Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Da House of Fine Steak

Victoria Station

At first, we planned to celebrate the B'day Boy at KLCC as well as we can also eyeing the Year End Sales there. After En.Suami fetch me from office, we straight to KLCC. Lepas solat maghrib, we heading to the Chili's. I tetiba teringin nk mkn Chili's from the night before. Hehe..

But but but...we so upset when there's a lotsa people que up to eat there. We forgot that now is a school holiday time and its a Christmas Sales everywhere. Lepas pikir masak2, n perut pon da bernyanyi lagu ria..we decide to eat at VS. Lagipon dekat jugak dgn KLCC tu.

VS in Jalan Ampang is housed in their little own building. I remember before there is a real train sticking out from it's side and inside the train cabins have been converted for dining. However, last night, mcm x nmpk pulak kepala keretapi tu. Maybe I da lama x pergi or sbb x perasan. Hehe..ape2 j la. The cabins train is strickly for non-smokers only. The smokers get to dine in the hall outside.So, we decide to have our "romantic dinner" inside the cabin with a unique decor featuring railway coaches.

We 1st served with bread and butter which I finished it while waiting the main course to come. Sangat lapar..sbb i did not having my lunch yet at that day. Sambil2 tu we take a picture..( ops...its not "we" la..its me alone. hehe..En.Suami layankan j.) Sume benda kat dlm tu nk diambil gambar. Jakun betul. Hahaha... 1st time celebrate b'day en.suami. Ye la..sblm ni sambut b'day berstatuskan "teman tapi mesra". ;P So, i feel like to capture every moment as much as i can so that we will not miss out anything. Perhaps the memories will last in our minds sampai bila2.

It's okey if ppl says.."mula2 kawen..or baru2 kawen memang la mcm tu..tgk esok2 da ada anak2 mcm mana pulak". hehe..nvm, we are happy as we are right now and we always try hard to strenghten our r/ship from time to time..X semestinya nk kena pegi makan VS selalu, tgk wayang selalu, go a key point to b happy or to show that u r happy. Yg penting is how u spent the quality time together.. Maksudnye..kalau kat rumah pun we still boleh tukar2 menu masakan. Jgn la asyik masak sardin n telur goreng j. Okey, let says kalau xtau masak..n hanya tau masak sardin n telur goreng j..then try to change the presentation. Bungkus sardin tu dalam telur dadar ke..or sumthing like that la. baru lah life tu x boring..n meriah, n warna warni. Sbb sbg manusia ni, we need sumthing different from the rutine. Ye lah, I pernah baca satu buku ni..when the husband asyik keluar rumah j lepak2 with friend. Minum kopi secawan. Macam la kat rumah xde kopi kan..then,the men said.."hari2 da mkn buah anggur..sekali sekala nk jugak mkn buah pisang. x gitu??". So, moral nya is.. Lu pikir la sendiri.. heh heh heh

Alamak kan da kena bebel. Back to the point...phew!

Okey, mlm tu I order Mixed grill ( RM38.90) served with a piece of lamb, a piece of steak, a bit of chicken, 2 sousage, Fillet, Egg, Chips and Vege where En.Suami order mushroom cheese beef steak ( RM 36.90) served with full creamed of steak mushroom cheese souce, chips and Vege. And then we order one bottle of sparkle dark grape juice ( RM48.90) for drink and share it together. The portion is sooooo heavy for me, so that I hardly cannnot finished my one. Overall food are nice and we did enjoy its every bits.

We tried ordering in moderation but I think we still ate too much ;p I wonder if it's possible to order a single main course and share it between 2 persons and not look cheap. At least that way we'll have some room for desserts, right? Hmm..maybe next time, we did it that way.. hehe.

Okey, stop for now..for those who planned to go to VS, Ampang, highly recommended by us. Nice interior decoration, nice hospitality from the waiters there as well as the food. If u planned to celebrate birthday there, the waiters and other workers there are willing to sing the bday song too. But yesterday, En.Suami is too shy to go for it.. hehe..Strictly said to me. NO sayang..please dont.

And..of course i did not do that. I am a good wife.. remember?? ;P

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