Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wardrobe Wishlist : DKNY Cozy Cardigan

The pictures speak for themselves...There are twelve different ways that you can style it, and the lightweight fabric means you can wear it year-round. But, the amazingly versatile DKNY's Cozy Cardigan not come in cheaper price. It sells for $195 on DKNY website..which, for me, means that if I don't need it, I shouldn't be pulling out my wallet. Still, I'm deliberately adding it to my ever-growing wishlist, just in case I stumble upon some extra cash. And it'll be sitting at the very top of the list too, because if it's really 12 sweaters in one, it's got to be a good investment, right?

Here are just a few of the ways that you can wear it. Enjoy urself..

This is the DKNY Cashmere Silk Cozy from DKNY, 85% silk, 15% cashmere, luxurious huh?
If DKNY can produce something like this with cheaper material and cheaper price..must b good rite??

Nota Little Lizzy : Psstttttttttt... if u know where i can get this substitute cardigan with those much lower priced from Taiwan/ China maybe...lemmi know key. (At least, almost the same quality, but not with such skyrocketing price tag lah!)
I ada jumpa kat Sogo..cheaper la. But its not a long cardigans. Kalau boleh I nk cari yg labuh2 sket..mcm dlm gambar tu. nampak lebih sopan. ( Bahagian blkg dia leh tutup sampai bontot.. and bahagian depan labuh sampai lutut.)~~~ apesal terbayang bathrobe plak aku ni..haha.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elegant wedding cupcakes!!


Cute huh!!!

Dah..tu jer nak kasitau... An an an to te moda i suki Do ra e mon.. ;D

Set the GOAL, aims to be EXCELLENT, hope for the BEST..& pray to SUCCESS!!


Do you aware that..........
It is another 37 more days to the Year 2010
Set the GOAL, aims to be EXCELLENT, hope for the BEST..& pray to SUCCESS!!

May the coming year bring us the better year than before with newly found prosperities, loves, happiness and delight in our life. Allah blessed us through out the year 2010. Amin..
Little Lizzy Note : Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on..with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ;D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweet Memory of Sime Darby GHO Explore Race 2009

( These are the "Take Five" team members, from left Suvinder, Bee Leng, Azura n Me )

Date : Saturday 21st November 2009
Location : Wetland Park, Putrajaya Add Image

6.30am : Depart from my house. Kak Azura fetch me from Ukay Perdana and we ahead to Putrajaya as the program schedule at 7.30am at Putrajaya. On our way, we sempat beli nasi lemak 4 bungkus and kuih2 for breakfast. huhu.. ( we only 4 members in our team instead of 5. Until the last call, we cannot find another one member to be in our team. So, we go for it..less people more share. Hahaha)

7.00am : Bee Ling called from Wisma Sime Darby said that they are still stuck at WSD waiting for other participant to come. ( Bee Ling and Suvinder planned to follow the shutter bus provided by the organizer because they are not familiar with the place. )

7.30am : Azura n me managed to reach Putrajaya Wetland on time.. Yuhoo!! we are the best peeps.. But knowing that the bus just depart from, we had more time to enjoy our breakfast and enjoy the best scenary there. Sambil2 tu we lepak2 n minggle around with other participant. ( we doesnt know that breakfast is provided..hehe, so we keep our sandwich n kuih2. Time explore race, sempat lagi makan sandwich...damn sedap!! maklum la.tgh letih gila..mkn apa pon sedap. ) Lepas register we lepak2 lagi and photo maniac time.. Clik clik clik!!!

8.35am : I'm not really sure the exact time that the bus arrive but at that point, we received called from su, that they miss the bus and lost in Putrajaya lost world. Aiyooo........ Sangat panic, as the organizer rushly ask us to assemble and start the program quickly since we are sooo behind the schedule. They called the captain of every team, and Azura volunteerly to be the captain since Bee Ling not arrived yet. After had the senaman and quick briefing we start the game. Luckily Bee Ling n Su managed to be there on time...Pheww!!

