Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drooling Dresses from Dorothy Perkin and Top Shop

Jom cuci mata sat di website Dorothy Perkins & Top Shops . Ekekeke..

Love this summer dress.. its a trend nowadays that ppl usually wear this not occasionaly during the summer only. Can even wear it at the casual parties as well. Really heart the abstract design on it ala2 "batik" and the cutting. Its make the person who wore it look simple yet elegance.

Love the cutting.. too bits.

Boleh beli untuk bersantai dirumah bersama dd.. ;P

Soooo suh wiiiiittttttt..No?

Love the contra betw the pink rise rose color with the black ribbon. And not forgotten the best part is it's skirt.

This corsage dress can be wear at the semi-formal event. Looked at the fabrics and the combination of colors... Soo want it since it is too sweet. My fevourite.

Another favourite.. Hehe..

This Cornelli Dress cutting gathered into the waistband of the skirt. So skirt tu nampak mcm kembang..tapi still ade shape. Luv it.. dont cha??

But the color look pale..but still if you balance it with the would turn out, Whoaaaa!! hihi..over kan?

This patern is suitable for simple ladies like me. I actually love the round neck from the front look but V-neck at the back. Make the dress look sexy..


The Baby blue nice. Adore the colors combination betw blue and white with a long ribbon at the side.

The red one is more to formal dress. Its look great since it has a lil tiny cute belt in it. So, the person who wore it will look smart and the effect of the belt will let other ppl to see a beautiful shape of her bodies in it.

Can also change the belt with chain belt if you like. ;D

Light golden brown color make it look very expensive. And this Hanky Hem Dress from Dorothy Perkins with one sleeve design makes it sooo adorable.

This two dresses come from Top Shop's Collection.

Lets the picture talks itselves.

My comment for these two is.. Wow!

See...I save the BEST for last!! hehe

For Muslimah.. u ol pandai2 la sesuai kan untuk pakai all these types of dresses kan.. If only its were long sleves and sesuai for us...kan?? But nowadays there's a lot of inner shirts with various types of color that u can buy and wear inside this dress.. cool kan?

Later..I post long sleves type of dress pulak key.

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