Thursday, December 24, 2009

One item in wish list is accomplished. Weeee ;D

Model cheapskate a.k.a cik Little Lizzy Me show-off her new pants.
( Ohh..excused-me-for- the- dust- in-my-mirror-okey.Aperaa.. Haha )

Ingat tak pada wide leg pant yg sangat cool and menjadi idaman I tu? I pernah write 'bout it dulu.So, sape2 yg lupe leh check here.

Tadi lepas dinner at Chicken BBQ, Wangsa Walk, I terjumpa this kind of pant. Selepas fitting, i terus beli..yeay!! Selamat suda duit gaji..( mentang-mentang-gaji-baru-masuk-ini-hari ) Kah kah kah..xpe...lepas kerja penat2 dan stress banget, perasaan ingin bershopping serta boros seperti ini harus di belai dan di turuti.."self satisfaction". Ekekeke..ya, saya sangat suka ati.

Bapak2 ibu2 adik kakak..itu saja entry kali ini.

Hanya mau show-off seluar baru.


P/s : Gambar nnt I upload. Hehe..
Sape2 yg berminat boleh cari di FOS Wangsa Walk.
(Okey....upload sudaa..)

Okey...Wassalamu! Uhuks..

This is how it look..sorry too lazy untuk iron sbb lepas ni nk basuh. I like to wash 1st b4 using it. But disebabkan x sabar2 sangat nk upload gambar, your truely pakai kejap..b4 washed it. Ahaks!!


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