Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sesi mencairkan hati..


In conjunction with DD's favourites football team.. i customised his birthday cake to be a Chelsea's Theme. And DD like it very very very much! Yay..

But not forgotten for my favourite team too.. I request the cake to be a Red Velvet so it represent my football's team which is "The Gunner".. See?? how good the combination of DD's cake this year. Hahaha

Last but not least.. do enjoy the picture.. more pictures to come..

**** But a bit "cacat" sikit kek ni... Patut nya I nk suruh dia cucuk Happy B'day clip before the word "SAYANG" it become HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG..
And the bottom part supposed to be " LUV FR WIFEY"
tapi... at last jadi " SAYANG LOVE WIFEY". Ekeke... ok laaaaa.... nnt i beli clip Happy Bday tu.. n cucuk sdr.
Anyhow.. I do love this cake.. kemas dan cantik. Rasa nya pon sedap.. Nyum2.

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