Thursday, July 28, 2011

Film review Sekali Lagi

Pelakon : Lisa Surihani, Shehaizy Sam, Mia Sara Nasuha & Bront Palarae

1. Filem ni sangat simple and easy.. so, xde la mcm penat2 nk kena berfikir ke ape.. Sesuai untuk seisi keluarga.
2. Lisa Surihani jadi mama kepada Mia Sara.. Duuhhh...comel banget dua2 makhluk ciptaan Allah tu! Da jadi trend drama2 or film2 nowadays.. parent mesti muda gila. Anak da besar2 tp mak ayah masih mcm nampak remaja. Hehe..
3. Lakonan Shaheizy Sam sebagai pesakit terencat akal mcm budak2 (versi hensome bergaya.. hahaha) sangat menghidupkan cerita. Sy x obsess sgt dgn Shaheizy Sam before ni.. tp dlm cerita ni lakonan dia sangat thumbs up.
4. Cerita ni lawak2 yang comel. Tp ending dia syahdu jugak.. ( Ok, sy menangis..gila x macho )
For me this story ala2 korea skit..suami yg sanggup korbankan rumahtangga dan tgglkn isteri tercinta atas sbb kesihatan die.. Mula2 ingat si Arman tu jahat sbb tinggalkan Shila and Amy..
5. Moralnya..x semua org yg tinggalkan kita tu sbb dia benci. Mungkin dia tinggalkan kita sbb terlalu sayangnya dia pada kita.
6. Moral kedua...kalau ada anak yg comel mcm Mia Sara tu please la hantar dia gi nursery ke..rumah jiran ke tolong jaga. Kalau sepah2 kat Kl mcm tu...aku pon rasa nk culik. ;P
7. Moral Ketiga.. x semua cinta monyet tu cinta main2.. ape2 pon kena la ikut jln yg betul and dapat restu keluarga. Baru berkat rumahtangga tu.. Ini sampai sanggup tinggalkan family, ponteng sekolah, berpeluk2 dlm semak.. No no no... at that point... u take ur lesson. Ingat ye semua.. Mesti berkat and kerana Allah..bukan kerana nafsu. Tgk ape dah jadi..bila xde restu? Acehh...jd ustazah plak.
8. X rugi la menonton.. Sila beli astro first rm15 sj.. leh tgk seisi keluarga..ajak jiran2.. pak cik mak cik semua. Tp kalau tgk wayang mcm x berbaloi sangat. Hahaha.. Ye la..filem ni simple..xde sound effect ke ape ke.. tgk kat rumah pon ok.

tu j... cheers!

Nota Little Lizzy : Matlamat x pernah menghalalkan cara..


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

20 Habits That Make You Fat

FAT HABIT #1: Eating "low-fat" ( Tick )
It sounds crazy, but I want you to stop buying foods marketed as low-fat or fat-free. Typically, they save you only a few calories and, in doing so, they replace harmless fats with low-performing carbohydrates that digest quickly—causing a sugar rush and, immediately afterward, rebound hunger. That means you’ll store less body fat and be less likely to eat more later.

FAT HABIT #2: Not seeking nutrition advice
Good news here: By reading this, you’re already forming habits that can help you shed pounds. When Canadian researchers sent diet and exercise advice to more than 1,000 people, they found that the recipients began eating smarter and working more physical activity into their daily routines.

FAT HABIT #3: Sleeping too little or too much ( Tick )
According to Wake Forest researchers, dieters who sleep five hours or less put on 2½ times more belly fat, while those who sleep more than eight hours pack on only slightly less than that. Shoot for an average of six to seven hours of sleep per night—the optimal amount for weight control.

FAT HABIT #4: Eating free restaurant foods ( Tick )
DID YOU KNOW? You don't need to make big changes to your diet to lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds. You just need to make the right small tweaks.

FAT HABIT #5: Drinking soda—even diet soda!
The average American guzzles nearly a full gallon of soda every week. Why is that so bad? Study found that drinking one to two sodas per day increases your chances of being overweight or obese by nearly 33 percent. And diet soda is no better. The researcher found that compared to nondrinkers, those who drank two or more diet sodas a day watched their waistlines increase five times faster. The artificial sweeteners trigger appetite cues, causing you to unconsciously eat more at subsequent meals.

FAT HABIT #6: Skipping meals ( Tick )
17 percent of Americans admitted to skipping meals to lose weight. The problem is, skipping meals actually increases your odds of obesity, especially when it comes to breakfast. Why? Skipping meals slows your metabolism and boosts your hunger. That puts your body in prime fat-storage mode and increases your odds of overeating at the next meal.

