Thursday, April 3, 2014

Facial mask 2in1supermask treatment by Guardian testimoni


Good morning.. today Cik Lyzz would like to share the testimoni for this facial mask which i bought at Guardian couple of days ago. Yes, Guardian.

This 2in1 Innovative Ampoule and Super Mask Treatment by its name...(super sangat u ols) Enriched by serum and also i'm so in love with it cause it hydrate and soften my skin after used.

In addition, love it cause its cheap and most important my skin can accept and absorb it without negative reaction. Yeah.. sometimes you cannot simply test a new product because ur skin are too sensitive with chemical. But this one is ok. FYI, sejak balik dari korea i've try many of korean product on me..and mostly the result was ok. Love it! If you like to try korean beauty product, u can also try to go to Hansaegee nature. ( Believe will addicted to the products that they offer. ) Not sure to you guys.. but at least it was really ok on me.

Until i found this product at Guardian..and i give it a try. The result tak mengecewakan. Tp xde la superb sangat. But still worth the $$$.If not mistaken RM12.90 for 2 sheets.  You guys boleh beli banyak2 and pakai 2 kali seminggu. Sebab kalau beli kat Hansaegee nak pakai 2 kali seminggu rasa macam mahal plak kan. Huhu... And they also have special price buy 1 free 1. So, faster grab it and feel it!
Today Cik Lyzz wore the pink one. "Double intensive brightening" kata ko!!
See...lepas j bukak mask tu.. habis segala mak nenek ingredient dia telah berjaya di absorb oleh kulit muka i ols. Its brightening even after single application. Berseri2 i ols rasa. Hehe.. 

feeling2 mcm awek korea plak lepas guna ni. Eh!

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