Monday, January 31, 2011

Kakak Swift..


Basuh mata sket...... lawaaaa!!! kannn??

Paling minat kat wambut dia tuh... geewaamm........

Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIY Facial scrub


This is what happen to the wifey when her husband not around during weekend. Hehehe..
En.Suami has started his class this weekend. So, to kill the time and bored, I decided to pampered myself with facial treatment. But, its a homemade beauty treatments! I could just easily whip up some natural ingredients and it'd work just as great as the commercial ones and even better i think.

Here's a facial scrub recipe for dry skin which I've made some days ago:

Since my face got a lil bit of scars here and there.. I used Banana since banana help in cure the "parut"

A cut/1 1/2 inch long of banana, 1 tbs milk powder, 1tbs brown sugar.

You can ever change the ingredient if you like. The one that I always do is a mixed of honey or olive oil or grounded oats or white egg or avocado or walnut or tomatoes etc

Mixed the banana and milk together.. keep the brown sugar until the time u want to scrub ur face. Dont mixed too early since the sugar will melt away. Thus, it won't help u in scrubbing.. ;))

Put a few drops of water and mix them well.
Then apply on your face and scrub scrub scrub
!.. and wait for 5 minitues b4 rinse with cold water.

And while you're at it, apply soaked teabags on your eyes.

Okey.. memang muka rasa macam cekodok masa ni.. Hahaha.. But i likeeeeeeee the result bery the much.

My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth after that!

The great thing about homemade beauty products is that it's loaded with wholesome goodness and not to mention, super cheap! There are a lot of natural ingredients you can use to make your own facial scrubs and masks including plain yogurt, strawberry, lemon juice, ground almond, baking soda and cucumber, besides the ones I said above.

Selamat mencuba. ;D Its worth trying.. In fact, kalau rajin buat selalu..muka nampak lebih berseri2 even without make up. Since u used the natural ingredient with no camical added, believe me, its superb!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cuti -Cuti KL


Hai.. Hollaaaaaa

Ingat lagi tak i told ya that I will story about our vacation at Bukit Bintang. haha.. Here is the story of its.

We actually trying to get some ideas for wedding present for bride and groom. A friend of mine will get married somewhere in March. They are my closed friend actually. So, when I asked about what is the wedding gift that they want from us ( Us is refer to our group of friends ) on their wedding day? Normally we will collect money from 10 of us.. and buy a microwave or other electrical goods which is equivalent to the cash collected. But they said, their Aunty plans to buy them a microwave. So, we try to look at other things ( in which most of the electrical goods they already have )

I remember they did told me that they wont have much time for honeymoon. So, there is no honeymoon plan for them at all. I suddenly pop up an idea to give them a sweet hotel accommodation for 3days 2 night in KL area only for them to spent a romantic time together in a different environment. haha... Honeymoon la jugak even if in KL only. Sbb duduk hotel..mkn kat luar, have fun, relax and etc. I start google and i found that Bukit Bintang is the best area.. surround with many shopping complex and the hotel rate is reasonable. They also provide a SPA ( massage and SPA package ) for couple at a best price for the hotel guest. So, kalau2 my friends would like to have it.. xyah pegi jauh2.. kan.

The crazy part is.... haha... I make a booking for me and dd for trial. Haha... on 14-16 of Jan..we had spent our weekend at Radius International Hotel, Bukit Bintang. hahaha.. Best jugak buat kerja gila mcm ni.Rasa klakar pulak bila nk packing barang..mcm nk pegi jauh j kan.. Haha..gelak lagi.. nak lagi kelakar..I asyik nk terpikir untuk solat jamak j. Sbb selalu kalau pergi bercuti, mesti jauh2.. ( I mean this is the 1st time we pergi bercuti dlm KL j ), then mind setting tu asyik ingat we r not in KL. Nasib baik la dekat shopping mall tu semua ada surau...xde masalah la. And another thing is, we not expected that there is a swimming pool at the hotel....da la view from our room is swimming pool and i 'm not bring my swimming suit.. too bad. So, rasa nk balik kejap ambil swimming suit kat rumah. Haha.. Nasib baik time makan DD x ajak balik rumah and ask me to cook. Hahaha... ( Ok stop the Hahaha.. annoying kan...? )

