Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to reload/ top up/ recharge your prepaid Xpax?


Often asked and always forgotten, how to reload / top up / recharge Celcom Prepaid – Xpax? happen to me today when I need to reload my mobile. Totally blank on how to did it..what the number to dial and what so ever.

Okey...I blame my HP for this.. ;P Since for almost 2 and a half year of using it. My N95 HP have the icon called "Smart Sim" where you can easily select the icon and it give you choice whether you want to reload your own number or other number? If I select "own number" then only I key in the 16th digits recharges code and click "ok" and DONE. Ngee... ;D Easy right?? do if I want to check my balance. Simply go to the "Smart Sim" icon and select "check balance" and you will got a massage showing your current balance left to your prepaid.

A few weeks back my "N95 HP cap ayam" tu got hair wired. So, I borrowed my EN.Suami HP. It doesnt have the "Smart Sim" icon in there..At first, I dont even know how to check my balance since I forgot the key number. After trying so many number, I still got the massege " sorry, the number you have entered is invalid" kah kah kah. Padan muka aku.Last2 terpaksa tebalkan muka asking my friend, the key number to check the balance.. My goodness!! ( To check the balance for Celcom is *124# ye kawan2..)

But today..I have problem when I want to reload my HP. I buy the prepaid online thru maybank2u and got the 16th digit code but dont know the key number to recharge the thing. Uwaaaaaa....So that I ask a bestfriend of mine..Mr.Google. Kih Kih Kih..

Here we go..for those who have the same experience like me,perhaps this will help u.

How To Reload Celcom1. Recharge via Call/IVR* Dial 019-300 0910. Select the option for recharging and enter your 16-digit Recharge Code2. Recharge via SMS* Type rec 16-digit Recharge Code and send it to 28883. Recharge via Short Code* Key in *122*16-digit Recharge Code# and press CALLThere’s 3 ways to do it:

1. Top-up by calling Celcom or via Call/IVR

Dial 019-300 0910. Select the option for recharging and enter your 16-digit Recharge Code

2. Top-up using SMS

*Type rec <16-digit recharge code> and send it to 2888

3. Top-up using short code (recommended and the simplest!)

Key in *122*16-digit recharge code# and press CALL

P/S : Dah dah dah...jgn nangis2. Gi reload HP awak tu.. Haha..
Lepas ni nak pakai postpaid la..senang sket, cukup bulan bayooorrrrr!!!!!