Monday, December 14, 2009

“ – as Easy as 1,2,3!”


Feel to fly??

There's an easy way that u can check the shedule, book ticket & pay flight simply using ur HP.

So,firstly u must log on onto on your mobile to enjoy the most comprehensive menu of mobile phone anywhere.

Lepas ur HP ada this application, so xpayah la susah2 lagi untuk buat tempahan tiket flight, nk check itenary, check shedule, status and so on..Sume nye boleh dibuat melalui HP anda sahaja. Best best best!! Beside, your boarding pass also will send thru your Mobile. Cool kan??

Apa lagi tunggu??? cepat la log on to Flymas.Mobi ..sure berbaloi.

Jgn risau..sbb this application is support most types of HP including Blackberry (RIM), the iPhone, Android Google phone, Symbian (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson) and Windows Mobile (HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson). and supports mana2 screen above 128 pixels jugaa.

Kalau u all da ada application tu..boleh la tgk index dia. Senang j nak faham.
For those yg x biasa booking flight pon boleh faham and used this application easily. Its straight forward okey.

Bukan saje easy, fast and convenient too.

So, lepas ni, kalau MAS ada promotion hebat for flght ticket, u will be the early birds who can grab it..Yippies!!

Let's go mobile gang!!

For more info about this, click here ---> Flymas.Mobi

Checkidautt!! Its not just everyone can fly..but everyone is easy to fly!!

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