FAT HABIT #7: Eating too quickly ( Tick )
It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s had enough.Slow eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal, but compared to their fast-eating peers, they felt like they had eaten more. If you can do that at every meal, you’ll lose more than 20 pounds a year!

FAT HABIT #8: Watching too much TV
Participants who reduced their TV time by just 50 percent burned an additional 119 calories a day on average. Maximize those results by multitasking while you watch—even light household tasks will further bump up your caloric burn. Plus, if your hands are occupied with dishes or laundry, you’ll be less likely to mindlessly snack

FAT HABIT #9: Ordering the combo meal ( Tick )
Why? Because when you order items bundled together, you're likely to buy more food than you want. That way you won't be influenced by pricing schemes designed to hustle a few more cents out of your pocket.

FAT HABIT #10: Facing the buffet
Choose a seat that places your back toward the spread. It will help you avoid fixating on the food.

FAT HABIT #11: Eating off larger plates
One study found that when given an option, a whopping 98.6 percent of obese individuals opt for larger plates. Translation: More food, more calories, and more body fat.

FAT HABIT #12: Putting serving dishes on the table ( Tick )
When food is served from the dinner table, people consume 35 percent more over the course of the meal. When an additional helping requires leaving the table, people hesitate to go back for more.

FAT HABIT #13: Choosing white bread
Whole grain foods pack in more fiber and an overall stronger nutritional package than their refined-grain counterparts.

FAT HABIT #14: Taking big bites
People who took large bites of food consumed 52 percent more calories in one sitting than those who took small bites and chewed longer. The smaller your bites, the thinner your waistline.

FAT HABIT #15: Not drinking enough water ( Tick )
Adequate water intake is essential for all your body’s functions, and the more you drink, the better your chances of staying thin.Dieting participants who were instructed to drink two cups of water before each meal lost 30 percent more weight than their thirsty peers. And you can magnify the effect by adding ice. Six cups of cold water a day could prompt a metabolic boost that incinerates 50 daily calories. That’s enough to shed five pounds a year!

FAT HABIT #16: Having overweight friends
When a friend becomes obese, it ups your chance of obesity by 57 percent. This probably has to do with the social norms that you’re exposed to. ("Let’s split the cheesecake!")

FAT HABIT #17: Eating too late ( Tick )
Your body can burn flab while you sleep, but only if it isn't too busy processing a full stomach. Those who ate after 8 p.m. took in the most daily calories and had the highest BMIs.

FAT HABIT #18: Not using a scale
Looking at your body weight reinforces weight-loss goals and makes it difficult to cheat your diet.

FAT HABIT #19: Drinking fruity beverages
Most restaurants and bars have ditched their fresh-fruit recipes in favor of viscous syrups made mostly from high fructose corn syrup and thickening agents. As a general rule, the more garnishes a drink has hanging from its rim, the worse it is for your waistline.

FAT HABIT #20: Eating when emotional ( Tick )
Dont be an emotional eaters—those who admitted eating in response to emotional stress—were 13 times more likely to be overweight or obese. If you feel the urge to eat in response to stress, try chewing a piece of gum, chugging a glass of water, or taking a walk around the block.

P/S : Source from Yahoo! Health ;) Happy reading..

Whoaa....50% of these were ticked. Daanggg!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pineapple Muffin..

1st time rasa pineapple kek. Bunyi macam pelik..dunno la...maybe i'm not muffin's enough. Mcm x pernah dengar j muffin pineapple. So, last month Mak Ngah kirim mixture ni..x sabar2 nk bakar. Ada 3 sebenarnye.. perisa oren + seed, blueberry and pineapple. So, i bake this one 1st sbb x pernah rasa..

Layan gambar j la ek.. Sbb yg ni guna mixture readymade given by Mak Ngah. Cuma campur2 telur, margerin, and air j da siap..


Sedap yet eazy too..!!

This one fresh from oven.. ( Owh..abaikan jari jemari yg besar tu )

Ada lagi dua packet mixture tu x try.. nyum2..Sape2 nk dtg rumah, sila angkat tangan.. boleh sy hidangkan muffin. Tp kena inform at least 1/2jam awal ek. Hehe.. Kalau ad-hoc nnt dpt makan biskut lutut j la.. ;P

Time taken to prepare : Less than 10min.

