudu besar tepung jagung
Jus Pandan/pewarna hijau (Cik Lyzz x bubuh )

Air gula :
1 ketul gula melaka ( Cik Lyzz guna 2 ketul )
sedikit gula pasir ( optional )
2mug air
1inc kayu manis ( Cik Lyzz x bubuh )
2kuntum bunga cengkih ( Cik Lyzz x bubuh )
Daun pandan ( Cik Lyzz tambah )

* Masak semua sampai pekat. Tutup api dan biarkan sejuk.

Cara2 :

1. Masukkan semua bahan Sum Sum dalam periuk. Masak dengan api sederhana dan jgn berhenti mengacau sampai dia masak & berkilat. ( Cik Lyzz kacau pakai whisk )
2. Kemudian masukkan ke dalam loyang dan sejukkan.
3. Chill dlm peti ais sebelum serve. Siap.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 4:Experience Real Australia! Paradise Country - Aussie Farm Tours.

Attractions :
AUSSIE HOMESTEAD Enter Paradise Country through a traditional Aussie Homestead where you will find the friendly guest service staff to help you with all of your questions. The souvenie shop is full of well priced traditional Australian gift items.

STOCK HORSE ARENA Experience the action of the outback as our skilled horsemen perform ship cracking and riding demonstrations.
KANGAROO & KOALA ENCLOSURE Feed the friendly kangaroos and stroll through the enclosure to see Koalas and Emus. Visit Koala Village and Photo Centre - Have you photo taken snuggling up with Australia's most loved native animal.

ANIMAL NURSERY Visit our cute baby animals such as piglets, lmabs and calves at the Animal Nursery.
The big & Woolly ships
BILLY TEA & DAMPER Relax around the campfire and enjoy traditional Australian Billy Tea and damper made by local stockman.

HORSE STABLES Take a closer look at behind the scenes preparations required to groom and feed the Paradise Country horses.

SHOW PADDOCKS Watch as our stockmen and their dogs round up a flock of sheep. It's here you'll be shown how to throw a boomerang and see how to crack a stockman's whip.
OUTBACK RESTAURANT Sample a feast of country tucker that will make your mouth water! The Outback Restaurant offers a delicious BBQ lunch, great Aussie music and the chance to join in the fun of Bush Dancing.

SHEEP SHEARING SHED Join in the fun as you watch the skills of the master shearers in the Sheep Shearing show and Ram Parade.

On the next day of the trip & we had to wake up very early at 8am as we need to get ready for our day tour to Paradise Country Farm. The tour bus will come around 9.10am so we quickly got ready, have our breakfast at the hotel's cafe & waited for the same Con-X-Ion bus at the hotel entrance to arrive.We arrived at Paradise Country Farm around 10am and we didn't know what this place is all about. What I could guess it's just a normal farm but boy, I was wrong. We went to this small booth after the tour bus sent us. We exchanged our travel voucher for the tickets & boarded this tram which sent us to the main location of Paradise Country Farm. We took the area map & immediately made to this Koala photo taking area whereby we have to pay AUD$15 for 1 pose with the koala.
We really need to planned our time wisely sine we have limited time only to cover as much area as we can. There were a few live shows that was scheduled for the guess. So, we need to choose which show to watch and which are not.

After taking picture with the Koala, luckily we meet up with one of the cowboy there and having a chit chat and he did explain to us about the Paradise Country as a whole. Since we said , that we only have a limited times there, which was until 1pm.. so that he suggest us to watch this live show of the damper and billy tea by the campfire, the horse riding as well as the sheep shearing show.

After all those shows, he did suggest us to see and experience the traditional Australian Bush culture. It's was just like u come to "perkampungan orang asli mereka" and u got the opportunity to know and learn their traditional 'fair-dinkum' Aussie homestead atmosphere. .
After the Billy tea and campfire show, there was this superb horse riding show whereby he & 2 other cowboy & cowgirl had to round up some cattle plus beat the clock. That was real nice especially there's this segment during the closing moments when one of the cowboy rode his horse, went past the crowd & I was lucky enough to clapped his hand..KAPOW.After the love shows, we took photos with the horses & went to the whip snapping & boomerang show. That was quite nice too. Each boomerang thrown & if the cowboy didn't catch successfully, we were told to boo them. I love booing people. Haha.
We both sempat lari masuk dalam tmpt kanggaroo and koala to meet them in person and cuddling with them. Actually, i was very excited to meet them but when they are really in front of my eyes, i feel like to run off and cabut. Hahaha.. Yes, i am scared of animals. They lives dalam satu kandang yg besar... and tak kunci...and of course la ada pagar kan. So, all guest are freely to come in at anytime they want. Inside there, you will see many of the kanggaroo yg sedang lepak2 and having their good time. They are friendly.. they not bite people of course. Maybe sebab di Malaysia xde kangaroo and koala ni.. jadi mula2 mmg rasa takut. After a few min.. u will be okey. Just set in mind..they are friendly.. Even when we took their picture, some of them will pose to the camera. Ahaks.. Dah puas jumpa kanggaroo and koala, kami jumpa burung unta dan juga kambing2 australia yg cumil2 ni. Kandang2 mereka ni semua nya bersebelahan j.

