Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Selamat Panjang Umur.. DD - P/S : Luv Ya!


Its your day sayang.. on your birthday today I just want you to know that...

I aM so LucKy to haVe A hUsBaNd liKe yOu.

eVeRy YeAr wITh yOu is BeTter tHan tHe LaSt.

hAPpy BiRtHday DaRliNg DeAr!

HaNgiNg oUt wiTh yOu Is sTilL my FaVoRite tHiNg tO do.

HaPPy BiRtHdAy To My pArTner aNd My bEst fRiEnd.

My loVe fOr You GrOwS aNd gRoWs with eAcH paSSing yEAr.

You aRe StiLl tHe mAn of My DrEaMs.

I cAn't iMaGiNe liViNg wiTHout yOu At mY sIdE.

gRoWing oLd WiTh yOu Is oNe of My fAvOrIte tHInGs to Do.

A hUsBaNd LiKe yOu is tHe fRosTiNg On tHe bIrTHdaY CaKe of LiFe.

hAPpy BiRThDay to tHe LOVE of mY LiFe...

LoVe FRom yOur wIFey..

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