9.15am - 12.30pm : ( Exploring part )
It was not easy...we have to smile during the game, otherwise we will b penalty for rm 100. ( owh, forget to tell u guys that we are given rm1000 to be used along the game. to buy the clue and to pay for the penalty, of course ). Another rule..we cannot used any transportation n mobile phone. And also we have to keep distance for every members not more than 5m.

Our strategy...keep the money and gain more money. Do not waste it to buy any clue and try hard to solve all the question by our own!! first, we get stuck in reading the MAP. It looks so confused and the MAP is not clear enuf. But later on we get by it and know our track..The exploring game cover most of the Wetland area. Its too tough when the track is covers jln berbukit2, padang with pokok semalu n lecah2, tangga2, tanah, tasik, longkang and so on.. Nasib baik that day x berapa panas, so we are not dehydrate much.

There are several game or task that we have to complete and gain more money like bowling with coconut and fishing the botol. There are the tongue twister game too where we have to break the paragraph by using specific code.memorised its and say it at the final point. Hard hitting but we never give up but always enjoying the game. Along the exploring, we screem n loughing..n sometime we sing a song to brushed up our tiredness. Sometime we run, and most of the time we walk while solving the puzzle and answering the question until the next checkpoint. And also we had to draw the family of Flamingo Birds..and thanks kak zura for the cute family potrait. Huhu..have to admit that kak zura have the artistic talent.

There are more than 10 checkpoints, means that there are 10 task to be complete within the time frame. Until the 3rd last checkpoint, we notice that we are left around 50 more minutes to complete the answer. At that point called NIC, we still havent compiled all our answer in a proper way. Then we have a short discussion and agreed to go to one more checkpoint and straight to the final point to compiled the answer and complete it. On our way, we meet the professor and we try to answer the Professor Fomular to get the bonus point of RM1000. But sadly, our answer is wrong..Then, the professor offer us to buy the clue. At first we refused to buy the clue since the winner is evaluate by the total RM that we have and we think we shud not waste our money to buy the clue because along the way, we managed to answer and solve the question without the clue. Huhu...( mcm la betul kan..) We had made a hard decision when we planned to buy the clue for the "Professor Fomula". If we manage to solve the clue, we get rm 1000, but if not..we surely behind the rest as most of the team did not used their money at all to buy any clue. And not forgotten, we still have 2 more checkpoint to cover. With the limited time, we decide to buy the clue and have to solve it by hook or by crook!! otherwise..we sure loss!!

By that, we are struggling to solve and find the "professor Fomula" by knowing that we already invest..we must gain more from that. It was more pressure to know that we are left 15minutes more and we still did not find it. So, we planned to reached the final point on time to avoid more mark deduction. Knowing that every 10minutes late will be penalty rm100. Damn frust!!

A few minutes later Bee Ling shout " runnn to the final point.....!!! i found the fomula..". We are extremely happy and run to the last point. Run run and run......until u feel like to die.

On the way back, we feel a bit worried n panic because we not saw any teams around. In our mind, we left behind because we spent more time for the professor fomular. Bee ling check the time consequently...8 more minutes..and we still half way to reach the end point. Runnnnn...a bit faster!! arghhhhhh.. exhausted and dog-tired. ( at this kaki n pinggang rs mcm nk tercabut. )

And finnaly we tend to reach on time and it was soooooo big surprise to know that we are team no.2 to reach the end point on time. Yeayyyyyyyy!!!! lega...after quickly compile the answer sheet and memorised the tounge twister paragraph..we are DONE!!! Horreeeeyyy..big clap to our team and lets enjoy the lunch. So damn sedap nak mati..( nasi beriani, telur rebus masak kurma, ayam masak merah, acar timun, papadom, buah tembikai & air oren ). Terbaekkk...

While waiting the result, we settle down, take a good breath and group photo time..Between that, the organizer comes to the participant and had an interview about what they feel, do they still want to join the next explore race and also sharing and reveal the right answer with us. It was fun to know the right answer where sometime we misinterprate the question and give different answer. Huh!!

And when it come to the ultimate time where they announce the winner of Sime Darby Explore Race 2009 is " TAKE FIVE".. make us feel glad and very happy!! all the hard time, pain and tiredness flies and brush up the weary face that we had before it. Grinned!!!!!!!..