But, we did enjoy the vacation.. we go tour for all the Shopping Mall there.. ( BB mall, Pavillion, Lot 10, Times Square, Sg Wang Plaza etc ) window shopping, go for movie, makan2 and all.. Its only walking distance. I likeee.... no need to face traffic jammed and no need to find parking.. We are lucky that during that time, they are having a CNY sales everywhere. Yay!! It was a great weekend tho.. rasa macam kat Bandung. And we think we should do it again sometime.. Xyah pegi jauh2..nnt nk drive penat2 n lepas vacation...we akan rasa tiring kan.. So, bercuti j kat KL.. especially when you have a time constraint. The main point is to do a diff thing from your normal routine.. you will feel release. At least its work for me and DD la. ;P

Okey... the rest of its.. lets the picture talks the stories.. enjoyss..!

This is the view from our room..
The bath tub.. how i wish i have this at home.. hihi
Our room.. DD is lepaking ( play games to kill the time ) while waiting his syg bersiap2 untuk keluar.

Lunch at Kenny Rodgers Times Square..
The Bum-bum me.. ( Ok..i hate this dress.. make me look fatty. Aaargh! )

Mine..looks tempted and colorful..
Nasi Bujara served with quarter fried chicken, salad, rendang daging, sambal sotong and telur rebus at Mdm Kwan, Pavilion

I had Char Kuey Tiow at Mdm Kwan.. ( Rich with seafood, Nyum! )
Enjoy the scenary and playing around outside the Pavilion

Tiles Craving at Center Court, the one that he is craving is worth RM200.

The Wabbitt.. ;))
The main Stage..
The view from 3rd floor..
"Beat this drum for good wealth"
Night view.. Bukit Bintang area
Time Square

Lot 10

Lepak at swimming pool..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Elianto Frosted Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliners can make a significant difference in how your eye makeup would look. With proper application, eyeliners frame the eyes making them appear bigger and more defined ;)

Pencil Eyeliner: This is usually the first type of eyeliner a girl would own. Pencils are easy to control and mistakes are easily removed with a cotton bud. However, pencils tend to give a blurred and less defined line. Many formulas also tend to smudge easily and are not very long-wearing.

But today, I want to emphasis on how to apply the liquid eyeliner since if we poorly applied it can flake off, smudge, and look messy. With proper application, it can complete an outfit. Liquid eyeliner does take a bit of practice, but once you get it, it's easy.

Here are some basic eyelining tips and techniques that you may find useful:

1. Make sure your eye area are dry. You may need put on some dust powder all over it if you have an oily lids.

2. Apply eyeshadow if you will be wearing any. Don't worry about getting liquid eyeliner on the eyeshadow, it will easily come off.

3. Steady your hand on a table. Tilt your head back slightly, and draw your eyelid taut with your non-dominant hand.

4. Draw small dashes or dots of liquid eyeliner as close to your eyelashes as possible. It does not matter if these are even and steady or not, you will be going over them later.

5. Go over the dashes in one continuous line. Try to apply it lightly along the inner corner, and gradually applying pressure for a thicker line as you work your way to the outer corner.

6. Fix any mistakes. Use a cotton swab/bud barely dipped in eye makeup remover and gently press and twist the cotton swab/bud on spots. Wait a few moments for it to dry, and gently blend your eyeshadow back into place.

7. Apply mascara. Done.. ;))

Front look

Side look

In this picture.. I used the Elianto's brand. Me heart it very much.. and it stays put and waterproof and most importantly easy to remove, even without make up remover. .=)
And not to mention it's kinda cheap price too!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mari Selami Jiwa dan Kenal Siapa Makhluk Allah bernama LELAKI


Hehe..this artikal I found in the Forum. I found it is soooo usefull and worth to read. Hope you enjoy it.