And there was another live show which was the sheep shearing before we take our lunch..
What amazes me in this show was that there's this "celebrity" sheeps which make their way to the stage and they'll go to their names from the crowd's seat. The sheep shearer demonstated sheep shearing methods and also there's a nice segment whereby, the shearer called for volunteers. With these volunteers, he gave them characters and with the sheep wools that he had trimmed from a helpless sheep, he decorated on them.

It was already like noon time & the live shows were over. It's meal time! We had this bbq fish lunch & that was sumptuous. We had a quick lunch sebab masih nak jalan2 di sekitar Paradise Country ni sebelum balik. Jadi sempat la kami pegi melawat nursery farm..where those babies animals ada kat dlm tu. Mana2 haiwan yg sakit pon akan dijaga oleh unit care dlm tu. Comel jugak bila tgk ada baby lamb yg kakinye berbalut sbb patah kaki.. and the staff there sangat2 penyayang. macam anak kambing tu, dia cium2 mcm cium baby j. And even they ask me to kiss it. Oh oww....!! u must be kidding! ( And yes, i did kiss the baby lamb.. ;P tp suprise jugak sebab dia wangi..
the baby lamb
Bau baby lamb tu just mcm bau sabun susu kambing.. Betul ni.. x tipu! ) lepas melawat nursery tu..sambil berjalan balik..kami ambil kesempatan lihat2 sekitar kawasan.

At about 1pm, the coach arrives and we're off to Harbour Town shopping area. Knowing little of this place on our arrival, we had like 2-3hours to spare.

Basically, Harbour Town proclaims to sell brand items directs outlet shopping center in Australia.
While walking past the shops, I did see the items & price isn't too "money-friendly" but I still got some branded top and office suit which i think worth the money to buy even after converted to RM. When entering the perfume shops.. u will be surprise as the price is quit cheap. I did bought Playboy perfume for ayah, 100ml for AU$35 and my Britney Hidden Fantacy 100ml EDP for AU$39. Office jacket suit and pant Paul Jean was at AU$40 after discount. I just love it the design and the price of course and i really need it for my interview.. Hehe..
We went back to our hotels around 5pm. After taking a short rest, we proceeded to explore Surfer's Paradise. We walked past the shops there and shops there were still opened.

We continued walking around and also went to Surfer's Paradise beach which was nice. The beach looks clean and the waves were quite large. I forgot to note, the weather in Austratlia is quite cold so I always wear a jacket.
Tomorrow we'll be spending the day free and easy. ;D

Last but not least... My DD who had broken $$$ that day.. huhu..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aussie Tour : Day 3 Full day at Movie World

Aussie Tour : Day 3 Full day at Movie World

First of all, Cik Lyzz wanna say sorry for the lack of update. Jiwa melara lately.. pasal kerja, pasal family and all.

Pasal kerja tu Alhamdulillah.. Cik Lyzz dah pon dapat kerja baru. Cik Lyzz bersyukur sangat2 sebab di murahkan rezeki olehNya. Kat company baru nanti, Cik Lyzz dapat naik satu level lagi dari company sekarang ni. Plus, gaji pon mau naik juga la kan. Apepon..alhamdulillah.... syukur. Terima kasih pada yg doakan Cik Lyzz dan beri kata2 semangat tu. Appreciate sesangat k.
Second of all.. pasal family tu, Cik Lyzz x leh nk komen sangat. Tau j la kan.. kadang2 org tu kata j x suka tetap stalker kita juga.. Pada org tu..Cik Lyzz nak ucapkan " hyeee org disana... watpe kat sini?? x jemput pon.." hahahahaha... Apepon Cik Lyzz tetap doakan yg terbaik untuk family Cik Lyzz. Sesiapa pon kan, x kan suka kalau orang kacau family dia. Even masa Cik Lyzz g Aussie tu pon.. si Kanggaroo tu pon pandai marah kalau ada orang kacau mak ayah dia atau anak2 dia. Sama la kan konsepnye.. If you doesn't like ppl to hurt your family, dont start to hurt other's.. Easy right? Sebab, mesti ada yg akan x puas hati. Lumrah la kan..
Okey jom cerita pasal hari ketiga Cik Lyzz kat Aussie..

