Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day ( Especially to Ummi & Mak.. )

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Happy Mother's Day to all Mommy out there. May Allah blessed all of you with good health and happiness in life and hereafter.

Today 8th May 2010 we will celebrate the Mother's Day at Mak Usu's house in Puncak Alam. Ayah & Ummi together with Mak Long & Pak Long will be there too. Yippiesssss.. X sabar nk jumpa n kumpul ramai2.

For the small party tu.. I plan nk buat special cake to those mommies. Jap g nk g beli bahan2.. ( Kek choc moist j la.. tu j yg pandai.. hehe )

Okey...xtau nk tulis ape lg..layanzz!

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1 comment:

Little Lizzy said...

x pegi pon...haha ( last2 dok rumah saje.. but on Sunday me, abang, ema g bawak ummi jln2 & shopping time )