Thursday, July 22, 2010

No One Else Comes Joe


This song is so pretty, so soft, so sweet...I wish every woman in the world could find a man that would feel like this towards them....And for the women out there that has found that special man, may Allah bless u....Hold on tight to ur special boo boo.... For he is a gift from HIM.....

Dear Allah, thanks God for giving me a man in my world that is this song to me I love u in every way and i always will do. HAPPY!

When we turn out the lights
The two of us alone together
Something's just not right
But girl you know that I would never ever let another's touch
Come between the two of us
Cause no one else will ever take your place

No one else comes close to you
No one makes me feel the way you do
You're so special girl, to me
And you'll always be, eternally
Everytime I hold you near
You always say the words I love to hear
Girl with just a touch, you can do so much

No one else comes close

And when I wake up to
The touch of your head on my shoulder
You're my dream come true
Oh, girl you know I'll always treasure
Every kiss, and every day
I love you girl in every way
And I always will cause in my eyes

[Chorus (2x)]

No one else comes close
No one else comes close

Damn I love you

P/S : i so love his singing here. great great!!love it..

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