Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~~~ New hair = short bobstyle ~~~


Last Monday, I give myself a new looked by change the new hair style.
Selalu rambut panjang lurus, leyered..since after get married, I never cut my hair. Not just that, I'm not give it pampered for doing treatment at saloon, trim ke, cuci kat kedai sambil bubuh pro-vitamin ke ape ke..Ops..ade la one time, i stimmed my hair plus do the treatment by professional. Haha.. teruk juga I ni kan. But, it doesnt mean i am not taking care of my hair at all. its just I'm not going to professional..but still doing it myself at home.

But out of suddent teringin nk try rambut pendek pulak.. Beside, b4 this, i pernah ckp pada En.Suami, how about if i cut my hair short. He said he's okey, but not too short. Huhu..

Maka, pada pagi Isnin tu..kebetulan I sakit kepala pulak. Sakit sebelah kepala tau. X larat sangat.. After mandi basuh kepala pon still rasa sakit. Then i pon terfikir nk pegi cuci rambut kat saloon and do the treatment. Kan masa derang cuci tu, they will massage ur head and neck, and then bila kena air sejuk tu sambil kena massage, fuhh, best banget..i liiikkkeee..!!

Sampai2 j..tgk pakej gunting rambut + treatment + pro-vit + highlight + rebonding hanya RM200. Murah kan?? i terus la tanpa fikir or tanya2..straight away i said i want that package., mula la..tgk2 katalog..which style kan nk potong..Then i choose to cut like Posh Beckham short bobhair style. ( Kena highlight nama Posh Beckham supaya nampak sexy rambut i..huhu ) Cuma i x buat highlight, but add on collagen to my hair supaya rambut lebih lembut dan kulit kepala lagi sihat.

Guess what?? En.Suami loved it.. yay!!

Tp yg x best nye..part nk settle the bill..sudently the price is not really RM200. The RM200 package is actually not include ubat la..x masuk cuci rambut la..bla bla bla. At the end..i need to pay rm300+++ since I buy the serum oil as well. What la.. kan??

Tp...nasib baik hasil nye SEXY!! And yg penting my darling dear loved it. Double Yay....!!

And last but not least, picture again... ~ Victoria Beckham in a bob hairstyle ~

Her sun glasses looked soo "menggiurkan", no??

P/s : All pictures taken from google

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

**DiGi iPhone 4 Life**


Hi geng,

Ok, last but not least....


Please click to enlarge the pitcha


P/S : That's the end for my DiGi iPhone 4 blog posts. I wish everyone a very best of luck and my congratulation in advance to the lucky person who will win it. ;)
( ==finger crossed== )


