Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wardrobe Wishlist : DKNY Cozy Cardigan

The pictures speak for themselves...There are twelve different ways that you can style it, and the lightweight fabric means you can wear it year-round. But, the amazingly versatile DKNY's Cozy Cardigan not come in cheaper price. It sells for $195 on DKNY website..which, for me, means that if I don't need it, I shouldn't be pulling out my wallet. Still, I'm deliberately adding it to my ever-growing wishlist, just in case I stumble upon some extra cash. And it'll be sitting at the very top of the list too, because if it's really 12 sweaters in one, it's got to be a good investment, right?

Here are just a few of the ways that you can wear it. Enjoy urself..

This is the DKNY Cashmere Silk Cozy from DKNY, 85% silk, 15% cashmere, luxurious huh?
If DKNY can produce something like this with cheaper material and cheaper price..must b good rite??

Nota Little Lizzy : Psstttttttttt... if u know where i can get this substitute cardigan with those much lower priced from Taiwan/ China maybe...lemmi know key. (At least, almost the same quality, but not with such skyrocketing price tag lah!)
I ada jumpa kat Sogo..cheaper la. But its not a long cardigans. Kalau boleh I nk cari yg labuh2 sket..mcm dlm gambar tu. nampak lebih sopan. ( Bahagian blkg dia leh tutup sampai bontot.. and bahagian depan labuh sampai lutut.)~~~ apesal terbayang bathrobe plak aku ni..haha.


Little Lizzy said...

yeay..gaji da masuk. Wanna eye the year end sales.

wawa said...

slm...i ada jual cardigan labuh...not like this but labuh spai lutut..tq