Friday, May 7, 2010

Notes for S*****...........



When u have time to read, I hope that u can read this post.

I'm writing this after I discharge from hospital 2days ago..after I hear a bad news of my health..

And sorry for make u trouble.. and for being sick.

And thank you for always being a supportive person beside me.

And thank you for giving me strength to go thru all these with me...

And thank you for be patient to look after me all the while i'm suffering in the hospital.

Dear S*****,

I promise that I will be a good wifey to u..

I promise that I will always be there for u..

I promise that I will be strong in goin thru the pains just for u..

I promise that I will be ready mentally to face every test from Allah strongly..

I promise that I will always try to make u smile..

I promise that I will not cry anymore as you ask me not to,

and I promise that I will never give up just for us..


My S*****,

I promise that I will take very good care of u..

I promise to see u thru good times n help u thru bad..

and promise to share in ur happiness n cry when u're sad..

I promise that I will do anything for u!

and last but not least, I promise to LOVE you till the end..



Sometimes I just feel that I don't deserve u,

Cause you are so kind, sweet and fine..

So, it makes u deserve more than me..

in fact,I promise to reach u. tho I am not perfect.. :(

I will promise to try hard to makes you always mine..


But S*****, this is the new beginning of our love adventure, for a husband and wife..

So place your hand into my hand,walking along side of me..

All the way, venturing the true love!

yes S*****,

I can be a bit silly sometimes, but I promise I will be the best wifey and u'll never feel regret of having me as ur wife..

I hope that u wont let me down, And I believe that Allah will help us soon. Amin.. :)

Love u forever.

Truely yours.

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Anonymous said...

Sooo sweet and touched!