Monday, September 27, 2010

~~~DiGi iPhone 4 Real~~~


Hi all,

Lets get closer of what i found with DIGI Postpaid Plans especially for iPhone promotional monthly fees.. The price was sangat2 impressive.. and value for money. Worth buy..

Click to enlarge the picture..

And please be remind that this special monthly Fee ( from RM58/mth) pricing only applicable for NEW signups from 24th September 2010 onwards. So, ape tunggu lagi.. be the first to sign up and grab the "King of phones" as yours.

Beside this, to ease their customer, DIGI also offers 2 option whether to buy with cash or credit card or via easy payment plan.

From my opinion, by getting the contract deal with existing local operators are the best choice instead of buying directly from Apple Online Store or through unofficial parties since the price will be much higher approx 3K++ and in the end you have also to connect the iPhone 4 with one of them to receive the

And make sure its DIGI peeps..!!

Ku bersamamu... Hehehehehe

For more info.. please google walk yourself to this link ya --> DIGIiPhone

Sila..sila.. jgn memalu.. ;P


Flag this message: Revoke of Invitations to Celebration of Amazing Skin with Vaseline Party ~~~ tsk tsk tsk..


Uwaaaaaaa.... Know what?? this is my first time after be invited by Nuffnang for party. Actually i'm glad to go, and looking forward to it to meet and mingle around with other bloggers.. ( sbb x pernah..selalu tgk picture2 at nuffnag website, rasa sooo wanna go.)


Due to my carelesness and time frame to sit in front of PC during this Open-house-seasons, where I'm not open my email this few days.. Had result, this invitation has been rovoked. Too bad! ;'( Huhuhuhuhu...nagis tersedu2.

I blame my phone which dont have internet update me about this. haha

That y I really hungry for iPhone right now.. auummm!!

P/s ; Just not my luck. Not my rezeki..maybe next time. Perhaps! ;)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play



Speak up about why I need iPhone 4, I still want to continue it. Please dun get bored ye kawan2..Wohoo.. ;P

As soon as they announced the official release of the "King of Phones", I was sooo onto it. I am not one easy consumer to please. On the contrary, I am one extremely demanding phone user.

Never is it enough that my phone can just call or text. I want to use my device to surf the internet on the go, check my emails, blogging, watch movies on the plane, organize my appointments, give directions to hopeless KL taxi drivers using GPS ( okey..i'm liying..i am the one who hopeless dun know the direction at most of the time.. hehe ). On top of it all, I want my phone to sync to my PC so all my calendars and contact list stay as one, united and also i want gamming.. I'm getting myself a Wii as well like i used before. Hobi I dulu ialah menghabiskan jam demi jam menghadap komputer bermain game.

Champions Manager (CM) was my favourite. The Sims was another favourite. Dan I suka game yang memerlukan strategi, seperti menjadi perancang bandar (yang memaksa you berfikir tentang langkah ekonomi, politik, infrastruktur dan sosial yang efektif) dan juga game peperangan pra kemodenan (War of the Worlds, Age of Empires). Beberapa tahun sebelum ni, I merupakan seorang game junkie. They are many game that become my favourite. Which sometime I rather skip my meal to finished up the game and sometime sampai mimpi2 the stategy of the game. haha...esoknye pagi2..bagun tido start main game balik cozt of i was dreaming about the strategy a night before... Yeahhh i noe i noe, sangat gila!

So, speak up of the iPhone 4 which we can easyly get free apps to d/load, maka I fikir, elok juga kalau I mula balik hobi masa lampau ber-gaming. No?

Not just that..On the iTunes Store tons of Apps, both free and paid, that lets you do everything from reading blogs offline.

To check local traffic camera - just suit for me and En.Suami which our working area is just at the heart of the KL city.

To check the weekly whether

To chatting on MSN.

To identifying the song on the radio.

To stalking people on Facebook.

To keeping track of stocks and foreign currencies.

To find the best recepies & Get RECIPES THAT WORK, -Need a foolproof recipe - Dictionary & Thesaurus and many more

Apple has been adding improvements and releasing new versions of its software from time to time. How many other phone manufacturers do the same?

By that, there is absolutely no reason for me not to love this phone. Aight??


Last but not least..iPhone rocks! ;D


Friday, September 24, 2010

== “DiGi iPhone 4 Me” ==

~~~~~~~~~~~~ “DiGi iPhone 4 Me” ~~~~~~~~~~~

Why I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi??

My current handphone kept giving me problem.

At first, the volume control button got hairwired..where i cannot control the sound at all. Haih..ok lagi. Sbb I boleh pakai headphone yg ada volume controller tu. So, boleh la kurangkan and kuatkan sound tu aight?

Then, it just turn off whenever i start to type. It’s freaking irritating & annoying as i have to turn on my phone back & key in my password & then have to wait for like 2 minutes so that it can load everything. Pfft!

Not just that.. now is due to the slide phone ( mine is N95 )..everytime i wrongly slide it..the skrin will turn to black. Mcm blackout pulak. Tp bila da bnyk2 kali slide in and out..dia ok la. But still. It make me urghhhh!! Then sometime, when this happen while I want to take a picture.. u know la, i am not the person yg bawak camera all the time., i usually snap picture using my HP j. But when my HP become like this..uwaaaaa too bad to missed out the 'so-called-best-moment' and cannot keep it in the picture...

