Monday, January 10, 2011

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2nd August 2010

You said the way I make you laugh will sprinkling your day

Put those happiness and joy which make your life feel content

I said, "That's a lie"

When you feel my joke insulting and wounding you at any way and time

You said that you loved me the way I am

The child in me so innocent and sweet which make your life bright

And I know " You lie "

When everytime you want me to change into the new me.

You said I am everything for you

That you cannot live without me

But I see you sleep tight when there's a tears in my heart

So I think " Yes, you lie "

And I wonder if you know what I think about at night

You're so kind and warm

Where you never failed to ask forgiveness and regrets

Sometimes a rose is destined to love a thorn

And sometimes I fake a smile so you wont see

That you are the reason of teardrops on my pillow

But my love for you will always heal the pain

So, I am not fear to be hurt again

I think " I'm lied "

Cause I am too fragile

And I was right there beside you

All summer long

And then the time we woke up to find

That summer had gone

In which we're not laughed and speak as usual

But when I think of LOVE I always think of you

Think of my head on your chest

Think of your kisses and hugs

Think of how you carry me on your arm

Since you are the one who always pampered me like I do.

'Ain't that the truth?

That we are happy to be together

Where I am nothing if i'm without you.

When you think happiness I hope you think of me

The one we laugh together

The time that we spent

The feel that we had

Is believe in love, just believe in us now...

Cause If Allah is the DJ that play the song,

Life is the dance floor

Love is the rhythm

You are the music

And i'm the lyric

And I really hope, it is the LOVE song that we are listening to..

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