Baking time : 20min

Note : Rasa dia Cik Lyzz yg penggemar chocolate ni..x berapa suka sangat kek2 selain cheese cake n chocolate cake. So, Cik Lyzz sprinkle choc chip atas dia b4 bakar tu.. end up...Cik Lyzz makan atas dia j. Haha.. tp ok la..boleh buat breakfast DD pagi2 sblm g keje.

(Next time kena add on choc chip into the batter. So, choc chip tu berada di keseluruhan kek. Ohhh nyumm..)

Monday, July 11, 2011

My very first attempt Macaroon French..

We are getting impatient to eat...fresh from oven..yummm


Layan j la gambar yg x seberapa ni.. malas la nk letak resepi..sbb x berapa jadi sangat. Perlu banyak experiment lagi... hehehe... Tp memang codappp!! Cuma rupa x lawa.. x gebuss mcm kedai tu.. haha

Suggest..kalau nk buat base dia tu jgn manis2.. Like Cik Lyzz buat filling dark chocolate. bila kena dgn cik mak-aron yg manis tu...phewww...terangkat.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you know?? You can now do a self check-in from your mobile and via the web?


Hehehe...... i just go into the air asia website and to change my profile details in there. Then i notice this link.. That now we will be able to self check -in via online, 7 days prior and up to 4 hours before the schedule depature time. And also we can even check in through our mobile. I just know about it today.. What a shameful... ;X Huhu...

So, I decide to share it here.. So, sape2 yg still x tau, leh la baca ye..

Ok for web check-in you just go to Air Asia homepage, then click the "Web Check-in" button. All you have to do is to key in your departure city and your booking number. After you click "GO", you will get your boarding pass and all you have to do is just print it and bring along when the time is come and just verify it at the check in counter. . As easy as that. ;)

For Mobile Check in..i just copy and paste from the website.. hihi ( Happy reading )

With your mobile phone, you can now check-in from almost anywhere. Opt for Mobile Check-In:
7 days prior and up to 45 minutes (AirAsia flights)
7 days prior and up to 4 hours (AirAsia X flights)

before the scheduled departure time with Mobile Check-In.

You still have to go to via your browser first.

Step 1 - Once in the web, click mobile check-in.
Step 2 - Key in your booking number and your departure airport
Step 3 - Then, select the guests you would like to check in.
Step 4 - This is the last step! Enter your e-mail and mobile phone number to receive the 2D barcode
Step 5 - So, u can boarding using the 2d barcode scanner or just bring the 2D barcode to the check-in counter to get you printed boarding pass.

However, Airasia is encouraging us to check in via online/mobile but was told by friend we still need to queue for check in luggage.

For AirAsia Flights
Baggage Drop/Travel Document Check counter is available at all airports. Counter opens two (2) hours and closes forty five (45) minutes before the scheduled time of departure

AirAsia X Flights
Baggage Drop/Travel Document Check counter is available at all airports. Counter opens three (3) hours and closes sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

This service is available for all Internet-enabled mobile phones. Guest(s) will be able to print their boarding pass(es) using the 2D barcode scanners or Self Check-In Kiosks at the airport.
To check-in via mobile go to

If the seating arrangement bothers you so much, then just do the online web check-in. You'll get your seats immediately once you check-in online. Checking in at the counter on the day itself doesn't give you a higher chance to get your perfect seats. In fact, most of the seats might have already been confirm before the flight and the seats you get might be those that are not yet taken. You can do a web check-in 2 weeks before your flight. If the seat is separated or you don't like your seat for some reason, then you can always change your seats with a small fee.

Depending where you fly to, some places might be more expensive. Yes, you have to queue up as well for baggage drop-off but it is VERY MUCH faster than normal check-in counters. This also means that you do not have to go to the airport 4 hours earlier to ensure that you won't miss the flight due to long queue. I've always done web check-ins for all my flights with AA, everytime just line up about 5-10 min and we're done. Last time when web check-in was not introduced yet, we had to queue up at counter for at least 1 hour or so. Sometimes even longer if you are flying during peak seasons/hours.

So, would you consider self check-in in future?

Hehehe.. I myself never done this yet. Will try it on our next trip to Gold Coast and let u all know the experience. ;)

Little Lizzy Note : Hope this post give you some info today. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Biskut Tart Nenas Bentuk buah..


Permintaan DD..dia nk mkn tart nenas bentuk landak katanya. Tp nk base dia rangup n melt in mouth.