So that, I really need a new handphone which are :

1. Branded ~~ Hehe..of course mar..worth buying. My old HP N95 is more than 2years old. So, I think should give it an early retirement. Who what?? ppl change their car more often than it kan kan kan? Haha..

Sekali sekala nk beli, so harus pilih yg terbaeekk la..that y iPhone 4G..wehoo!

2. Budget ~~ Money worth. Cheap in term of the functions and its powerful players. And of course by DIGI package. Yummy yum!! Ahaha ;)

3. Specs ~~

-longer life battery (not every night have to charge like mine)
-Huge storage
-look stylish & smart
-Unlimited internet access especially buy from DIGI
-Data speed must faster than others
-Photo capture.

And to know that Apple has improved features and the latest iteration enhances a number of important elements from previous model like display, camera (with Flash), dual-microphone, larger battery and multi-tasking and yeda yeda yeda.. just make me feel sooo want to have it!

4. Type/Size ~~ This surely comes to my priority to choose the right HP.
As you know, the design of iPhone 4G is excellent. It has been updated to use steel and aluminosilicate glass, which is ultra-resistant to scratches. Yay!! Amat sesuai wif me..Among the things that I really like in this design are the buttons: on/off, volume +/- are very easy to "feel" with the fingers and to use. This is something that most competitors often screw up. I use the power button dozens of times a day, so it should be nice and easy to reach. And not forgotten that 4G iPhone is thinner and slimmer than 3G's one..

And good to tell that I typically want to change my style to use phone differently by now. Ye lah, zaman da canggih, so dun wan to just use a handphone as a HP ony. What a waste.. ngek ngek ngek.. Practically I want to check my email often with Exchange and also want to browse the web several times a day to check on news sites, Facebooking, blogging, yutubing and maybe wanna watch movies or play music as well. Last but not least to used it as a navigator..since i had difficulties in remember the road. haha..selalu j sesat. Nway,I don't call much - maybe 10mn a day, if at all. But I text much..since my package with Non-DIGI customer is soo expensive. So, i da biasa text than call. hehe.. This usage pattern is a based to figure out what would be the best HP to get.

And, know what?? DIGI give an awesome package for all this. So, why wait? lets grab iPhone 4 from DIGI bebeh!!!

Awww...sooo want it!

Truely yours,
Cik LittleLizzyMe ;D

( While giving my puppy dog face.. Ngee.. )

Butter Prawn Cik Lyzzzzz


Resepi ni taken masa bulan puasa haritu. Teruja tgk Kak D and Sena buat butter Prawn untuk juadah berbuka. So, korek2 resepi from them and ade jugak google sket2. Biasa la..Cik Lyzz suka tanya ramai2 n buat google walk b4 buat something2 tu.. baru rasa confident sket. Hehe..

So, here is the butter prawn recepies taking from them and Cik Lyzz alter sikit2 ikut selera Cik Lyzz and En.Suami.

** Bahan-Bahan untuk udang goreng **

10 ekor Udang belah belakang ( Size besar )
2tbs Serbuk Kari / Kunyit
Garam & paper

** bahan-Bahan untuk serbuk butter **

1/2 cwn Susu cair + sikit susu pekat ( untuk rasa manis lemak2. kalau nk manis lagi, boleh tambah gula halus sikit. En.Suami x suka manis2, so x boh gula. )
50g Butter atau secukupnya untuk goreng ( lebih kurang 3-4 sudu )
2 biji kuning telur ( bit dgn wrisk sampai kembang )
cili padi ( hiris kecik2 )
daun kari 1 tangkai
Nestume - Kalau resepi Kak D, dia bubuh serbuk nestume 2 sudu untuk kasi rangup. Tp Cik Lyzz x bubuh pon. Sbb jarang beli nestume kat rumah ni. Tp one day nk try bubuh nestume gak la. Mesti bau dia wangiiiiiii..

** Cara2 **
1. Basuh udang yg da dibelah belakang. Tos kan air dia..and lap2 sket guna kitchen towel. Perap dgn serbuk kari/kunyit n garam seketika.

