Monday, January 10, 2011



For once you promise to buy me the world
But then you can only give me one space
Which is in your heart, that was empty for so long.. until you find me.
Thus, I love the way you lied..
since it was the best place for me to be in.

For once you promise to shower me with diamonds
But then you lied when you can only shower me with rain..
And you said every drops of the rain is how much you love me.
So I realized that it was the unfailing strength of your love to me
That's why I always love the way you lied..

Once you promise to treat me with the best food in the world.
Then you tell me the best food was in me
When I cook you a dinner and you favorite dishes
That makes me feel content..
And I loved to cook you every single days and times..even that you lied.

At once to promise to take care of my heart
Wont hurt and let the tears to drop again
But then you lied
When you feel hard to deal with my sensitive attitude.
Even then I know you are such a wonderful husband that Allah gave me.
Since you never fail to try hard for our relationship.
I love it when you lied that way.

For everything's you did and said..
For once you promised me but then you lied
I know that there's reasons behind it..
and the reason is no more than you LOVE me.
You'll never ever leave and let love die
For all the love that we found in both you and me.

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