Monday, July 5, 2010

Its not Brasil and Argentina going to final.. Haihh..


I have many things to update..for our Vacation of Euro Trip to my brother wedding.
But,now..tiap2 hari sangat busy.

Year end brother wedding lagi..I still havent finished my DIY project of making the pin corsage using RM1 notes for my bro wedding. Duuhhh...tinggal lagi seminggu j.

Later I story mory about the corsage thingy okeh.. haha..

Now i more interested to talk about World Cup yg penuh dengan unpredictable result. Uwaaa.... nangis jap. Actually I did wrote the status on my FB a few days back saying that the 2 team will go to final this time. But I extremely wrong. Chey!

WC was treated to its final, just two games too early.This has been the World Cup full of surprises, and one of the big ones come a few days back, with the Netherlands knocking out five-time winner Brazil 2-1 and the shame loss of Argentina to Germany 0-4.

For “Melo-Drama” and intensity, the spectacle of the Netherlands stunning and bullying Brazil will be hard to outdo at this tournament. Holland played well, but was also helped by Brazil’s Felipe Melo being sent off with a red card for a really stupid and nasty foul. Felipe Melo was the goat of the day. Boo hoooo..

The five-time champions are such soccer giants that there is always an earthquake-like thump when they are brought to their knees. Yet, this time, their 2-1 loss didn’t feel like a massive shock. Dunga blamed a poor second-half against the Dutch. But that was only half the story.

Noe what, when two teams are basically at the same level; it’s not often the one with 10 men is going to win the match. Big clap to Holland who are smart enuf to tackle the opportunity and play well till won the game against Samba team.

But the fault was collective, not individual. And it didn’t help Brazil that Kaka was not at his best in South Africa. Like other stars of world soccer — think C.Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Gerrard, or Samuel Eto’o — he failed to live up to his billing. Again, I want to stressed here..that I think C.Ronaldo is too celebrity-ish which also one of the reason he cannot perform at his best in World Cup.

Hahaha...mind me.

Holland were definitely good, but not Brazilian brilliant, and that was their undoing. They let Argentina claim the crown as kings of attacking, inventive soccer. As a result, Diego Maradona is looking like an increasingly good bet to win the World Cup both as a player and coach. You wished Sir!! You undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest players in your day, but has yet to prove yourself as a coach. But still I do beleived that Argentina was the better team than Germany.

But, I was wrong again...another shock happened!! the over-confident-so-called-strong-team Argentina was also kick out from this session with very shameful result of 0-4. Uwaaa...too bad. it’s painful and pointless. Dunno what happen,as I see unlike Argentina, Germans cannot run for a long time. Their game is usually slow paced, focused on technical skill, rather than sweat and genuine effort. Will they slow Argentina down? That night seem like Argentina lose their moral support n spirit to fight. I will blame their lazy-ish defender and unfinished attack by the striker. Back to reality, Messi knocked out…bye bye Argentina..

Bye Brasil..

Regards from Argentina. Huhu..

Little Lizzy Note : Eksyen betul En.suami..mentang2 la penyokong tegar Belanda. Sekalik kena bungkus dengan Uruguay baru tau.. Mana tau kan..bola tu bulat. Dibuat nye Uruguay Masuk Final.. Haa...pasrah j la. Ahaks ;)


ros said...

salam,jemputlah singgah & follow blog sy ya..tq

ros said...

salam,jemputlah singgah & follow blog sy ya..tq

Little Lizzy said...

Da singgah x leh folo la kak ros. Ada masalah pe ntah. Nnt I cuba lagi k.. Between, lapar lah, tgk blog kak ros ni.. Hehe..