2. Then goreng udang dgn serbuk kari or serbuk kunyit. Whichever u prefer. Kalau nak rasa pedas and ada rasa rempah..better guna serbuk kari. Wangi j bau dia. No harm..guna serbuk kunyit pon ok. Cik Lyzz x goreng sampai garing pon. Cukup sampai dia masak j. Sbb nnt kita nk goreng balik dgn butter tu. So, x nak kasi dia overcooked. Angkat dan ketepikan.

3. Dalam kuali lain, panas kan butter. ( Masa ni thrill sket..) make sure api betul2 jgn sampai hangit pulak.. Bila butter da betul2 panas, masukkan susu cair.
Kacau laju2..then masukkan egg yolks yg da dipukul tu sedikit demi sedikit..keep kacau ye.

++ Tips : kena kacau laju2..supaya jadi serbuk2 halus yg garing tu.. Kalau rasa butter tu x cukup..Cik Lyzz tambah sikit minyak goreng udang tu. ++

4. Sentiasa kacau sampai butter tu garing kekuningan sikit..then masukkan cili potong dan daun kari..

5. Bila da jadi golden brown tu..campurkan udang yg da digoreng td. Goreng sekejap sampai udang garing. Yg penting nk kasi serbuk butter tu mesra dgn udang tu.

6. Angkat dan tos kan minyak..

7. Sedia dihidang panas2.. Nyum2.. ;D

P/S : Kalau nk banyak serbuk dia..pandai2 la lebihkan sukatan tu ye.. hehe. Sbb Cik Lyzz mmg suke serbuk yg banyak. Makan serbuk dgn nasi panas j pon da sedap. Lebih2 lagi time bersahur tu..mata layu pon leh jd bulat. haha..over la kan!


Tiramisu simple..


Last night I buat Tiramisu Cake. Saje j mengada teringin nak makan. So buat dlm bekas kecik2 bekas plastik tau fu fa tu 2 bekas, cawan kecik 1, then dlm bekas bulat besar sket 1. Buat dlm bekas kecik2 so senang nk makan, x payah nak potong2 da. Hehe..


1 biji kek span coklat [saiz kecil]- jika menggunakan ladyfingers aturkan ke dalam mangkuk secukupnya.
250 gm keju krim [Philapeldephia]
250 gm fresh cream atau whipping cream ( i guna satu kotak kecil j.. 200g x silap )
1/2 cawan gula halus ( lebih kurang 100g )
1 cawan air nescafee ( bancuh dgn air panas )
serbuk koko

1. Kek span coklat dipotong nipis 3 lapisan ikut kesesuaian mangkuk u all.
2. Letakan kek dalam bekas kaca.
3. Tuangkan 1/3 bahagian air nescafee atas kek. Atau ambil sesudu air nescafe tu..sapukan atas kek td..ulang sampai rata.
4. Pukulkan keju, fresh /whipping crean dan gula sehingga gebu. Seeloknye pukul keju dan whipe cream berasigan..bila da gebu tu..baru satukan.
5. Tuangkan adunan keju serata kek.
6. Ulanglkan buat sehingga semua adunan habis.
7. Untuk lapisan keju yang akhir ayakkan serbuk koko diatasnya.
8. Sejukkan sejam atau lebih sebelum dihidangkan.

Senang kan?? Kalau malas mcm I, beli j la kek span tu..then susun. Kalau terlebih rajin or nk lg puas hati.. leh buat sdr kek span tu.

