Monday, July 12, 2010

Congrates Espana...and well done Uruguay!!


I would say that Uruguay played well in 3rd/4rd place World Cup this session.

But just not their luck to won the 3rd place..With the last kick of the game, Forlan's free-kick cannoned off the crossbar and Germany held on to win 3-2. Well done well done!!


Yippiesssssssssss especially to all Spain fan. Spain vs Netherlands Prediction is not a guess based on Paul the Octopus. ( Sorry bai...sotong tu masak kicap pon sodap!!)

The two new teams first met in the World Cup tournament in 2010. And also the first time Spain won the World Cup. However, no doubt that there are many stars in Spain team compared to Netherlands. Bravooo bravoo.. ( x banyk sangat ulasan untuk final World Cup nih..gara2 team kegilaan your truly x masuk final. kah kah kah.. menci seh.. )

( Letak gambar sket.. nampak x Bang Beregas yg sedang gumbira tu?? Main lek lok camni kat Arsenal kan bagoooss.. Huhu )

Note : Liverpool terus dgn semena mena nya tanpa rasa bersalah naikkan harga Torres GBP100juta. Xpe la babe...simpan j la Bang Torres tu kat Liverpool sampai tua.


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