Allah menciptakan Hawa setelah melihat Nabi Adam keseorangan dalam Syurga. Maka bermula la kehidupan manusia berpasang-pasangan. Seorang lelaki tidak sama dengan seorang wanita. Lelaki juga tidak akan menjadi wanita, dan begitulah sebaliknya. Ramai wanita menganggap lelaki sukar difahami, begitu jugalah pendapat lelaki. Berikut dinyatakan bebarapa sifat lelaki secara umum agar anda mudah memahami mereka:

Hidup lelaki lebih mudah

Lelaki lebih mudah cara hidupnya berbanding dengan wanita. Kerana itu lelaki sukar untuk memahami jika sesuatu perkara itu disampaikan dalam bentuk kiasan oleh wanita. Wanita suka berkias dan berharap lelaki faham. Tetapi, lelaki lebih suka jika ianya dijelaskan dengan bahasa yang mudah, dan secara berterus-terang. Sekiranya wanita tidak jelas mengenai sesuatu perkara, tanyalah secara terbuka kepada lelaki.

Bahasa lelaki adalah berlainan

Lelaki bercakap dengan bahasa yang berlainan. Ini yang menyebabkan lelaki dan wanita sukar berkomunikasi antara satu sama lain. Apa yang lahir dari kata-katanya jika dia bercakap dengan wanita, adalah berbeza daripada apa yang dimaksudkan. Ini bukan bererti dia berbohong. Maka adalah lebih baik bagi wanita untuk memahami lelaki dari apa yang dilakukan berbanding dari apa yang dikatakan. Lelaki tidak pandai melahirkan rasa hatinya dalam bentuk kata-kata.

Lelaki suka membisu

Wanita berkebolehan untuk membicarakan sesuatu subjek yang sensitif dan mendukacitakan sebagai salah satu cara berhadapan dengan realiti. Tetapi lelaki lebih suka untuk menyembunyikan dan membisu.

Lelaki tidak kompleks

Jika terdapat semua tanda yang menunjukan bahawa seorang lelaki hanya mahu wanita menjaganya, mengemas rumah, menyediakan makanan untuknya, wanita harus percaya bahawa itulah yang lelaki tersebut mahu. Ini bukan bererti lelaki berfikiran primitif, tetapi lelaki memang sedemikian. Wanita selalu menganggap lelaki sebagai kompleks, tetapi sebenarnya kehendak lelaki adalah mudah.

Jangan paksa lelaki

Bila wanita mendesak lelaki mendedahkan perasaanya, mungkin lelaki itu akan mendedahkan sesuatu yang wanita itu tidak suka mendengarnya. Malah adalah lebih baik jangan bertanya dan menyelidik sampai ke akar umbi. Malah apa yang penting wanita itu perlu membaca bahasa badan lelaki, matanya, atau perubahan mendadak dalam corak perlakuannya. Jika dia pada kebiasaannya suka membaca tetapi tidak melakukannya, mungkin pada masa itu fikirannya sedang kacau.

Lelaki berahsia dengan lelaki lain

Tidak sebagaimana wanita yang lebih mudah untuk bercerita masalah yang dihadapinya kepada wanita lain, harapan dan kebimbangan yang dirasainya dan pelbagai cerita peribadi, adalah sukar bagi lelaki untuk menjadi mesra secara verbal sedemikian rupa. Untuk melakukannya lelaki memerlukan kekuatan dan keberanian yang maksima.

Lelaki pentingkan kejujuran

Sepertimana wanita, lelaki juga pentingkan kejujuran. Jika lelaki tahu yang kekasihnya atau isterinya suka bercerita kepada wanita lain tentang dirinya, besar kemungkinan lelaki itu tidak akan bercerita lagi secara mesra mengenai hal-hal rahsia yang lainnya. Kejujuran adalah penting bagi lelaki. Seorang suami mahu isterinya menyimpan rahsia-rahsia rumahtangganya.

Lelaki tidak suka dikritik

Jangan mengkritik lelaki, memainkan jika wanita itu bersedia untuk bertikan lidah dengannya. Lelaki tidak begitu terbuka untuk menerima kritikan. Mengkritik di belakangnya, contohnya kepada saudara atau rakannya, mungkin dapat mengelakkan konfrantasi serta merta tetapi dia akan berasa marah juga apabila perkara tersebut disampaikan kepadanya.

Cara baik mengkritik lelaki adalah dengan cara berjenaka dan lembut. Cara lelaki mengkritik adalah berlainan dan ia jarang dilakukan oleh wanita. Bila lelaki mahu mengkritik, masa dan keadaan dipilih dengan teliti. Bila menegur, perbincangan itu ringkas, tidak emosi dan tepat. Untuk mengkritik lelaki eloklah kiranya kritikan itu digabung dengan sedikit pujian.