==Bahan-bahan : Kek Coklat Tanpa Telur (loyang 9 inci)==

2 cawan tepung gandum*
3/4 cawan serbuk koko*
2 sk serbuk penaik*
1 sk soda bikarbonat*
1/2 sk garam halus
1 1/2 cawan gula pasir / gula halus
3/4 cawan minyak masak sayuran / minyak jagung
1 1/2 cawan air kopi/nescafe panas
3/4 cawan susu perisa coklat
1 sk esen vanilla
2 sk cuka


Sediakan loyang kek. Griskan dgn mentega dan taburkan sedikit tepung. Panaskan oven pada suhu 170-180 C.
Di dalam mangkuk adunan, ayakkan bahan-bahan bertanda *. Masukkan garam. Ratakan.
Satukan gula, air kopi/nescafe panas, susu segar, dan esen vanilla ke dalam satu bekas dan bancuh hingga gula larut. Kemudian satukan dengan langkah no 2. Masukkan minyak masak/minyak jagung. Kacau mengikut arah pusingan jam.
Tapiskan adunan.
Masukkan cuka dan terus kacau serta merta selama 20 saat. (Gunakan spatula/senduk kayu)
Tuangkan cepat2 adunan ke dalam loyang dan bakarlah selama 30-40 minit atau sehingga masak. (suhu bergantung pada jenis oven masing2).
Setelah masak, sejukkan kek terlebih dahulu.

Resepi kek ni taken from Teratak Dayang blogspot. I copy and paste j.

Kalau buat kek coklat ni..dia da bubuh nescafe in, boleh omit air nescafe untuk sapu atas kek kalau x suka too much caffien. Its depand la ye.. Chio..selamat mencuba..!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Okey...last week masa cuti Hari Malaysia, me n En. Suami pergi melawat atok kat rumah pak ngah at Kedah. So, mak ngah masak ikan yg sangat lazat..terus I mintak resepi n beli rempah kari utara siap2 untuk bawak balik KL..

Smlm your truely mulakan google walk untuk cari resepi Kari Ikan Utara ni. Mak ngah da kasitau saje2 suke nk google jugak. So, confident sket bila da baca bnyk2 resepi. One of the resepi yg closed with mak ngah punya style here. I da copy n paste kat sini..supaya x lupa. Esok2 nk buat lagi senang.. carik j kat sini kan..

So, sape2 n try..boleh la.



1 ekor ikan jenahak/merah/bijik nangka dsb - potong kecil ( mak ngah guna ikan Nyuk2)
3 sdm rempah kari ikan - penuh bumbung
9 ulas bawang merah - hiris
5 ulas bawang putih - hiris
1 sdm halba campur
1 sdm cili mesin ( yg ni mak ngah x guna, sbb rempah tu da siap2 cili da )
1 kotak santan
1/2 cawan minyak atau lebih
3 tangkai daun kari - lurutkan
segumpal asam jawa - rendam dalam air ( Lebih kurang besar penumbuk )
2sdk garam ( garam pon x yah masukkan..rempah yg mak ngah belikan tu da siap boh garam )
1sdk perasa ikan bilis(optional)

Bahan tumbuk:-
5 ulas bawang merah
3 ulas bawang putih
1 sdk jintan manis biji
1 sdk jintan putih biji
2 sdk lada hitam biji

Bahan sampingan:-
2 biji terung bulat ungu/putih - potong baji
6 batang bendi
2 biji tomato - potong 4
1 biji bawang besar - potong baji
3 biji cili hijau - belah tgh tapi jgn putus

1. Dalam periuk masukkan minyak dan biar panas.
2. Masukkan halba campur,goreng sekejap dan masukkan daun kari.Biar halba dan daun kari 'masak' sedikit baru dimasukkan bawang merah dan bawang putih.Biarkan sekejap di atas api.
3. Di dalam mangkuk..masukkan rempah kari bersama air panas.Kacau sehingga rempah tidak berbintil-bintil.Kemudian masukkan cili mesin ke dalam mangkuk tadi.Masukkan bahan tumbuk juga.kacau2 dan ketepikan.
4. Pastikan bawang ditumis sehingga garing [color dia mmg kuning nak garing betul]
5. Tuang bahan2 dalam mangkuk tadi ke dalam periuk.Kacau sekejap dan tudung dgn periuk.
6. Dalam pada itu boleh siapkan terung.Potong 4 terung.
7. Kacau rempah sehingga benar2 masak dan pecah minyak.Sampai mercik2 kat tanganlah!
[Lebih kurang mcm dok kacau dodol laa]Bukak tudung dan kacau lagik..tutup balik..pastu dalam 5 minit kacau lagik sampai benar2 masak.[part nie yg penting..rempah kena masak btoi2]
8. Masukkan terung dgn sedikit air.Bila terung dah empuk masukkan air asam dan santan.Ya ng nie kalau rasa pekat sgt kuah tu,boleh masukkan air.tapi jgn byk..tuang skett2 dulu..
9. Bila dah menggelegak,baru masukkan ikan,kacang bendi,bawang yg dipotong baji.Perasakan dgn garam dan perasa ikan bilis.
10. Bila ikan dah masak,tutup api dan masukkan buah tomato yang dipotong 4 dan cili hijau.

