Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What makes my suis suddenly shut down!!!!!


FYI, perkara yg paling I tak tahan sekali is when dealing with a "Hot Tampered" or "short fius" person. No matter who they are.

For me, there is still a way to settled thing in nice and proper way. X perlu nak gangster2, jerit2 or campak2 barang to show your anger.

Let me clear the things..I sebenarnye paling tak tahan kalau berhadapan dgn org2 yg having soooo short fius..I understand la if u are easily hurt ke..sensitif ke..moody person or what so ever..

Especially if U are mad with somebody else, please please please lah.. dont involved people around U as well.

U sudah marah or mad to other, why nak lepaskan kemarahan U tu pada orang2 yg berada di sekeliling U. Kesian la pada I serta orang2 lain yg tak bersalah.
Lebih2 lagi bila U start hempas2 barang or jerit2 membebel and at the same time as if U want the whole world to know that u tgh marah to that person. relationship..i am the kinda person who are really open to hear all my friends problems. If possibles, I will give an advice or supports as far as I can.

But...but...but.. please la.
I rela dengar all your problems and so forth. But satu j yg I x boleh cope..u boleh share your problems with me..but please dont share with me your hot tempered.

Because, in that cases..I dont have any problems with you..okey. Talk to me like your friend..not your enemy.

I am soo mad and cannot stand this. Kadang2...bila I datang and great you as usual..u okey. But sometimes...u are not okey..then give me "that" look. As if i have to understand everytime when u gimmi "that" look..means that U sedang not in the mood to talk with anybody including me as your friend. Or u gimmi the "look" with dahi berkerut2...sapa pon u x layan..and bila buat kerja sambil hempas2 barang..then..once U da okey, U say sorry because at that point..U sedang marah with someone..Hey, apa ni????? U fikir, I xde hati ke.. xde perasaan ke? or is that the pay that I have to bare..for our friendship?? Sbb I ni kawan U, U rasa U da boleh buat sesuka hati pada I ke?

For many cases yg I jumpa..Bila enemy U datang..U senyap pulak. As if..U suda malas nk cakap or U x teringin pon nk pandang & bercakap with them.

This is really not fare my dear friend. Dgn kami, U beria2 moody, marah2, hempas2 barang..but with your enemy..U diam pula.

Selalunya..I memang x kan layan. I will back off. If you like to share your problem with it proper way my dear. My heart will always open to you but at the same time I also have a heart that I shud take care, I deserved some respect from U as your friend. Did'nt I? In many cases, I boleh sabar..I boleh tahan and tarik nafas dalam2 and keep in mind, that U still my friend and U are not doing this purposedly. U are under ur anger's control. But sadly..I x boleh tahan sampai bila2. I am not that kind. Hati I ni pon kecik..kalau asyik2 berkecil hati dgn U..lama2 hati I makin kecik and at last I langsung x ada hati untuk U lagi.

I may not have short fius like U...but fius I ni pon pandai shut down jugak.

So, friend.. b4 I shut down my fius.. please do good with me. I will return 100times good to you. But If U makes me mad, I will do nothing, but let U sinking and left u behind. Cozt I have to take care my heart for my other friends who really appreciates me as their friends.

Love u all my dear friends.. Muaaaahhh..

Little Lizzy Notes : Sorry for allowing my adrinaline hormone do the bloging.
But peeps, am I too mean?? If U were me...what would u do?

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