Friday, March 28, 2014

Homemade playdough ( Play doh ) - Chemical free..

Hi dear...
Today Cik Lyzz nk share on really cool DIY project. Anak dara Cik Lyzz ni suke sangat.
Beria2 menggelek, mengunting, menggentel the dough. hahaha.. Habis semua baking tools Cik Lyzz jadi mangsa. ;P

But, its ok.. They are kids kan.. they need to explore the world. Lets them exploring. However, as an adult, we must always ensure that they are exploring it safely. And thus, Cik Lyzz makes this DIY project Homemade Play dough. Kakak Tina now is 5 yrs old. I mean this coming sept, she will turn 5. Now she understand most of the instruction well enough. She know how to measure, how to calculate, write and read. Of course the simple one la..

So Mommies.. lets experiment this with your kids. As for kakak, she always like to help me in the kitchen. Sometime we not allow them to interfere just because we are cooking a food and not something to play. For example, when i making a doughnut,she would like to help and not only "help", she also expect that we actually cooked whatever she did with the piece of dough that she had. For kids, everythings in the worlds are toys for them. So, while making this playdough... i ask kakak to help me up. Since i am cooking a toys for her.. so, its ok if she picit2 the dough, kena seluar, baju, badan, jatuh lantai masuk balik periuk.. ok! Do whatever u want with it dear..

I ask her to measure it herself. Yes, with my supervision of course. Otherwise, habis dapur aku!!
Since the ingredient is simple. She can follow it easily. Beside, there is no right or wrong with this recipe. If the dough too sticky.. u can add more flour to it. So don't worry kalau salah baca resepi ke apa key..
Masa ni u can see the proud face of your kid because you trust her. ;)

Colored Playdough
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 tablespoon cream of tartar
  • Food coloring
  • Saucepan
  • 1 cup flour
  1. Combine water, oil, salt, cream of tartar, and food coloring in a saucepan and heat until warm.
  2. Remove from heat and add flour.
  3. Stir, then knead until smooth. The cream of tartar makes this dough last 6 months or longer, so resist the temptation to omit this ingredient if you don't have it on hand.
  4. Store this dough in an airtight container or a Ziploc freezer bag.

Kami buat 3 adunan and divide it with 6 portion and color it with diff color of your choice.
You can also teach your kids how to mix a colors to become another color. Example, mix red and blue for "purple".. mix yellow and red to makes " orange", blue and yellow to make " green". She will be more than happy kids to learn those.

Okey.. when ready to play, u can teach her motor skills. Ask her to make a round shape, square shape, star, etc.

And you can see how that can develop her creativity from round shape become burger, cupcakes, human face and even a doughnut. ( nampak sangat balas dendam sebab aritu x kasi main doughnut doh ) Hehehe..
And also you can teach her big bigger biggest, long longer longest, small smaller smallest.. Interesting huh??

 Some of the masterpiece. So, this is our experiment together.. She loves it very much. After playing, you can keep the dough in fridge for 3-6 months. Most important, it chemical free and also cheap.. so you don't have to worry if your kids accidentally eat it. Enjoy the rest of the pictures peeps..

Kakak selfie with your truely...

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