Taken from HERE

Selamat mencuba ye..!! ;D


Ceritera Raya 1431h ( 2010 )


We start take leave on the Wednesday 8th Sept. So, after packing some stuffs we go back heading to Bagan Datoh, rumah ayah. The traffic is not jammed but is not that clear, but we still manage to reached home before berbuka. Yay!! Dengar pengumuman raya kat TV teringat zaman kecik2 dulu. Mesti nk tunggu depan TV with all the siblings and cousins. Lepas dgr pengumuman tu..mesti nk lompat, jerit2 " esok raya yay!! esok raya yay!!"...then main bunga api kat halaman rumah mbah. Hehe.. Mlm tu sempat jugak perform last solat terawih at Surau Taman Bagan Pasir tu. Sayu j hati sbb Ramadhan da sampai penghujung.

~~Khamis 9th Sept 2010.~~

Pagi2 lagi ayah da sibuk dengan project bakar lemang nye. Tahun ni bnyk sikit ayah buat lemang since Pak Ngah pon nk tumpang bakar lemang skali dgn ayah. Total sume ada dlm 50 batang..fuuhhh.. berpeluh2 la sume2 anak laki dan menantu ayah siapkan lemang sampai habis. This year is the 2nd year En.Suami sambung pangajian bakar lemang dgn ayah. Kira da lulus la..cuma ade sikit2 lagi j x pass mcm nk masukkan daun pisang kat dlm buluh tu..En.suami x tau lg nk buat tu. Xpe syg..tahun depan leh grad. Haha...

Untuk anak2 perempuan ayah pulak bz tolong Ummi kat dapur. Mcm2 rendang ada..rendang ayam, rendang daging n ada juga rendang udang. Lepas tu Ummi masak ketam masak lemak cili api, ikan bawak sweet sour, udang goreng tepung, sup ayam sket untuk bebuka. Perghhh...Ummi saya memang hebat dan power ranger. Dia masak sume ni sorang2 tau...kitaorg tolong2 kemas n potong2 j. Petang tu abang try buat ayam gorang rempah dia..Yummy..!! So, confirmed raya ke-2 masa gathering kena buat lagi.

Me sambil tolong ummi, me buat kek. Kek choclate and bluberry cheese cake. Sambil tu tolong buat lontong jugak dari pagi.

Mlm nye lepas berbuka n main bunga n En.Suami bertolak ke Manjung. Sampai2 lepak2 kejap..main bunga api lagi with all the nieces and nephews. Enjoy sangat sbb kat rumah mak ni ra,ai la, cucu2 mak j ade 9 org...coming soon tambah lg 2 org..murah rezeki & meriah! ;D
Mak and yg lain2 sedang buat ketupat palas. Lepas tu we all sambung tolong mak buat rendang daging minang n tolong Anne buat lontong. Yummy nyumm!!

Pastu x larat sangat...dlm pukul 2pg da masuk tido. Sorry mak x tunggu sampai habis.

