Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you know?? You can now do a self check-in from your mobile and via the web?


Hehehe...... i just go into the air asia website and to change my profile details in there. Then i notice this link.. That now we will be able to self check -in via online, 7 days prior and up to 4 hours before the schedule depature time. And also we can even check in through our mobile. I just know about it today.. What a shameful... ;X Huhu...

So, I decide to share it here.. So, sape2 yg still x tau, leh la baca ye..

Ok for web check-in you just go to Air Asia homepage, then click the "Web Check-in" button. All you have to do is to key in your departure city and your booking number. After you click "GO", you will get your boarding pass and all you have to do is just print it and bring along when the time is come and just verify it at the check in counter. . As easy as that. ;)

For Mobile Check in..i just copy and paste from the website.. hihi ( Happy reading )

With your mobile phone, you can now check-in from almost anywhere. Opt for Mobile Check-In:
7 days prior and up to 45 minutes (AirAsia flights)
7 days prior and up to 4 hours (AirAsia X flights)

before the scheduled departure time with Mobile Check-In.

You still have to go to via your browser first.

Step 1 - Once in the web, click mobile check-in.
Step 2 - Key in your booking number and your departure airport
Step 3 - Then, select the guests you would like to check in.
Step 4 - This is the last step! Enter your e-mail and mobile phone number to receive the 2D barcode
Step 5 - So, u can boarding using the 2d barcode scanner or just bring the 2D barcode to the check-in counter to get you printed boarding pass.

However, Airasia is encouraging us to check in via online/mobile but was told by friend we still need to queue for check in luggage.

For AirAsia Flights
Baggage Drop/Travel Document Check counter is available at all airports. Counter opens two (2) hours and closes forty five (45) minutes before the scheduled time of departure

AirAsia X Flights
Baggage Drop/Travel Document Check counter is available at all airports. Counter opens three (3) hours and closes sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

This service is available for all Internet-enabled mobile phones. Guest(s) will be able to print their boarding pass(es) using the 2D barcode scanners or Self Check-In Kiosks at the airport.
To check-in via mobile go to

If the seating arrangement bothers you so much, then just do the online web check-in. You'll get your seats immediately once you check-in online. Checking in at the counter on the day itself doesn't give you a higher chance to get your perfect seats. In fact, most of the seats might have already been confirm before the flight and the seats you get might be those that are not yet taken. You can do a web check-in 2 weeks before your flight. If the seat is separated or you don't like your seat for some reason, then you can always change your seats with a small fee.

Depending where you fly to, some places might be more expensive. Yes, you have to queue up as well for baggage drop-off but it is VERY MUCH faster than normal check-in counters. This also means that you do not have to go to the airport 4 hours earlier to ensure that you won't miss the flight due to long queue. I've always done web check-ins for all my flights with AA, everytime just line up about 5-10 min and we're done. Last time when web check-in was not introduced yet, we had to queue up at counter for at least 1 hour or so. Sometimes even longer if you are flying during peak seasons/hours.

So, would you consider self check-in in future?

Hehehe.. I myself never done this yet. Will try it on our next trip to Gold Coast and let u all know the experience. ;)

Little Lizzy Note : Hope this post give you some info today. Cheers!

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