"We make it peeps... less people more share!!!"

Nota Little Lizzy : Dlm kereta masa otw balik me n kak zura x habis2 menjerit sebab seronok sangat. Ekekeekeke... walaupon sangat penat, tp sangat suka. Just our lucky day.. Yabedabedooo!! ( mcm la menang ribu2 ringgit..kannnn)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Some way to wear square scaft like selendang..

( One of square tudung yg da lama terperap kat almari )

I have many of square tudung just overlap in the cupboard. Since now, I prefer to wear tudung bawal instead. Bila tgk sayang pulak sbb most of them still in the good condition and probably wear for several times only. So, I cari balik all the tudung and try to wear it back in different way. So, xde la nampak mcm oldskool sangat kalau pakai tudung turkey ni pegi jalan2 or pergi ofice. Tp nampak sweet and fresh!!

Here is some other way to share with u ol.. try la..

(1) Mula2, pakai tudung ni mcm dalam gambar tu. Guna mana2 sisi tudung dan pin kan sebelah panjang n sebelah lagi pendek.
Kemudian, ambil bahagian tengah tudung seperti dlm gambar kat atas tu.. dan lipat mcm tu. Make sure ambil bahagian yg tengah ye..supaya senang nk pusing dan selit dibawah dagu nanti.
Hmm..kalau boleh try pusing dulu untuk ukur kepanjangan tudung tu. Kalau terpanjang masa nk belit kat bawah dagu tu, boleh la adjust balik bahagian yg pendek td. Bukak balik tudung tu, dan panjangkan sket bahagian yg pendek td. Hehe...rs2 paham x?? ( susah gak nk explain ni. haha....Rs mcm ayat budak darjah 3 j.)
Silangkan tudung tu mcm ni..dan pusing melalui atas kepala mcm gambar kat bawah ni.

Lepas tu...selitkan dibawah dagu. ( kalau nk selamat pin hujung tudung tu dgn pin yg kita pakai mula2 td. So, lebih kemas dan tudung pon x jatuh masa mkn big mac misalnya.
By that, sepatutnya hasil nya jd mcm ni.
Okey, belom siap lg ye kengkawan. Kemaskan bahagian depan, tepi dan belakang supaya x nmpk mcm superman. Hehe... Boleh lihat cara I susun bahagian depan tudung tu supaya kemas. Tarik kebahagian bahu sebelah dan pin kan.
Amacam, ok tak?? Kalau suka, boleh la cuba sdr kat rumah...

Little Lizzy Note : The best thing is.. u can still wear it without ironing the tudung 1st sbb once kita da pusing2 the tudung, kedut2 pon x nampak sangat.

So, untuk sape2 yg plan nk g travel..boleh cuba gaya ni ye.

Moral : xyah beli tudung baru...cuma pakai tudung lama dgn cara yg baru. Huhu... ;P. And again, sila abaikan muka model yg x siap tu ye.

Wide leg pants - Sumthin' nice to try!!


Look at these pitcha below. dun u think its soooooooooooo sumthing that u rasa mcm teringin sangat nk beli? Since now year-end sales and mega sales dimerata tempat.. I pon google2 la things to ponder and to buy..supaya nnt xde la lost, jalan2 window shopping tp xtau nk beli apa. ( harap2 en.suami x baca entry ni. Kalau tidak, mesti aku kena bebel..heh heh heh)

Lets the picture tell the story.....
if you have to dress up at work, why not try them? They’re great at elongating legs! kan kan kan??

Okey, for me yg mempunyai kaki yg kurus n panjang sometime x cantik sangat utk pakai seluar yg tight or real slim shaddy tu. Ahaks. So, selalunya I akan pilih jenis kain yg x licin n keras. So that it will hide my tiny leg. And of course not too fit. sedang2 j.. For me, kalau jeans ok la if me nk pakai slim-tight cut tu. maybe sbb material dia keras kot then it look nice to me. But kalau seluar ofice, NO. Its make me looked like olive si bini poppye dtg sime darby buat keja. Really..

Then, when I looked all over this picture, I think I like it most.. I x pernah try lagi these type of pant for office attire. So, rasanya kaki saya ni sesuai juga dgn gaya yg mcm ni.