Cik Lyzz pon google walk la apa lagi.. then, after da puas hati Cik Lyzz pilih resepi dari sini. Terima kasih la pada Kak Ina empunya resepi. Tp Cik Lyzz derhaka sikit2 sbb ikut bahan yg ada kat dapur j. Lg pon xde scale nk timbang guna gram. Hihi.. main agak2 j la.

Inti nenas Cik Lyzz beli kat Giant j.. then bulat2 kan ikut besar mana kita suka. Yg tu DD punya part.

Bahan2 untuk base dia. Dapat dalam 35-40biji. Pandai2 la double up the recipe ye.

125gm butter - 1/2 Buttercup
30 gm gula aising - lebih kurang 1 1/2 sudu besar.
1 biji kuning telur
1 sudu teh vanila
1 1/2 cawan tepung gandum* - Kalau adunan terlembik, boleh tambah tepung gandum lagi. Cik Lyzz campur sikit dgn tepung superfine. Nak kasi dia ringan dan rangup. At the same time dia melt in mouth. ;)
30 gm tepung jagung* - 1/2 cup
20gm tepung kastad* - kurang sikit dr 1/2 cup
sedikit garam halus
* ayak
Sedikit pewarna kuning ( Optional )

Cara2 :

1. Kacau butter with icing sugar sampai sebati.. ( pakai senduk kayu j.. xyah pakai mixer ).
2. Masukkan egg yolk, garam, pewarna kuning dan vanilla essence. Kacau lagi hingga betul2 sebati.
3. Dalam bekas lain, gaul rata bahan2 bertanda *. Ayakkan.. Cik Lyzz x ayak pon.. hihi..
4. Masukkan bahan2 kering kedalam butter td.. sedikit demi sedikit dan jadikan doh. Jika lembik masukkan sikit lagi tepung gandum.

Untuk cara2 nk membentuk tart nenas bentuk landak ni.. Cik Lyzz ikut step dr blog ni pulak.

TQ Rai.. ;P

InsyaAllah jadi..

Selamat mencuba!!

Last but not least...enjoy the picture of the making of our tart.. hehe

DD give a hand to help me

Tadaaaaaaaaaa..... this is what he has done.. TQ sayang.. ( Sila abaikan size yg x sama besar tu.. hehe )

Ok..da siap da bentukkan dia mcm ni. Tunggu nk sapu telur kat atas dia sket..kasi lawa jelita..


Ready untuk masuk dlm oven..

Ni la rupe dia bila da siap bakar..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon Movie Review


1. Bos pompuan atau mana2 pompuan yg berkuasa sure poyo lelebih.. and x berapa memandang rendah pada org lain.

2. Even robots berebut kuasa, inikan pula manusia..kann

3. Bila nk berkuasa scr drastik, akan pikir cara paling kotor untuk mencapainye

4. The power of woman's words or woman's influence toward man sangat kuat sebenarnye. So, jadi lah wanita yg memberi influence yg baik pada lelaki anda.. haha

5. Kurang action la this time and too draggy.. part tgh2 tu mcm bosan sikit. Bumble bee x banyak slot..optimus prime pon sama... miss the scene Bumble Bee with Sam (Shia Laneouf) but this time x banyak slot cerita derang.

6. Suka part back to the history masa tunjuk Niel Armstrong, orang pertama naik ke bulan. How people react at that time.. Mcm mana situasi bila dia take a risk untuk ke sana, dgn bekalan oksigen hanya 20min j. Hihi.. pencapaian yg amat membanggakan dunia..sedangkan tgk angkasawan negara malaysia yg tumpang kapal org n x sampai kebulan pon da rs bangga gila.. ;)

7. Rasa janggal pulak bila tukar heroin baru.. even sexy n body meletop.. tp still suka heroin yg lama.. I want Megan Fox back. Huhu.. at least should story how they meet each other. Tiba2 j ada awek baru kan..and I really wanted to know why he dumped Mikaela ( Megan Fox )

8. However, the slot masa they all surviving dalam banggunan while the building slowly fall down and the snake thingy was quite cool. Bila tengok 3D..rasa mcm nk kena elak2 kan diri j dari those stuffs. Over tau..!!

9. Pengajaran dari dua watak : Sentinel Prime, the master of Autobots :Orang yg kuat..selalu hati nya busuk manakala The Decepticons: orang yg jahat dan berkuasa..selalu fikiran nya cetek.

10. Sentinel Prime, the master of Autobots, x berapa hebatssss..i aspect more from it.

11. Seronok cuci mata tgk kereta2 best dlm movie ni.. whoaaaaa!!

12. Overall cerita ni x mengecewakan. Bestt!!

Nah ni...... sila cuci mata.. nak tgk kereta2 ni beraksi..g tonton Transformers 3.


