Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Magical Vaseline Petroleum Jelly


Why I have soo many Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?? haha

This is one of my favorite products Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Can called it magic jelly that there are so many uses for Vaseline that many people might not know. I have the classic Vaseline all over my house. Tubs of it. Its everywhere! I have it inside my bedroom, living room, inside my handbag, in the office, at my home town's room and yeda yeda yeda. There are a zillion uses for it, and did you know half of those zillion are beauty related!

The most common used is to prevent dry, chapped skin or to soften skin that is already dry. Before my wedding I have a problem with my sensitive hand skin. I cannot simply used any dishwashing otherwise my hand will start rashes or have an eczema. I also cannot touch the clothes soap and a very chemical cleaning agents, Its because the tendency to get skin reactions is high for my skin. That is why i always wash my clothes using the shampoo or body shower gel instead. Hehe.. Tapi selalunye I pakai washing machine..So, no prob.
It happen to me a few week before my wedding. I got the skin reaction where the tapak tangan went dried and "pecah2". So, I rub Vaseline onto my dried skin everyday and it resulting in much softer skin in just a few days. Believe me. But the thing is you must be 'rajin' la..for me..I'll apply it whenever I remember. Sambil2 pikir buat account kat office tu..I sapu. Lepas mandi sapu lagi..even dalam kereta pon, masa jammed tu, sempat lagi nk sapu. Hahaha...betul ni, x tipu. At that time i'm kinda desperate la jugak..lagi few weeks to my big days kannn..It was so amaizing, when the result is just in few days.Its help to make my fingernails pliable and resilient too. So, I keep applying its until the "Day". Sampai my aunts masa preparation b4 kawen tu sentuh tangan I risau nnt mak mertua I ckp I ni x pandai buat kerja rumah sbb tgn lembut sangat. ;P ekekeke.. Tp kan..I remember, lepas cuti kawen, my husband said, tangan dia pun jadi lembut sbb asyik pegang tgn I. X caya, try tanya dia..

Next, the second most common use is for the face. Putting Vaseline on your lips can soothe them and protect them from windburn or as a lipgloss. Putting Vaseline on your lips overnight will insure that you wake up with soft lips and using Vaseline around your eyes is another great use. This method can smooth wrinkles and make the skin much softer. Vaseline is also extremely effective at removing makeup. ( Tp I x biasa used the vaseline for removing makeup. Selalu pakai baby oil je..unless if I out of baby oil..then I will use Vaseline as a substitute. ) The one I like the most is to used it as a night cream or mixed it together with my favorite baby lotion and rub to all my body before sleep. Help me to sleep well since I like to feel my moist skin to sleap. ( i have the dry skin..so, i need to apply the lotion as frequent as i can. Tp..paling penting sblm tido..kena moist. Otherwise, susah nk tido.) For lips, it also can be a homemade healthy scrub. Mixed the Vaseline with caster sugar that I always took from McD or Sturbucks for free, then apply to your lips as a scrub. You will love the result. If you like, you can also mixed it with the sea salt for body scrub. This will help to moisturizes severe dry skin and prevent the dryness and ashy look.

Hmm.. I have heard of the used of Vaseline as a sexual lubricant. Tp yg ni x pernah try pon.. I also read in a few forum that many people used it for that reason and it save. Okey, lets not talk about it too much. Whoever have tried before can massage me. Next, another common use for Vaseline is for diaper rashes. Diaper rashes on babies can be especially troublesome and a little Vaseline can soothe a fussy baby and create a barrier as well as promote healing of the rash.Beside, it also can be used to massage baby. Mixed the Vaseline with a little bit baby oil and start massage all over their body. Your baby will love it the most.

Finally, Vaseline is used so that people can perform better or protect things. For instance, you can use it when there is gum in your hair. Work it into the hair until the gum slides out. Remove a stuck ring from your finger with a little Vaseline. Prevent hair dye from staining your skin by putting Vaseline along your hairline. Ha...thats a lotsa usage of this small gel. Izzit?? That y I love it too bits.

Ops...not forgotten, it can be used to put a quick shine on your shoes and bags too! just apply a tiny dap of it and rub on the pale and old surface of your handbag or shoes gently. Its makes your week old handbag or shoes look new again. Ngeeeeee ;D

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