Monday, March 24, 2014

Shepherd's pie homemade.. how to make your shepherd pie crust.

Hollaaaaaaaaaaaa...... howaayuu??
Another "No Rice" day recipe for you to try on.
This is throwback post for my shepherd pie using australian beef. Its yummmsss maybe because Australian beef is more juicy than local.

Shepherd’s Pie is originally an English dish, traditionally made with lamb or mutton. Americans typically make Shepherd’s Pie with beef, I think mostly because we are much more of a beef-eating culture than a lamb-eating one. 

1 1/2 lbs ground round beef
1 onion chopped
1-2 cups vegetables - chopped carrots, corn, peas
1 1/2 - 2 lbs potatoes (3 big ones) - I'm using russet potato
8 tablespoons butter
1 cube beef stok
4 spoon sauce pergo
Mozarella cheese ( optional )
Salt, pepper, other seasonings of choice


 Peel and quarter potatoes, boil in salted water until tender (about 20 minutes).

 While the potatoes are cooking, melt 4 Tablespoons butter (1/2 a stick) in large frying pan.

 Sauté onions in butter until tender over medium heat (10 mins). If you are adding vegetables, add them according to cooking time. Put any carrots in with the onions. Add corn or peas either at the end of the cooking of the onions, or after the meat has initially cooked.

 Add ground beef and sauté until no longer pink. Add salt and pepper. Add pergo sauce. Add cube beef srok and cook, uncovered, over low heat for 10 minutes, adding sugar as necessary to keep moist.

 Mash potatoes in bowl with remainder of butter, season to taste.

( for this round, i rough up potato with scissor.. randomly cut the edge of the potato to make the peaks dramatically crust.)

 Place beef and onions in baking dish. Distribute mashed potatoes on top and add cheese. Rough up with a fork so that there are peaks that will brown nicely. You can use the fork to make some designs in the potatoes as well.

 Cook in 180'c oven until bubbling and brown (about 30 minutes). Broil for last few minutes if necessary to brown.

Ready to eat.. yummm
Looks yummm huh??? It is... Yummeah,


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