For muslimah who wearing tudung also can try like those pictures. No harm.. Look elegance while cover ur aurah. Pakai seluar loose mcm ni, mak mertua pon mesti suka! Ahaks..

Cantik bukan????? jom beli jom... hehe

Nota Little Lizzy : Beside seluar ni I juga idamkan long lovely dresses yg bnyk dijual nowadays.

Yg ala2 retro tu.. tp nampak still nampak chantek. Aww...naaaaakkk!! leter i post u the picture key.

Little lizzy note : Bnyk betol "to buy list"...... year end sales da start tp gaji lom masuk2 lagi. Camne tu??

Inspiration - Lovely long dress

Another one thing yg ada in my "to buy list" is this lovely dress/ maxi. I sangat teringin and sooo into dresses yg mcm dlm gambar2 ni semua. Awwww...sangat lovely kan?? Mcm trend plak skang ni those dresses. Tp everytime rs nak beli mesti pikir that I ni wearing, xkan la nk beli those dresses utk pakai kat rumah j kan. Yes.. i did buy 1 dress sumthing like that..but knee lengh la utk pakai kat rumah. :P

Then i pikir if I can wear it when i go must b great tho. Cool gila!! Sangat feminin..I x suka pakai skirt labuh sbb my boobs x cukup besar., nmpk x cantik. Flatt jew. Ngess!!
So, kalau I nk pakai skirt labuh tu..i prefer yg kembang2 tu. So, it will hide my lil cute boobs tu la. And help me look great too. haha..apeda merepek.

End up, I always pakai jeans n t-shirt, blouse or kemeja jew for outing. Boring kan?? ( tp, truth be told, i memang selesa pon dgn gaya yg mcm tu..simple me.)

Then one day i jump into one website for muslimah fashion, i noted this. Wahhh... best kan? So, untuk sape2 yg pakai tudung lepas ni, still boleh bergaya dgn dress2 mcm gambar2 kat bawah ni. Yeahhh, we also can go fashion without break the Islamic rule.. Yippies!! and it looks soo sweet juga, izen it??

Lesson here :

1. all u need is cadigan, jacket or inner t-shirt to cover ur aurah. ( now, inner t-shirt pon da ada mcm2 color.

2. Then..kalau dress tu plain..u may need a belt ( i prefer the chain one ). Beli jer kat matrojaya. Cheap and bnyk choices. Sbb kadang2 cutting baju tu tend to make us look mcm preggie mommy plak. So, bila pakai belt tu boleh selamatkan diri dr disalah tafsir oleh org sekeliling ye kengkawan. Skarang pon ada mcm2 jenis belt design..pilih j yg mana berkenan n sesuai.

3. Boleh juga digayakan dgn boot. Cool dowh...This remind me of my roommate from Uzbekistan during my study at UIA, she like to wear somthing like this too with the boot. ( tp jgn la yg high cut tu..ankle cut is fine enuf peeps.)

4. Note, if ur dress tu da bercorak2..please try to avoid wear selendang/ tudung yg bercorak juga. It may result u looked like taman bunga pulak nnt. hahaha.. Seyes ok.

5. Jgn pakai bnyk sangat accessories mcm rantai labuh2 or bangles yg sarat2. Nnt nampak macam..err macam kejutan fashion pulak. Haha...what i learn from rizalman from the "tangkap muat" tv show tu..he says, we have to balance out all the accesories with what we wear. Jgn overloaded suda.. Macam "Pokok Krismas" pon ada.

6. And last but not least.. pakai ikut kesesuaian majlis juga la ye kengkawan. ( paham2 la sdr ) i'm soooo x sabr utk tunggu gaji masuk. huhuhuhu...

Nota Little Lizzy : What say you?? Okey tak kalau I pakai mcm ni?? Kadang2 I ni ada satu penyakit pelik.

