Monday, May 5, 2014

Homemade fishball with tomato soup.. bebola ikan dalam sup tomato..

Salam.. good afternoon u ols..
Today Cik Lyzz nk share resepi sup tomato.. nyummm lagi sihat. Kite kena makan yg sihat2 sahaja ok.. Kurangkan MSG dalam masakan... and add up more natural flavor into your meals.
Sup tomato ni Cik Lyzz x guna any bahan perasa pon. Untuk sup tu.. Cik Lyzz pan fry biji ketumbar, jintan manis, jintan besar, lada hitam.. ( semua sikit2 j.. x sampai satu sudu kecil pon ).. then grind kan rempah tu sampai jadi serbuk. Pastu tumis la bawang putih, bawang merah, halia, serbuk rempah td.. kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang.. mcm nk masak sup tu.. da garing masukkan air 2 cawan and tomato yg telah di dadu kecil2.. Renehkan sampai air berkurang.. Masuk air lagi.. renehkan slow cook sampai tomato dissolved. Kalau suke pedas, boleh tumis sikit cili boh sebelum masuk air ataupon tumbuk j cili padi campak j dlm tu skali.

Tomatoes are often considered as "sayur", though in actuality they are a citrus fruit. Tomatoes are an incredibly versatile food. They are delicious eaten raw, in salads or on sandwiches, and take on a wonderful sweetness when cooked. Not only that, they are also good for your health.

Here are some of the health benefits of tomatoes. ( Cik Lyzz google j.. )

1.       Ward off Cancer
Numerous studies have concluded that the more tomatoes people eat the lower their risks of certain cancers, especially lung, stomach and prostate cancers.  A substance called lycopene, which is responsible for tomatoes red color, is thought to be the reason for this cancer protective effect. Processed tomatoes contain even more lycopene than raw ones. The process of cooking breaks down the cell walls, helping to release the lycopene. Eating tomatoes with a little bit of fat, such as olive oil, helps lycopene to be better absorbed by the body.

2.      Prevent DNA Damage
Tomatoes are high in important antioxidants such as vitamin C and Vitamin A. These vitamins work to fend of DNA damage from free radicals. Consequently, tomatoes may help to ward off age related diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes.

3.      Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
Tomatoes contain important nutrients, such as niacin, folate and vitamin B6, that have associated with the reduction of heart disease risk. One study found that women who ate 7 to 10 servings of tomato products per week had a 29 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than women who consumed less than a serving and a half of tomato products each week. Results were even more impressive when the women ate oil-rich tomato products.

4.       Protect Against Thrombosis
Another study showed that drinking 8 ounces of tomato juice daily reduced platelet aggregation significantly, among study subjects. Those drinking a placebo showed no benefit. It’s important to drink low-sodium tomato juice if you are trying to protect against thrombosis (blood clots in the blood vessel) , as high sodium levels can cause negative effects for this type of disease.

5.      Ward off Inflammation
A double blind study found that drinking a glass of tomato juice a day can reduce blood levels of TNF-alpha by 34 percent. TNF-alpha causes inflammation. High levels have been found in individuals with most chronic, degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

Haaa... amacam?? best tak khasiat tomato ni. Bagi yg x suke makan sayur mcm DD.. try la buat sup mcm Cik Lyzz buat ni.  Boleh la masukkan any other Vege dalam sup ni.. as sup sayur. For me, Cik Lyzz masukkan fishball dari ikan tenggiri. And it goes well... Puurrrrrrrrfect!!

Try la.. ;)

** Untuk resepi bebola ikan pulak

2 keping ikan tenggiri ( Ambil isi dan tumbuk halus..)
lada sulah
salt to taste
1spoon fish sauce
2 spoon corn floor

Gaul semua bahan... bulat2 kan. then masuk dalam sup yg mendidih. ( Tips : Basahkan tangan dgn air sblm  bulat2 kan fishball tu kalau xnak dia melekat2 kat tangan. )

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