~~Jumaat 10th Sept 2010.~~

1st time raya pertama di tempat lain selain rumah ayah. Lain jugak rasanya.. Tp apepon..mana2 pon sama jugak. Pagi2 tolong mak prepare breakfast. Then we pegi sembahyang raya sama2. Lepas solat sunat, xtvt bebas. Sambung makan dan tgk tv j.
Hehe.. Pelik kena get used la. Dlm pukul 3 ptg Luqman ( my BIL ) pon sampai with his wife. Lepas derang mkn2..then we take a family photo together. Seronok jugak ada ramai2 kat sana. All En.Suami's siblings were there..except one family. Yoep Kay and family ada kat Labuan..and they x plan to balik raya this year. Tp xpe..dpt kumpul semua2 ni pon da cukup meriah.

Lepas tangkap gambar..we bersiap2 untuk family gathering at Taiping.. acara dimulakan dgn solat Maghrib dan Isya' berjemaah, bacaan tahlil dan yassin beramai2 serta ada mesyuarat ringkas untuk plan gathering tahun hadapan.. Lepas tu mkn2..Yay lagi.. menarik nye..tahun ni ada kambing golek disamping juadah2 lain seperti satey, nasi, ketupat, rendang kuih2 n yeda yeda yeda..

Sblm balik Manjung, we all singgah beraya di rumah Pak Teh, nearby kg mak jugak. ;) and.. makan lagi.. ( rendang Mak Teh mmg shedaappp. Thumbs up untuk rendang udang yg sedap itu! hehe )

** picture family photo kat rumah En.Suami with all his sibling's family and mom masih belum dpt lg.. Later I update kay.. **

~~Sabtu 11th Sept 2010~~

Pagi tu bgn lambat sket.. huhu.. lepas lepak2 kat rumah n mkn2...we all bertolak ke Batu 20, rumah ayah sbb mlm raya ke-2 ni ada gathering family ayah pulak. Kebetulan tahun ni gathering kat rumah, busy la sket. Sampai2 j rumah, me n En.Suami, terus tolong Ummi kat dapur. Gathering ni port main menu, mesti lah tuan rumah kena sediakan aight? hehe.. sampai j rumah, kitaorg sibuk2 kat dapur. Ayah kemas2 rumah ape yg patut. Abang dgn ayam goreng rempah dia.. Apis dgn air rossel dia.. Me n En.Suami buat kuah lontong.. super yummilicious taw..sbb En.Suami yg tolong perah santan, potong2, kacau2. Ahaks! ( padahal kat rumah dia..x pernah pon tolong buat keje dapur.. huhu ). Ummi pulak buat sambal sotong..untuk mkn dgn kuah lontong tu. Yg lain2 seperti satey, kuih2..we beli j.. Mak Long pon bawak mcm2 jugak..rendang, nasik minyak, nasi impit, dan mcm2 lagi. Penuh la satu meja besar tu dgn mknn.. Alhamdulillah..Rezeki dr Allah..

Sblm mkn we ada tahlil dulu..then lepas mkn ada upacara bermaaf maafan.

Yg muda kena mintak maaf dr yg tua.. Part ni sedih... ;'( ( banyak dosa la tuew.. )

Seperti biasa...lepas da nangis2 tu...sesi bergambar pulak. Nasib baik I pothogenic.. hahaha...even lepas nangis pon..maintain lagi cumil. Kah kah kah..ok perasan!

Sempat juga we celebrate Birthday Maisarah in advance...together wif all Sept's Babies..Hakin a.k.a Pak Chu and Aiman a.k.a Pak Su

Couple Photo

Family Photo

Group Photo

habis bergambar sume dalam pukul 12am. Sedar x sedar j kan...budak2 ni nk sambung main bunga api n mercun pulak. Adehhh... kesian jiran tetangga. Melampau taw..! kawasan perumahan hokey..main mercun papan tu pukul 12 mlm.. NO NO NO> Tp derang ni degil..main jugak.. aiyakkk..! Anak cucu cicit sape la ni..

Otai2 Mercun.. Heh heh heh..tgk tu...sume senyum nakal jerk.

Tgk tu..bekerjasama bersatu hati taw

Here we GO..!!