Bila tgk org pakai baju lain sket...rasa mcm nk pakai juga. Tp bila da beli, then pakai sekali j..then da x pakai2 da lepas tu. Simpan j kat lam almari.... yes,betol ni!! x tipu.. u ol ada x baju yg u ol pakai just once or twice maybe..then, x pakai2 da? I ada... & bnyk jugaa.. aiyooo.. ( and hope en.suami tidak membaca entry ini juga. Huhu..)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some ways to wear selendang..


Hye gadis2 melayu terakhir.. Hehe.. malam ni tetiba rasa nak buat demo untuk pakai tudung n selendang in different way. Xde la different sangat.. Memandangkan ramai gak yg tanye camna nk pakai tudung belit2,, let me teach u how key.. selamat belajar!! ;P ol pakai selendang ni mcm ni....make sure bahagian kiri dan kanan sama panjang yeh.

Okey, then u ambil dua2 bahagian hujung selendang tu, silangkan dan bawa ke belakang. Alamak, sorry gambar goyang pulak. ( maafkan photografer sy a.k.a en.suami. Hehe.. )

Setelah bawak kebelakang, pin kan seperti dalam gambar ni. Tips : make sure pin sekali kedua2 bahagian kiri dan kanan selendang together with selendang yg kat tgh tu. Kalau nk selamat, pin skali kat baju. So tudung tu nanti x bergerak2, senget2 n nampak sentiasa kemas. n lebih selesa.

Okey...setelah adjust2 bahagian hadapan, letak peniti kat kedua2 bahu.
Kalau suka..boleh letak peniti kat tepi tudung sekali.
Okey..da siap!!

Yg ni...gambar dr pandangan tepi pulak.

Some other way to wear selendang

Okey..memula pakai tudung seperti dalam gambar ni. Make sure pendek kan sebelah bahagian selendang supaya senang nak lilit kat atas kepala nanti. ;)

Kalau anda suka sebelah kiri lagi panjang.. pon boleh. Mana2 pon boleh..ikut keselesaan.

Kemudian ambil bahagian yg lebih panjang dan lilitkan keatas kepala. Lihat gambar kat sebelah ni..

Semasa lilit tu..make sure lilit ketat2 sket supaya kedudukan tudung tu nanti okey n nampak kemas.

Pin kan kat bahagian atas kepala dengan peniti. Kalau suka boleh pin sekali di sisi tudung.


Bawak hujung tudung td kehadapan dan pin kan di bawah dagu. Selalu I akan guna the same pin yg masa mula2 pin td. So xde la sampai nk guna 2 pin.


Ambil pula sebelah bahagian yg pendek td dan sisip kan dibahu.
Kemas kan bahagian depan tudung dan pin kan supaya dia x lari.


Okey...tadaaaaaaa!! da siap. Ready to go anywhere. Gaya bergini agak cool juga. Sesuai kalau nak pakai dgn t-shirt n jeans for casual. Sbb kebanyakan selendang xpayah nk gosok pon looks okey.

By that, kalau I rasa2 x sempat nk gosok tudung, I prefer to catch my selendang... Nampak kemas even x gosok. Phewww!!

Here pandangan dari tepi n belakang..
Selamat mencuba!!

Some Other way to wear tudung 4 segi or tudung bawal.


Pakai tudung dengan menggunakan sisi tepi tudung 4 segi seperti dlm gambar. Make sure kanan dan kiri sama panjang ye.


Ambil side sebelah kiri or kanan ( which ever yg selesa) mcm dlm gambar (2)..dan lilit kan kebelakang ( gambar 3). Pin kan di atas kepala.


Ambil sebelah lagi dan pin kan seperti dlm gambar 4.
Kemas kan bahagian depan dan tepi tudung.
Boleh gunakan pin peniti untuk nampak lagi kemas..sisipkan pin peniti di bahu supaya rasa selesa dan tudung maintain di posisi yg baik.

Okey....da siap. Selamat mencuba. Tak susah pon kan??

(5) Pandangan dr belakang

(6) Pandangan tepi

(7) Pandangan hadapan

Nota Little Lizzy : Sila abaikan muka model yg x siap tu yeh..And baju tido yg agak buruk itu juga.Hehe.. ;P special thanks to En.Suami sbb sudi jadi photografer mlm td. ( saya kan model catwalk en.suami.. hehe..)