Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What CAN'T you bring on a plane?

Items you can’t carry in your carry-on bags.

Every day, thousands of travellers bring on simple items that are banned from your carry-on luggage.  Many items you would have never guessed.  Below is a list of the items you can’t carry in your carry-on bags.

3 oz container maximum – If you have any liquids or items in a container, they cannot be in a container that is bigger than 3 ounces.  If it is, you’re going to have to throw it out.  Make sure that you abide by this rule because this is one of the most common items most people carry onto their flight.  If you bring Shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toiletries on liquids that are under 3 ounces, make sure that you place them in a ziploc quartsize bag.  Keep in mind that you’re only allowed ONE ziploc type bag. ( Please be informed the 3 US fluid ounces is equivalent to 88.7205887 ml and if we convert into gram, then 84 grams in 3 ounces).

~~~ phew...my small Vaseline is 50g only, so, no need to relocate it into another container ~~~

Ziploc bag can be find at many hypermarket at a cheaper price and also can buy it in Guardian or Watson.

Knives – I know this sounds obvious but make sure you have no leathermans, pocket knives, etc.  Sometimes people have this as a keychain or simply carry it around as a habit.  Make sure you put this in your checked luggage. A BIG no okey.

Sharp Objects – If the object is sharp, you’re most likely going to have to put it in your checked in luggage.  Items such as swords, meat clevers, etc, will all have to be checked in because no matter how safe you really are, you can’t be a danger to everyone else on the plane. Some scissors are acceptable but they must be plastic or metal with round or blunt ends or they must be shorter than 4 inches long. I think shaver is allowed since it is less than 4 inch long. Am I right? need to check further..hmm??

Sporting Goods – You won’t be able to bring anything sporting good related onto your flight with your carry-on luggage.  Items such as golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, pool cues, etc, will not be allowed withyour carry on.  Insead, this can once again, be placed in your checked luggage.

Ammo – If you’re going to be hunting in another state/country, etc, some people make the mistake of trying to bring on the ammo and just checking in their guns.  Make sure you check in your ammo as well because you won’t be able to bring your ammo on regardless.  Even if you don’t have the gun, the TSA still will find it as a threat. Not related wimmi.. Wwee...

Fireworks – Fireworks are banned completely from the airport, so even the simple things like a sparkler will be banned.  These items won’t be allowed on your carry-on or checked n luggage, so you can simply leave these items at home.  Make sure that you make a note of this one.

You cannot carry on an Axe, Hatchet, Cattle Prod (this is why my father-in-law doesn't fly), Crowbar, Hammer, Drill with bits, Saw, or any Tool greater than 7 inches in length.

You cannot bring a Beverage brought from home or purchased prior to reaching the security check point unless it is in a container smaller than 3 oz.

You cannot bring full size canned or jarred food.  It must be in a container 3 oz. or smaller.

So what did we learn?  If you have any type of fluid be sure to put it in a container that is 3 oz. or less.  Put the container in plastic bag and take it out of your carry on when you go through security.

If you are not sure about a particular item then don't bring it.  If it's absolutely necessary contact your Airline.  Be sure to present anything and everything that is questionable. It will save you lots of time.  Fly safe and don't complain, these rules are in place to save lives not to be a hassle.

For more info please check ---> TSA

Little Lizzy Notes :Oh my long list liquid things that I must bring on board.
Shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, facial foam, vaseline, lotion, toner, 2 types face moisturizer ( day and night ), contact lense solution, lip gloss.. Hope that I already includes all items.

But..how la...to put all those into one ziploc bag?? Erks....

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