~~Ahad 12th Sept 2010~~

Hari ahad..lepas sarapan, we beraya from house to house at kampung ayah. Sukee... I sukee masuk kg. suasana kampung..very the like. ( Hahaha.. ape punya bahasa inggeris aku pakai ni.. ) Sempat singgah Kampung Sungai Tiang, jumpa Pak Amin and Wak Dol sekeluarga. Sedap mkn mee curry..ade daging besar2 kat dlm kuah tu..very the yummy. Budak2 tu mkn siap tambah2 lagi. Hari tu ada la dlm 5 buah rumah kitaorg beraya. Lepas tu balik..tido.. x larat nk balik KL. Ingat nk tido kejap j..rupenye smpai ke petang. Haha..

Bangun j tido..mandi2, pastu mkn nasi lauk sardin n telur dadar,ikan masin dan rendang..perghh sedap tau..hari raya mkn lauk sardin..mana nk dapat. Hehe..lepas maghrib tu, we all bertolak balik KL..

Okey..raya kali ni is AWESOME!! ;) Alhamdulillah.. ( walaupon company I x kasi duit, xde baju raya, kasut raya, seluar raya,hand bag raya huhu sad ;'(.. tp tetap meriah you. )

P/S : I like this quote... you can't spell "AWESOME" without ME..

Nota Cik Little Lizzy : Later2 I update gambar k..


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Resepi Seri Kaya


Resepi ni taken from my lil brother yg study kat Mesir tu. Since he said at Mesir, there's no Kaya sold. So, they made kaya themself.. kiut j dengar anak bujang tu pandai masak Seri kaya kan?? But this resepi I alter sket..

Bahan2 & Cara2 :

2 cawan gula pasir
1/2 cawan air
2 ringgit santan pekat (500gm)
5 biji kuning telur
2 camb. tepung kastard (bancuh dgn sedikit air)
1 helai daun pandan

1. Satukan telur, gula ( gula perang + gula pasir )dan pati santan dalam satu bekas, kacau menggunakan whisk hingga gula hancur. Tapis adunan ke dalam periuk.

2. Masukkan gula pasir ke dalam periuk lain dan tenggekkan atas dapur. Masak hingga gula mencair, kacau selalu. Bila guna menjadi perang, perlahan2 masukkan air panas dan terus mengacau. Matikan api. ( karemal ni additional, kalau nk bubuh gula perang n gula pasir saje pon ok. X perlu karemal lg. )

3. Kacau adunan no 1, dgn whisk dan masukkan karamel tadi sambil terus mengacau.

4. Masukkan daun pandan dan masak atas api sederhana sambil terus mengacau dengan whisk sehingga adunan menjadi pekat. Berhati2 kerana adunan yg pekat akan memercik semasa proses memasak. Sejukkan sebelum disimpan dalam bekas botol.

Okey kata Apis, kalau nk kasi lagi pekat bancuh sket tepung kastart and masuk kan skali dlm bancuhan td..kacau rata. Tp I letak garam sikit biar dia ada rasa lemak2 bukan nk kasi masin tau..nak kasi rasa lemak..

Try la.. sedappp. Tp kalau kat Malaysia..beli j la..murah j kat kedai runcit pon belambak. Keh keh keh..

Note : resepi seri kaya ni lebih kurang mcm resepi kuih seri muka bahagian atas. Yg bawah dia pulut tu.. Okey kalau nk buat kuih seri muka ni kena campur kan tepung gandum 120g dan 3tbs tepung jagung kedalam bancuhan. tapis bancuhan tu sepaya xde berketul2. Then, tuang diatas pulut yg ada pulut dan kukus la selama 45min atau 1jam....Tp bancuhan tu make sure jgn terlalu pekat n x terlalu cair tau. Okey la, nnt I post resepi kuih seri muka betul2. Google from for sure. hehe.. Chio!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Raya 2010


Camat Hari Raya dr kami sekeluarga...layan pitcha dulu ye.. later2 I update story. ;D