Saturday, July 17, 2010

A new limited edition fragrance..White Musk White Hot Summer by Body Shop


The Body Shop White Musk White Hot Summer ~ new fragrance

" Our new Limited Edition fragrance for summer radiates sunshine, warmth and confidence. A lighter interpretation of our classic fragrance this sparkling fruity floral scent is warmed with musky base notes which makes for a luminous fragrance perfect for summer days and nights.

The fragrance notes feature pink pepper, bergamot, violet leaf, rose, carnation, heliotrope and orris ( Iris root ).

The Body Shop White Musk White Hot Summer is available in 30 ml Eau de Toilette or in 100 ml Chiffon Body Mist. A matching lotion is also sold. "
- The Body Shop

I could say whoaaaaaaaaaahh. It was lunch somewhere in last year but I only saw it yesterday and cannot help to have both of its the perfume n lotion. Hehe... and OMG, I'm in love with its especially the body lotion. For me, the smell smell luxuriously and most important is its creamy and silky.. I plan to buy another one since it is limited I can put one in the office ane another one at home. Huhu..

LIKE IT SOOOO MUCH!! As for the perfume, it still have the smell of classic White Musk base, plus it has a twist of light floral musky and fresh. It suit my I always choose fragrance with a fresh & floral smell. But I could prefer if it also comes with EDP type. However,the Eau de Toilette never smells cheap despite its modest price-point. Okeyyyyyyyy....but I really like the body lotion the most.

Hari2 x sabar nak mandi n sapu losen. Yee..saya wangii!!

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