Ferari Italia

Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee

Haha..lain macam sikit review Cik Lyzz kali ni.. Saje j.. malas nk kasi sinopsis cerita ke ape...sape2 nk tau sinopsis cerita T3 ni...sila la google walk ye. :)

Note : Ini pandangan Cik Lyzz j..maybe org lain ada pandangan derang masing2.. Cheers!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Girls Day Out To Cameron Highland ~ 02.07.2011



Holla.. nak story about my last weekend activities yg sangat ad hoc yet wonderfully best. ( Ad hoc since no proper plan, tomorrow go, and tell you its really enjoy bila sekali sekala u buat day trip mcm ni. )

Recently we had a very hard time in the office. ( not to mention why la.. ) So, we always complaint to each other how stress we are and it com
e to the idea of going for holiday together. Due to the tight schedule and we cannot take leave during the closing time, Kak Zura and Cindy had plan to go somewhere near KL only. Later on they come out to go a day trip to Cameron. just one day trip.. no need to overnight ~ backpack.

Hearing of that, makes me interested to join. After get permission from DD, here we go.. Cameron.. here we come.!! Hehe..

We start our journey as early as 7am ( Wake up call start from 6.10am by Kak Zura, hehe...TQ kak..). Luckily my house and Cindy's is nearby. So, after pick me, we go to Cindy's apartment to pick her. Then we heading to Sg Buluh to take highway from there. But we are too excited and chit chatting until we "terlepas" simpang to enter highway from sg buluh. So, we plan to take Highway Guthrie somewhere at Ijok. ( not to mention we terlepas because we happily singing together in the car..haha ). From Guthrie, we heading to Tapah and stop by at R&R Rawang, had our breakfast. Kenyang perut hati pon senang..

Us with the waterfall background..

It was long time ago since i used Tapah Road to go Cameron. As far as I remember,the last time was during my secondary school.

The last time I go with DD Last 2 years to Cameron was using Simpang Pulai road.

So, I was excited to see the scenery with Perkampungan Orang Asli and the water fall. On our left and right side along the journey was sooo greeeenn and fresh.

An impressive views, I really like it!! :D

Cam whoring at the waterfall

We reach Tanah Rata around 10am. Our first checkpoint is Teh Boh Center. Along the way to the Tea Boh Center we already furnished with the freshly breathtaking scenery the natural environment of Cameron Highlands.. pokok2 teh yg ditanam di atas bukit2..sambil tu ada kebun2 sayur di kiri kanan jalan.

At the view point Teh Boh Centre

Me with Cindy

The Boh Tea Center is located at the end of the small road. We are so eagerly to stop by and took picture in the middle of the tea hill, tp sbb jalan sempit..susah la sikit.. Pokok2 teh tu looks soo gebu. It was also fun since we need to press the hon in every corner to let the car from the other side know that we are about to cross it.. And finally, we manage to reach there around 10.30am. From the entrance, we can already see peoples walking on top of the hill. There have a view point where we need to climb the stairs for about 175m to see the scenery of the teh plant from the top. And then there also a tea-making factory where they process the tea. But we didn't visit the factory since it has a specific time schedule for visitor to come in. After come down from the view point ( even we manage to climb half way only..haha ) we straight away to their tea-cafe.. We had some fresh tea and light meal. Cindy and me are having the Lemon Lime Ice Tea with the strawberry tart. Yummy... Kak Zura was having the Lemon Cheesecake with Hot Tea. ( i dont know the name..mind me.)We lucky to get a strategic spot at the balcony side, with an open air with megical view of the hill full of tea plants. Just like we are floating on the air whilst sipping our cups of tea. Whoaaa.... its about 11.15am. Cuaca memang panas tp angin sepoi2 tu rasa nyaman j.. Life is good! Then, i went to have a "small" shopping to the tea shop. They do sells a big selection of teas as well as a gift and souvenirs.

The view..

Our next checkpoint is the Bee Farm. Inside the Bee Farm also a flower garden and the strawberry farm. We can self plucking the strawberry ourself if we want. We are just enjoying our camwhoring session there..nothing much since all of us are afraid of the bees. hihi... During the Bee Farm tour, we saw the worker is cutting the bee comb to take out the honey.It was my 1st experience to see the bee's comb with full of honey still in it. I'm soo jakun and later i did bought a piece of it for RM16 ( for about 4inch long square shape ). It taste yummy tho... just suck the honey and throw away the shell.

