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Sweet Memory of Sime Darby GHO Explore Race 2009

( These are the "Take Five" team members, from left Suvinder, Bee Leng, Azura n Me )

Date : Saturday 21st November 2009
Location : Wetland Park, Putrajaya Add Image

6.30am : Depart from my house. Kak Azura fetch me from Ukay Perdana and we ahead to Putrajaya as the program schedule at 7.30am at Putrajaya. On our way, we sempat beli nasi lemak 4 bungkus and kuih2 for breakfast. huhu.. ( we only 4 members in our team instead of 5. Until the last call, we cannot find another one member to be in our team. So, we go for it..less people more share. Hahaha)

7.00am : Bee Ling called from Wisma Sime Darby said that they are still stuck at WSD waiting for other participant to come. ( Bee Ling and Suvinder planned to follow the shutter bus provided by the organizer because they are not familiar with the place. )

7.30am : Azura n me managed to reach Putrajaya Wetland on time.. Yuhoo!! we are the best peeps.. But knowing that the bus just depart from, we had more time to enjoy our breakfast and enjoy the best scenary there. Sambil2 tu we lepak2 n minggle around with other participant. ( we doesnt know that breakfast is provided..hehe, so we keep our sandwich n kuih2. Time explore race, sempat lagi makan sandwich...damn sedap!! maklum la.tgh letih gila..mkn apa pon sedap. ) Lepas register we lepak2 lagi and photo maniac time.. Clik clik clik!!!

8.35am : I'm not really sure the exact time that the bus arrive but at that point, we received called from su, that they miss the bus and lost in Putrajaya lost world. Aiyooo........ Sangat panic, as the organizer rushly ask us to assemble and start the program quickly since we are sooo behind the schedule. They called the captain of every team, and Azura volunteerly to be the captain since Bee Ling not arrived yet. After had the senaman and quick briefing we start the game. Luckily Bee Ling n Su managed to be there on time...Pheww!!

9.15am - 12.30pm : ( Exploring part )
It was not easy...we have to smile during the game, otherwise we will b penalty for rm 100. ( owh, forget to tell u guys that we are given rm1000 to be used along the game. to buy the clue and to pay for the penalty, of course ). Another rule..we cannot used any transportation n mobile phone. And also we have to keep distance for every members not more than 5m.

Our strategy...keep the money and gain more money. Do not waste it to buy any clue and try hard to solve all the question by our own!! first, we get stuck in reading the MAP. It looks so confused and the MAP is not clear enuf. But later on we get by it and know our track..The exploring game cover most of the Wetland area. Its too tough when the track is covers jln berbukit2, padang with pokok semalu n lecah2, tangga2, tanah, tasik, longkang and so on.. Nasib baik that day x berapa panas, so we are not dehydrate much.

There are several game or task that we have to complete and gain more money like bowling with coconut and fishing the botol. There are the tongue twister game too where we have to break the paragraph by using specific code.memorised its and say it at the final point. Hard hitting but we never give up but always enjoying the game. Along the exploring, we screem n loughing..n sometime we sing a song to brushed up our tiredness. Sometime we run, and most of the time we walk while solving the puzzle and answering the question until the next checkpoint. And also we had to draw the family of Flamingo Birds..and thanks kak zura for the cute family potrait. Huhu..have to admit that kak zura have the artistic talent.

There are more than 10 checkpoints, means that there are 10 task to be complete within the time frame. Until the 3rd last checkpoint, we notice that we are left around 50 more minutes to complete the answer. At that point called NIC, we still havent compiled all our answer in a proper way. Then we have a short discussion and agreed to go to one more checkpoint and straight to the final point to compiled the answer and complete it. On our way, we meet the professor and we try to answer the Professor Fomular to get the bonus point of RM1000. But sadly, our answer is wrong..Then, the professor offer us to buy the clue. At first we refused to buy the clue since the winner is evaluate by the total RM that we have and we think we shud not waste our money to buy the clue because along the way, we managed to answer and solve the question without the clue. Huhu...( mcm la betul kan..) We had made a hard decision when we planned to buy the clue for the "Professor Fomula". If we manage to solve the clue, we get rm 1000, but if not..we surely behind the rest as most of the team did not used their money at all to buy any clue. And not forgotten, we still have 2 more checkpoint to cover. With the limited time, we decide to buy the clue and have to solve it by hook or by crook!! otherwise..we sure loss!!

By that, we are struggling to solve and find the "professor Fomula" by knowing that we already invest..we must gain more from that. It was more pressure to know that we are left 15minutes more and we still did not find it. So, we planned to reached the final point on time to avoid more mark deduction. Knowing that every 10minutes late will be penalty rm100. Damn frust!!

A few minutes later Bee Ling shout " runnn to the final point.....!!! i found the fomula..". We are extremely happy and run to the last point. Run run and run......until u feel like to die.

On the way back, we feel a bit worried n panic because we not saw any teams around. In our mind, we left behind because we spent more time for the professor fomular. Bee ling check the time consequently...8 more minutes..and we still half way to reach the end point. Runnnnn...a bit faster!! arghhhhhh.. exhausted and dog-tired. ( at this kaki n pinggang rs mcm nk tercabut. )

And finnaly we tend to reach on time and it was soooooo big surprise to know that we are team no.2 to reach the end point on time. Yeayyyyyyyy!!!! lega...after quickly compile the answer sheet and memorised the tounge twister paragraph..we are DONE!!! Horreeeeyyy..big clap to our team and lets enjoy the lunch. So damn sedap nak mati..( nasi beriani, telur rebus masak kurma, ayam masak merah, acar timun, papadom, buah tembikai & air oren ). Terbaekkk...

While waiting the result, we settle down, take a good breath and group photo time..Between that, the organizer comes to the participant and had an interview about what they feel, do they still want to join the next explore race and also sharing and reveal the right answer with us. It was fun to know the right answer where sometime we misinterprate the question and give different answer. Huh!!

And when it come to the ultimate time where they announce the winner of Sime Darby Explore Race 2009 is " TAKE FIVE".. make us feel glad and very happy!! all the hard time, pain and tiredness flies and brush up the weary face that we had before it. Grinned!!!!!!!..

"We make it peeps... less people more share!!!"

Nota Little Lizzy : Dlm kereta masa otw balik me n kak zura x habis2 menjerit sebab seronok sangat. Ekekeekeke... walaupon sangat penat, tp sangat suka. Just our lucky day.. Yabedabedooo!! ( mcm la menang ribu2 ringgit..kannnn)

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