Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cuti -Cuti KL


Hai.. Hollaaaaaa

Ingat lagi tak i told ya that I will story about our vacation at Bukit Bintang. haha.. Here is the story of its.

We actually trying to get some ideas for wedding present for bride and groom. A friend of mine will get married somewhere in March. They are my closed friend actually. So, when I asked about what is the wedding gift that they want from us ( Us is refer to our group of friends ) on their wedding day? Normally we will collect money from 10 of us.. and buy a microwave or other electrical goods which is equivalent to the cash collected. But they said, their Aunty plans to buy them a microwave. So, we try to look at other things ( in which most of the electrical goods they already have )

I remember they did told me that they wont have much time for honeymoon. So, there is no honeymoon plan for them at all. I suddenly pop up an idea to give them a sweet hotel accommodation for 3days 2 night in KL area only for them to spent a romantic time together in a different environment. haha... Honeymoon la jugak even if in KL only. Sbb duduk hotel..mkn kat luar, have fun, relax and etc. I start google and i found that Bukit Bintang is the best area.. surround with many shopping complex and the hotel rate is reasonable. They also provide a SPA ( massage and SPA package ) for couple at a best price for the hotel guest. So, kalau2 my friends would like to have it.. xyah pegi jauh2.. kan.

The crazy part is.... haha... I make a booking for me and dd for trial. Haha... on 14-16 of Jan..we had spent our weekend at Radius International Hotel, Bukit Bintang. hahaha.. Best jugak buat kerja gila mcm ni.Rasa klakar pulak bila nk packing barang..mcm nk pegi jauh j kan.. Haha..gelak lagi.. nak lagi kelakar..I asyik nk terpikir untuk solat jamak j. Sbb selalu kalau pergi bercuti, mesti jauh2.. ( I mean this is the 1st time we pergi bercuti dlm KL j ), then mind setting tu asyik ingat we r not in KL. Nasib baik la dekat shopping mall tu semua ada surau...xde masalah la. And another thing is, we not expected that there is a swimming pool at the hotel....da la view from our room is swimming pool and i 'm not bring my swimming suit.. too bad. So, rasa nk balik kejap ambil swimming suit kat rumah. Haha.. Nasib baik time makan DD x ajak balik rumah and ask me to cook. Hahaha... ( Ok stop the Hahaha.. annoying kan...? )

But, we did enjoy the vacation.. we go tour for all the Shopping Mall there.. ( BB mall, Pavillion, Lot 10, Times Square, Sg Wang Plaza etc ) window shopping, go for movie, makan2 and all.. Its only walking distance. I likeee.... no need to face traffic jammed and no need to find parking.. We are lucky that during that time, they are having a CNY sales everywhere. Yay!! It was a great weekend tho.. rasa macam kat Bandung. And we think we should do it again sometime.. Xyah pegi jauh2..nnt nk drive penat2 n lepas vacation...we akan rasa tiring kan.. So, bercuti j kat KL.. especially when you have a time constraint. The main point is to do a diff thing from your normal routine.. you will feel release. At least its work for me and DD la. ;P

Okey... the rest of its.. lets the picture talks the stories.. enjoyss..!

This is the view from our room..
The bath tub.. how i wish i have this at home.. hihi
Our room.. DD is lepaking ( play games to kill the time ) while waiting his syg bersiap2 untuk keluar.

Lunch at Kenny Rodgers Times Square..
The Bum-bum me.. ( Ok..i hate this dress.. make me look fatty. Aaargh! )

Mine..looks tempted and colorful..
Nasi Bujara served with quarter fried chicken, salad, rendang daging, sambal sotong and telur rebus at Mdm Kwan, Pavilion

I had Char Kuey Tiow at Mdm Kwan.. ( Rich with seafood, Nyum! )
Enjoy the scenary and playing around outside the Pavilion

Tiles Craving at Center Court, the one that he is craving is worth RM200.

The Wabbitt.. ;))
The main Stage..
The view from 3rd floor..
"Beat this drum for good wealth"
Night view.. Bukit Bintang area
Time Square

Lot 10

Lepak at swimming pool..

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