We continue our journey to Brinchang. On the way from Tanah Rata we stop by to had lunch at Nasi Kandar. It was raining while we eating and the rain stop right after we finished our lunch. Good timing isn't it? heh heh heh.. Lepas kenyang...we heading to Brinchang town, to go to The Big Red Strawberry Farm, or also known as Taman Agro Tourism. Its offers a one-stop garden and farm center to relax and unwind.

We are three cute little Strawberries..hye!

There are flowers, cactuses, strawberries garden, grapes plant just right on your was plant along the walking area, huge lettuces farm where you will straight away feel hungry when see its ( Oh, the Lettuces is plant hydroponically ), tomatoes garden,capsicum garden and many more..

at Tomato garden

We are really enjoying our tour to this place and yet we still did not finished all area. Kak azura bought the baby cactus there..6pc's for RM10. and all of us bought the lettuces, capsicum, tomatoes, lobak putih, pumpkin and many other.. 3pc's for Rm5 ( very cheap yet sooo fresh. The worker even get down to the farm and cut the lettuces for us since we said we want the fresh one. hehe.. ;P ) lepas penat jalan2..we heading to the cafe.. ( haha.. jalan2 makan2 ).

We had try the strawberry icecream, strawberry waffle with cream, and strawberies with chocolate fondue. Yumm.. The strawberries here was and big and sweet and yummy.

With the lettuches.. looks fresh and

If you want to buy the strawberry, RM20 for 5 small packets, around 300g per pack. Big packets is RM8. But worth to buy at Brinchang's Market, much cheaper than here. If you want to self plucking the strawberries, here also have the package, minimum pluck is 1/2 kg for rm20.

Later we plan to go back to KL using Simpang Pulai road. Since on the way raining again. We did stop by at the souvenirs shop along the road.. ( there are many shops along the road from Brinchang to Simpang Pulai, those yg x sempat nk beli apa2, dont worry much. You still can buy it here.. ) After that we stop again to the market..Here we continue buying some fresh vege. They have a lot of package like 4 pack for RM10 or even 8pack for RM10. And you can always mixed whatever kind of vege that you like. Shopping here is much cheaper but you need to bargain. I did buy the honey ( Madu Tualang ) and the sweet corn too.. It soo cheap for the honey big bottle RM25 from RM35. Then the corn you can get as most as 9pc's for RM10. ( for the jagung, you can even eat it as it is.. no need to cook and it's taste sweet. )

Then we continue our journey back to KL. We stop at R&R Simpang Pulai around 6.30pm to have some rest and have tea time. Huhu.. We reach our home around 9pm and we really had a wonderful day. Should do a day trip more often in future.. Weee...

Little Lizzy Note : That day we have had manage to round to 4 state in Malaysia. Hahaha.. Had breakfast at Selangor ( Rawang ), eat our lunch at Pahang ( Cameron ), and Tea time at Perak( Simpang Pulai ) and dinner in KL (KLCC)

That night, after had a day trip with the girls..Cik Lyzz g dating with DD pulak. We go for a midnight movie 3D Transformer 3 at KLCC. Nasib baik Ck Lyzz x tido sampai movie habis..Cik Lyzz x nak buat muka penat atau x bersemangat.. Not fair to DD pulak. Siang jimba2 dgn the girls..happy2 lompat2...xkan nk dating dgn DD da lemau pulak kan. Tp excited nk kuar dating.. n jumpa DD mlm tu..terus hilang mengantuk. ( padahal da sental Long Black Coffee @ Dome KLCC. Cerahhh mata.. haha

Super bionic la Cik Lyzz hari tu.. balik tu jalan pon da terhoyong hayang mcm org mabuk la

Ini lah hasil nye... dari sayur2 dan buah2 yg Cik Lyzz dapat tangkap dr CH.. Super healthy fresh salad..

Juge berjaya menculik dak 5 ekor nih... hihi ;P

Last but not least..... Yummieyeahh!! Strawberry Choc Fondue. Sinfully delicious... Dang!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My All Time Favorites



These are Shushies from Octopus Shushi bar, Wangsa Walk. Love them very the much... Yummm! Very the.. hahaha

;D Big smile..

Cuci mata j ye.. Next time kita g makan sama2 pulak.

Note : En.Suami pon da layan makan shushi skang. Me like...sbb before this mkn sorang2 mcm x feel.. Bila ada geng nk mkn...baru la thrill. Sayang DD.