We start off the day with visit to Movieworld. Warner Bros. Movie World (more commonly referred to as Movie World) is a popular movie related theme park on the Gold Coast in Australia. It is owned and operated by Village Roadshow since the take over from Time Warner and is the only movie related park in Australia. The park contains various movie-themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. In addition, costumed character performers also patrol the park, allowing visitors the chance to take photos with them. These include Batman, Austin Powers, Marilyn Monroe, Scooby Doo, The Mystery Inc. Gang and various Looney Tunes characters. Minor street shows including skits and singing performances are also present. The All-Star Parade showcases costumed characters alongside vehicles and movie-themed floats. ( Sumber dari Wiki )
Everyone’s A Star at Warner Bros, Movie World! Just like you are coming to the Cartoon World or Grammy Awards for Cartoon.. Ahaks! You can even meet them in person and chit chatting with them. The frst character that we meet was the Catwomen. She was presenting her dancing show at the time we arrived with her friends. After that a photography session with her... everybody like so scary to take photo with her since she hold the "tali cameti" tu.. and hit the floor sambil tu tangan dia panggil2 orang untuk bergambar dgn dia.. ala2 menggoda gitew.. Haa.. garang tau kucing pompuan tu.

We even had tried the Batman ship ride called Batman Adventure - The Ride and the Scooby Doo Ride which they call it Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster since it was like riding a roller coaster in the Haunted House. Very adventurous and fun.. Even lepas tu we both fening2 lalats.. Hehehe.. Right after that we go to the Stunt Driver Show. In the show, we manage and get the experience to feel and see the stunt movie making. It was really impressive experience and we cannot help to stop screaming to them showing our electrifying expression of the show. Sangat sangat sangat impressive.. tapi bila ada adegan letop2 banggunan tu a bit scary jugak la.. coz the building was just a few meters from the audience's sitting area. So, for those who plan to come here, don't missed this show. Must Go ya!

After that, we don't want to missed to take an adventure trip to the next dimension in the new Journey to The Center of the Earth 4D Adventure. The attraction puts you in action with the earth crack effects as well as discover a fantastic and dangerous lost world in the center of the earth whereby u even can feel the allient/ dinasour's walking, the earthquake and so on.Then, we continue enjoy the fun of Looney Tunes Village and the spectacular Main Street Star Parade. There are many rides that u can try.. even the roller coasters were very adventures to try on. We enjoy walking around the Looney Tunes Village makes u feel just like u were in the cartoon world. Everything was soo excited and pleasurable to be explore. There are also a lot of the Suvernir shops as well as got the chocolate factory like the one in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Me like it!! ( even did not buy anything from there.. Hahaha ) There also have a star in it booth and "Be A Hi-5 Star" Studio where u can try the costumes that u like and took picture in it. ;D

We spend almost the whole day in the Movie World. There are many shows which was scheduled from time to times at the center area which makes people there keep entertained. During our time there, we manage to see a Batman show, Marilyn Monroe show, Scooby Doo and friends, Catwomen and Shrek with Fiona. ;D Ada macam2 lagi yg menarik tapi tak sempat kami nk tengok dalam satu hari tu.. like Movie Magic Special Effect Show, Pollice Academy Stunt Show, Western Action Show dan yg paling ralat sebab x try is Young Einstein Gravity Homestead. It's like a walk through attraction which featured a sloped floor to exhibit gravity. Niceeeeee.... tapi x sempat.

After being a "star" in Movieworld we return to the hotel. Hari ni lepas explore satu Movieworld tu.. terus rasa lapar nak makan nasi.. Then kami terus cari kedai mamak kat sana n beli Nasi Beriani.. Sedappp!! Dah shaking sbb 3 hari x makan nasi punya pasal. Ahahaha.. And the price for the rice is AU$26/ pc. Then, we also bought kuah dal sayur on top of it. Nyummmm.... petang tu lepas mandi n solat, we jalan2 pusing2 town.. X puas jalan2 kat situ... It was windy even the temperature were more or less like Malaysia.. Still rasa sejuk especially lepas hujan.. Best. So, even u rasa sejuk, don't forget to wear ur sun block, ok. ;P


At night... we spend our time at the night-market along the beach side. Sambil2 tu shopping suvernir sikit2 kat area2 Suffer Paradise town. Masuk dalam mall dia.. wallaaaa...... kalau la kan banyak duit.. Hehe.. Bila lapar, we mkn kebab at Arab's Restaurant and Pizza before going back to hotel to rest. We need to have a good rest since the next day we had another fun time with the wildlife at Paradise Country. See you in the next post..