Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Day wif da Great Marshmallow Candies!!


Love show tunes Friday! The day always goes faster when you can karaoke with your office mate to some crazy cheesy songs and all my colleagues had became a great Marshmallow Candies which are soooo sweeeeeeet.. was a great time we had. Yeahhh, I had to admit that I seldom got time to chill out together with some of them even we are in the same team. ( Due to time constrain and workload..pheww!!)

After work yesterday we plan to wind up the hard and tight time at office by karaoke session. Its chair by our most illegible bachelor Abang Fariz who send out the email to all service management teams. And the best part is when our Boss was very kind hearted to sponsor us the fees. Yehoooooo... Milliyen thanks boss!!

The karaoke was held at Redbox, The Garden, Midvalley at 8pm-12am. Beside the buffet was very fun when everybody were soooo sporting. Even Fariz sing most of the song that he choose and present its with his very own style dance. Of which..some of his staff hard to believe their boss is like that.Hahahaha..most of us enjoy the karaoke, even Mr.Wong did sings together with us. There are 2 rules for the night. 1st..nobody can talk about "work" during the session and secondly, everybody must sing!.... ( which win nee did not want to sing even a song..nevermind, at least we know that she enjoy our voice and the food very much. Aight boss?? hihi..)

We also make a surprise Birthday parties for Cindy.. Happy Birthday Cindy!!..the cake was soo yummy!! yes...x tipu. Tp still, I did'nt manage to finished the slice of mine since my tummy was so full. beside, the package that we choose was the super package..where we had all the side-food coming all the addition to the buffet dinner. Makan,singing & laughing.. and we rotate the same thing for a few hours straight. Whoaaaa..imagine that. But believe was really enjoyable time and i believe all of us had release ourselves!! This shows when we sing out loud most of the songs all together.. ~~~dengan sepenuh hati. Penghayatan boleh dapat "A" taw!! Ekekeke...budak2 AF sekalian...boleh menuntut dari we all untuk penghayatan lagu j la..sbb, nyanyi most ke parit. Who cares, kannn!!~~~ Ahaks..

From the night..I would like to announce the winner for the night in their own categories..hak hak hak ( suka2 j...jgn marah k )

Nobble prize for best known all song : Effendy ( sume lagu dia tau ok.. Microphone dari start masuk sampai habis..standby kat tangan dia j..Dasyattt!! )
Nobble prize for best dancer of the nite : Fariz ( lagu dia and lagu org lain..dia jadi backup dancer..Ohhh Emmm Geee!! )
Nobble Prize for Best classic voice and classic singer : Khusyairy ( Kat ofice malu2 j kan....dtg karaoke..amik kau..suara macam Abg Jamal punya abg sedara.. ekekeke )
Nobble prize for top high notes voice : Azura ( Okey...sume org x leh lawan. Nyaring gila suara kak zura!! )
Nobble Prize for best duet performance : Liza n Fariz ( Bluekkk...lagu jiwang tau fariz pilih.."terlanjur cinta" and "ketika cinta bertasbih"..Ye la..he claim he is hopeless romantic. Please bare..TETTTTTTTTT)
Nobble prize for best observer and eater : Win Nee ( hehe.. )
Nobble prize for best dress up : Suvinder ( wow, sexy duhhh..)

Note : Thank u to me..sbb ade member card "Kotak Merah", all of us dapat pakej superb n less 10% off. Sukeeeeeeee!! Lepas ni saya datang bawak en.suami skali key..!!

Little Lizzy Note : GSC Trio.. ( Fariz, Effendi and Khusyairy..This Year korang kena masuk GSC Idol ok.. Gila kentang la, korang Bestt!! Kamu2 yg lain2, lagiiii best and happening.. ;D

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