Sunday, March 7, 2010

Broga Hill in action..

Yuuhoooo.........Hye all, lama kan I x update blog. Da lama x bnyk cerita nk story..the latest story is about our adventure trip to Broga Hill.

Hooaaaaaa...the peak is soo amaizing and fantastic. Think that everybody should try to climb and experience the beautiful scenery there. I'll bet u will love it.It's not a very high hill. Almost everyone can make it to the peak. I see young children, teenagers, young adults and older adults made it without problems.

We start our journey by 4.30am from home. Waiting Kak Azura at nearby shell station as the rest are assemble at funiture stores opposite of Tesco by 5am. From there we ahead to the foothill.

At 6.40am after subuh's prayer ,we started our hike. After a few years of not climbing, I found it difficult to walk fast. In a few minutes Kak Azura stop us as she want to rest up her tired leg. And after a few stop, she ask us to go first as there are many people around..she said she will walk slowly and we promise to wait her at the 1st peak..

It was my husband 1st experience of hill climbing. I must solute him since he has a strong spirit to climb although he has a bit knee prob. He was fine..but not me. On the way to the 1st peak..i was vomiting 2 times. Maybe because i did not took any breakfast and keep drinking the 100plus. So, the moral is, please dont climb with the empty stomach. Hehehe.. We continue our climbing about 30-40minutes, then we can see the first peak. It was so near yet so far.By reach that point, there is no trees anymore. But the surrounding is covers by green grass, and cold wind. It was cool enough and the view make u impatiently want to reach the peak as fast as u can. But, looking at the stairs..Haihh...

Around 7.50am, At long last,we reached the 1st peak.We stop there about half an hour waiting for kak azura. Then we moved to 2nd peak. Moving up to the 2nd peak. We weren't that tired anymore and didn't mind the walk to the 2nd peak. From the there, we could see the 1st peak and it awesome!! We filled our time there by taking picture and enjoy the scenery since everybody are not willing to moved to the other 2 peaks anymore. Haha..By that time, we did not see our group anymore. They are so fast. And they plan to hike till up to Tok Wan Mountain. So that they cannot wait the snail like us. Wehoo..

After all, we had a really really great time there. Me and husband plan to go there next time and finished up all the 4 peaks. ;D anyone wanna join us??

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