Lelaki juga mahukan sokongan

Bila lelaki menghadapi masalah dan mengadu pada wanita, wanita harus memberitahu lelaki itu bahawa dia masih diperlukan. Lelaki mahukan keselesaan perasaan dan sokongan serta kata-kata lunak seperti: "saya cintakan abang.." atau "Tidak kira apa yang terjadi, saya tetap bersama abang…"

Lelaki dan ego

Ramai lelaki menunjukkan egonya pada dua masa, pertama di dalam kerja dan kedua di ranjang. Ini biasanya menyebabkan wanita menjadi bosan. Tetapi sebaik-baiknya wanita patut mempertingkatkan ego suami atau kekasihnya.

Wanita yang menyemarakkan api cinta akan menikmati kehangatan api cinta itu. Lelaki mahu wanita memberitahu bahawa sumbangannya diiktiraf dan dilnilai. Jika anda tidak menyatakan kepadanya, siapa lagi? Jika anda mempertingkatkan ego lelaki, ia kan membuatkan lelaki merasa senang dan setiap orang disekelilingnya akan mendapat faedah, terutamanya yang dicintainya.

benar atau tidak, anda sendiri yang menilai...

LangCarWee Trip 8th-9th Jan 2011..


Hi semua readers.. ape kabar? lama kan Cik Lyzz menyepi. Tu la..da kena penyakit malas susah sikit nk kebah. Kikiki..

Bnyk benda nk cerita sebenar nye.. boleh dikatakan we had a great start of the year for this months. Pergi bercuti 2 kali.. satu kat Langkawi, another kat KL j.. Boleh cenggitu?? boleh j,, haha.. Nnt Cik Lyzz cerita pengalaman bercuti kat Langkawi dan Bukit Bintang, KL. Best woo..

And then, adik Cik Lyzz, si Hamudah da dpt masuk asrama Sekolah Teknik kat T.Intan. Alhamdulillah...Semoga dia dapat menghadapi kehidupan baru dia sana dgn tenang. Dengar cerita, dia dpt dilantik jadi pengawas lg. Haa...okey ler tuh!! ( pinjam trade mark Saida skett.. ) This is the 1st experience for her to be apart from family. I know how it feels. Good Luck ye dik.

And then to know then beside my SIL who get pregnant, my cousin was pregnant too. Both are pregie for their 1st baby. Congrates. And they are due in the same month. Wehoo.. So, in July'11 our family will be having 2 babies. InsyaAllah.. Semoga semua nya baik2 saje.

Oh sister Imah pulak da tukar kereta besar sket than she had before. Dulu pakai kancil, now dia da beli Pesona. Alhamdullillah..

Does all these are the good news kan?? Alhamdulillah lagi dgn rahmat Allah beri pada my family. Hopefully this year, me n dd got a good news too. Amin.. Yakin dgn rahmat Nya.

Okey kali ni nk cerita sikit pasal percutian Langkawi tu. Saja nk abadikan kat dlm blog ni. 1st time bercuti dgn ayah n ummi bersama DD. Sweeet time to remember..

/5.15am depart from Ukay Perdana to LCCT

6.30am Check in at air port LCCT

7.30am depart from LCCT to LKW Airport.

8.30am-12pm arrived Langkawi. We straightly go and rent a car ( MPV) since there are seven of us. ( Toyota Avanza = RM150 2 days 1 night ). Then..time for breakfast. ;)) We eat our breakfast at Pantai Chenang area. Gerai tepi jalan j.. Tp best jugak sbb ada nasi campur pagi2 buta tu.

Sekitar Oriental Village

Lepas makan..we pegi Cable car at Oriental Village at Bukit Brinchang. Pagi tu angin kuat, so they not open the cable car yet. Sementara mengunggu tu sempat la pegi melawat animal farm. kasi makan rusa n main2 dgn arnab. ( Animal farm = FREE entry, tp nk beli makanan dia satu peket RM1 ) Enjoy the scenary there..cantik tmpt tu. Then shopping2 sket.. lepas tu pegi ke Makam Mahsuri at Padang Matsirat..So, mcm biasa, pegi Muzium Mahsuri, lawat makam, telaga Mahsuri, Perkampungan Kedah.. Ok nk cerita sikit..Kat situ benda paling best skali ialah kuih peneram atau ada jugak org panggil kuih telinga keling. hehe.. Best woo.. tp da naik harga. 8 ketul RM3. Kitaorg beli ada la dlm RM15. Gila banyak.. sukaaa.. lagipon bukan bnyk mana pon. seketul tu kecik j.

