Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Acception or The Rule?


This is a phrase.

"As long as you don't spend most of the time whining, you are part of the winning formula."

Aku suka quote atas ni. I terbaca kat komen entri blog orang lain. Sangat hit the point. And I've decided to make it part of my belief.

You know, ini memang satu fasa. Cuma masalah kebanyakan orang ialah mereka suka mengeluh, mengaduh bila terjatuh. Macam Aku jugaklah. Sebab kita selalu lupa tentang maksud sebenar pengalaman. Setiap chapter yang kita lalui adalah satu pengalaman. and experience is the best teacher.. Memang betul ayat ni. Takde cliche-mliche. Memang tepat!!

If there is one thing I really learn from my experience of living, it is this.

In the time of falling apart, life is not as bad as it might look. There is always blessing in disguise left for us to discover the meaning behind everything.

I always preach life journey is a way of experiencing. Tapi kadang-kadang I don't do as I preach. Kemudian I mula nak whine sana sini. The beauty of the discovery of all my flaws? It makes me less noble, more human. Ia juga membuatkan orang lain manusia biasa. Mistakes, people. We don't seem to learn from them, at least not yet.

Indeed, we aren't flawless. For that, I'm starting to love myself and people around me more. Sekarang, I akan cuba untuk kurangkan mengeluh. You pun patut cuba. Sebab mungkin daripada menjadi plain human, kita boleh up sikit. Jadi superhuman. Mana tahu.


"Sometime it is better to break the friendship rather than trying hard to hurt yourself putting it back together"

Actually I am that sorta person. Revenge is sweet, no objection whatsoever. You be nice to me and I'll be twice nicer, you treat me bad and you know I would do nothing but smile broadly when you fall down to earth.Yes, I hold grudges. But no, I would not take them back. What I had, I have had enough. Yesterdays were full of colors, but now I prefer today's colorless if that means less heartbreak. =')

Because for me the rule of friendship is simple. A cup of Care with loves and respect. If you are not respect me as a friend, do respect me as humanbeing. Normal humanbeing.. Senang bukan??

Nota Little Lizzy : Sy sangat sayangkan sangat benci pd org yg x tau hargai nilai sebuah persahabatan.

Pls not to take for granted.. Before it's too late. And before I turn away. Because I might run away and shut people down.

Nota Little Lizzy : Ini bukan sesi hormon bersuara okey..hihihi. Cheers!! :D Menconteng gembira..kadang2 menyakitkan juga.. Kamu tahu??

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