Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last Vacation for 2009 - CAMERON HIGHLAND

See...the kabus. Tp En. Suami a bit frust sbb bnyk kali dia tanya kenapa bila bercakap mulut x kuar asap pon..hehe..cute lah hubby ku itu.
Day 1 ( Ros Challet - CactusValley or Cactus Point - Tanah Rata Town - Tanah Rata Night Market )

Perjalanan start at 11am from my MIL house at Manjung. From there, we heading to Simpang Pulai and straight to Brinchang, Cameron Highland. As on our way there..theres a lil bit rainy and jammed. Tp eventho jammed, xde la stressed sangat mcm jammed kat KL ni. During the terrible traffic we enjoy the fantastic scenery out there especially after the raining. Bukit2 dan pokok2 kat tepi2 jalan tu sume ditutupi kabus dan cuaca pon sejuk. Wuiisyy BEST!

After all we manage to check in at 3pm. Lepas solat and rest kejap..we start our jimba2 journey. Tp sblm tu..perut kena isi dulu. Huhu..We ahead to Pekan Tanah Rata as Cik Nah said, theres a lot of food restaurants. Imagined to reached at the restaurant at almost 4pm..and we still not having our lunch, end up...we eat a lottt of food sampai boncit. Mula2 we buy Yong Tau of RM14.90 ( Bnyk hokkeeeyy!! Lapar punya pasal...mcm sepuluh hari x mkn.). Beside that, En.Suami order Kuey Tiow Kongfu and I order nasi Goreng Kampung with Tom Yum.( haha...thats really a lot for two of us but we still managed to finished it all..Pheww!! ). Lepas da kenyang baru la syiok nak jalan2 kan..

Our 2nd point is the Cactus Valley one of the biggest and most popular tourist destination located at the cool mountains of Brinchang. Ironi nya..both of us..x berapa minat sangat with cactus. Besides want to avoid the traffic is start to rain again. So, we decide to stop by the Cactus point. Tp bila pulak. It is not only have most variety of cactus plants,but also have a hydroponics method of cultivating crops such as tomatoes, strawberry and others too. Dan macam2 jenis bunga bungaan juga..So, our visit to Cactus Valley is one of the most wonderful experience where at one point I feel like the princess di dalam taman bunga. Ha ha ha...over tau.

Sebelum balik we singgah at Tanah Rata Night Market.. untuk beli mknn for our dinner. Sempat jugak survey2 harga barang2 kat situ. Tp x beli la..sbb still early. We plan to stay 3 days there. Sadly speaking..pasar malam disana bnyk jual all Cameron product such as, Vege, Flower, Cactus, Strawbery, x de yg jual nasi ayam ke..nasi goreng ke..kuih2, satey serta mcm2 makanan seperti di pasar malam tempat saya. Cess.. End up...we beli strawbery celup coklat, jagung in cup, ubi ball, cendawan goreng dan pucuk bunga lily goreng. Sbb rasa mcm x cukup...we beli maggie in cup. maklum la..sejuk2 ni...dpt makan maggie sambil tgk tv1..fuuh,layannnnnnnn..ahak ahak ahak

Ops..lupa nk cakap..theme color for 1st and polka dots.Hitam itu menawannnnn... ;D ( huh, perasan..)

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