Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perkara tak boleh terima diri no.2


I went back from lunch and noted that there 1 miscall at my office phone.
The number appears was from mobile 013*******
I dont know who's number..obviously lah...since I x pernah hafal pon nombor2 HP orang. Even no HP En.Suami pon sampai skang x berapa nk ingat..

Then I tried dial the number using my HP. Mana lah tau.. kot2 kuar nama siapa2 ke..the result is NO name appear. So, sah la..bukan one of my friendlist punya nombor.
Okey fine...............

A few minutes later the number call my HP and saying he got the miscall from his mobile.

Then I explain..I got miscall from his number at my office extension. So, I dial using my HP to know who's number is this n yeda yeda.Then he blur2..bila tanya dia siapa? xnk jawab pulak.. tp x habis2 blur x sudah. n I start menyampah............serious menyampah!!!!!!!!

Me : I got your miscall from my office number. 2718 2600 ext 81001*** did you call my extension? ( actually my extension is hardly to reach. We have long number 16 digit okey....very long!)

Man : ( Blurrr habis )................. siapa nih??

Me : I'm Nurliza Othman from Sime Darby Global Svc Center Finance. Who's on the line? ( I suspect, he is Sime Darby's staff..)

Man : ( Blurr lagi.. )...saya dapat miscall from nombor siapa ni??

Me : ( Repeat the same thing..) I'm Nurliza Othman from bla bla bla..received your misscall from my office extension 2718 2600 ext 81001***. How can I help you? Who's this?

Man : ( Blurr x sudah2 ) Err..kat mana tu?

Me : Hmm.. ok la. Sorry wrong number... ( Dlm hati...malas nk layan..)

Stop acting like you are having a secret admire yg gila2 nak berkenalan dgn you. Bluuueeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!! You are not a little boy la...grow up man!!!!!!

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