Saturday, December 12, 2009

Interview tips - Typical Q's during interview.


For those yg tengah eyeing for change a new job for career developement and also to gain better offer than ur current are some tips or some typical interview questions and how to answer to that. Wish u good luck and hope this will help!!

1. Qs : Name of company, position title and description, dates of employment.

Answ : Review your work history in details, name of company u work for, job title, ur start and ending date of employment, job entitle and as well as ur job discription.

Please confident of what ur current job are..what are ur job functions and show the interviewer that u are not doing job blindly.

2. Qs : What were your expectations for the job and to what extent were they met?

Answ : Clear cut what you expected from your last job when you were hired, the best way to respond is to discuss what you expected when you took the job and give examples of how the position worked out for you. If the job wasn't exactly what you expected, it's fine to mention that. However, you should focus on the job itself, not the company, your boss, or your co-workers (if they were a problem).

Prepare some examples to share with the interviewer is fine and cool too!! For example, when your current jobs is a rutine job, then u can say it is the best time for u to move on and try something new for your career developement bla bla bla.. be specific like what u have study, or maybe ur specialization.

3. Qs : What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?

Answ : be sure to include specific examples of how you handled a particular difficult situation. Discuss how you researched the issue and contributed to finding a solution.

Its good if you can provide some example of your achivement.

4. Qs : What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

Answ : don't be too negative but talk about yourself and what you're looking for in a new role. Dont give negative thought to the interviewer.

You can respond like this ; I enjoyed the people I worked with. It was a friendly and fun atmosphere and I actually enjoyed going into work each morning. I felt the leadership team was great as well. One of the reasons I am leaving is that I felt I was not challenged enough at the job. As a fresh face in the working world, the company offers a great opportunity for a good entry level position, however, after being there for so many years, I felt I was not able to reach my full potential because of the lack of challenge and there was no room for advancement in the company. on.. Please please honest and talk about ur job only. Please not talk about your boss, your collegue, or your team mate if you have prob with them.

5. Qs : What were your responsibilities?

Answ : it's important to be specific and to be positive about what you did in your previous position. Its best if you can describe your responsibilities in detail and to connect them to the job you are interviewing for. That way, the employer will see that you have the qualifications necessary to do the job.

Most important is please be honest and pls don't embellish your job, because you don't know who the hiring manager will be checking with when they check your references. Ingat tuu..

Okey..think that enuf la kan. Nak tips lagi?? okey, Cekidaauttttt :

a. Practice as practice makes perfect kann..

b. Be Prepare, resume, sijil2 ( original & copy ), transcript so on.

c. Watch a Job Interview Tips Videos kat yg bnyk yutube tu

d. Get Ready luaran dan dalaman. ( mental + physical ) - Pakai baju yg sesuai!!

e. Be On Time, Penting sangat key!

f. Stay Calm.. and show your confident and show that u are ready to be hired by that co's

g. Show What You Know

Okey...beside all these, kena lah selalu berserah j pada Nya. Sbb only Him know what better for ur life. After all, ada DUIT sume boleh jadi.. Means Doa, Usaha, Istiqamah, Tawakal. By that kawan2, here are the famous job searh site for your reference, click sini---> JobStreet or click kat sini ---> Monster

Tu j la for today... Selamatttt!!

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