Kat Padang Matsirat ni sape2 nk beli minyak gamat.. sila beli kat sini. Murah dan banyak choices. Ada minyak gamat panas, x panas, minyak gamat rambo, nk lebat rambut dll.
Rate paling murah 8 botol minyak gamat biasa tu ( yg untuk luka2 tu ) RM5. Minyak Gamat Rambo ( Minyak Panas untuk urut2 or sakit urat ) 6 botol RM55.

Oh..lupa nk ckp.. nk masuk Makan Mahsuri tu kena bayar RM5/person.

1pm - 4pm we pegi check in kat ASEANIA Hotel. Pegi lapor diri j. Lepas settle semua urusan, we have our lunch and terus heading to Pekan Kuah. Shopping time.. ;D
As the best thing in Langkawi is absolutely duty free shopping experience, kannn!

Beli chocolate kat sini actually x murah sangat pon. Tp heavenly sbb bnyk choices and anda mcm rasa berada di Chocolate Land. haha.. Sebut j la chocolate ape pon..InsyaAllah ada.Macam biasa org beli:

Choc Daim tu 3 packets = RM39.
Choc Cadburry import punya tu 1 bar RM9.90 tapi buy 4 free 1. So, RM40 dapat la 4 bar.
Hershey Kisses Milk Chocolate 100g – RM 8.90
Hershey Kisses Milk Chocolate with Almond 100g – RM 9.90
Toblerone 100g – RM3.90
Kacang Gajus = 1kg RM11
Bread spread Nutella = RM9.90
Ferrero Rocher 8pcs – RM 7.00
Beside chocolates, there also have Perfume Cigarette, watch, travel bag, pinggan mangkuk, periuk belanga, kain batik and many more at duty free tax prices. Sukeee la tuh!! ;P

Balik dr Pekan Kuah terus Check in kat Hotel. Lepak2, mandi, solat, tido dan sebagainya. Petang2 sket.. ape lagi kan.. turun mandi kat swimming pool la pulak. Hotel Aseania ni ade pool terbesar dia Asia. Siap ada satu bahaian pool tu..siap ada wave lagi. Kalau nk lepak2 tepi tu..seronok la kan...rasa mcm duduk tepi pantai gitu.

Petang tu sambil mandi2 Hamudah pegi order french fries and hot dog untuk mkn2 tepi kolam.. Perghh layan beb. Kejap j licin 2 pinggan fries tu. Hahaha..

8pm - We pergi Pekan Kuah lagi. nak sambung shopping. Tp sebenar nye nk survey2 j. Lepas tu jln2 cari makan kat Restoran Simpang. We have Siakap 3 rasa, Kailan ikan masin, Udang goreng tepung, tomyam campur & sup ekor. Nyum2.. murah j..makan untuk 6 org baru RM80. Adek x mkn. Mengantuk sangat main air kat kolam.. So, dia titun j kat dlm kereta.

Ayah & Ummi while waiting for the dinner to serve. Sorry for the low quality of picture.. taking from the Chokia phone ony.. hehe

Us..sempat posing in front of the main Lobby after dinner.
9am - Bangun pagi..bersiap ala kadar untuk breakfast. Lepas breakfast, ayah, ummi, hasan n hamudah pegi sambung shopping lagi kat Kuah. Ade lagi barang yg x dpt lg tu. Me, DD, and adek sambung mandi kat swimming pool. Hehe.. Smlm x try gelongsor at 1.8m deep tu. So, pagi ni kitaorg try semua nya. Hehe..terbaekk wok.

11am - bersiap untuk balik. Packing barang n check out.

12pm - Check in flight then mkn kat Anjung Serai kat Airport Langkawi. Alas perut j sblm berlepas balik KL.

2.30pm - Arrived LCCT. End of our short yet enjoyable holiday.

P/s : nnt Cik Lyzz attach gambar2 yeh. Enjoy reading.. ;)