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Last Vacation for 2009 - CAMERON HIGHLAND ( Part 2 )

Day 2 ( Tea Plantation & tea tree - Big Red Strawberry Farm - Rose Valley - Market at Brinchang )

Bangun pagi... \o/ huarrrggghh...

uiiii sejuk gila. Rasa mcm x boleh bangun. Bila fikir nk kena amik air sembahyang...laaaggggiii la ngerii!! Sejuk woo.. even ada water heater..tetap x berapa panas. Issskk!!

Lepas siap2..pakai baju sama color ( the second day..our theme color is yellow pulak, santeek!! ), we gerak cari kedai untuk breakfast. Sbb sejuk2...rasa nk mkn kat kedai mapley. Nak mkn roti non chese ke..with hot curry..pastu kena pulak dgn nescafe tarik..aduyaii. Sambil cari kedai mamak berhampiran, we ahead to Brinchang this time..sbb kat Brinchang bnyk tmpt2 menarik nk pergi. At first, En.Suami tersilap masuk simpang..then I nampak sign board "Big Red Strawberry Farm, Taman Agro Tourism" terus suruh En.Suami masuk tempat tu.. En.Suami x habis2 membebel la sbb we x breakfast lagi kan..hehe..I reply him, nevermind

la sayang, we having our breakfast here j la. X jadi mkn kat kedai mamak. Ekekeke..Lepas parking...checkpoint utama yg kami cari mesti lah..the Cafe. But along the way to the is my "wow" time.. We were so excited to view with our own eyes how strawberry and lettuces (Red coral, Green coral, Butterhead, Romaine) being cultivated here. it is a beautiful sight to behold! Kiri kanan sume sayur2 salad yg sihat dan nampak sedap..nyum2.

I love this Green Coral Lettuce very much. The curly bright green leaves make it looks fresh and crispy. The lovely parsley also growth beneath the potted salad plant. Parsley is commonly use to garnish a variety of dishes but too often I saw people just tossed it aside thinking it is just a decor :( There are many health benefits come with this humble looking plant. So think twice before tossed it out again.

Okey....back to the story..beside the cafe there is a survenior shop. I did buy the home made strawberry jam, strawberry choco, Cow Boy hat for En.Suami and the big red fresh strawberry. I am not supposed to buy any fresh food yet because we had two more days to go
before we go back. is not fresh anymore when we reach lowland. We already plan to buy those vegetables and the strawberry on the last day on the way before we go back to Manjung. But but but...those fresh salad..especially which are baruuuu saje abang2 Nepal tu petik..looked liked shouted at me.."buy me..!!" So, that I buy..hehe. X sampai hati menghampakan sayur2 itu. ( Drama betul Cik Little Lizzy me nih..;P)There is a corner selling many kinds of potted plants, gardening tools, flower seeds and fertilizer. However be aware that not all lovely plants you see here can survive in the scorching hot and humid temperature of lowland hor :P

Some of the flowers like this Gerbera Daisy and Gloxinia are strikingly elegant. We are tempted to buy the flowers but decided not to as the flowers will most likely end up a horrible death at our lowland home :P. So, lupakan saja hasrat murni tu..Jangan membazir beli pokok bunga ye kengkawan..beli mende lain xpe.

Walking further down ( we park our car a.k.a Mr.Suria baja Hitam on top of the hill, so, we have to walk further down to explore the farm), we come across a fish pond with these lovely Koi swimming playfully in the crystal clear water.

Then there is a tomato tree area where all the tomato's are mostly look fresh red and delicious and also grown at a perfect picking height.

Haiyaahhhh..rasa mcm nak petik j and masuk dalam handbag ni. Gewaaaaaaaaaaaammm taw!! Beside the tomato plants are the Capsicum Plants and Cactus. Cactus here is much cheaper from Cactus Point that we visit yesterday. For baby cactus, u can get 6pc's for RM10 only..murah kan?Kat bawah sekali ( which are near the entrance, there are some stalls by the road sides, selling strawberry, flowers, souvenirs, vegetables and fruits. There are also a few smaller scale plants nurseries nearby.For those who planned to come to Cameron, please dont miss to visit Big Red Strawberry Farm. Really worth it peeps..Its offers one-stop garden and farm centre to relax and the shaded farm of Big Red Strawberry provides a comfortable stroll for visitors whether it is rain or shine too.After that we head to BOH tea plantation as no trip to Cameron Highlands is complete
without a trip to the tea plantations right? hehe.. This is one of the "must visit" list. But at that day, the factory is closed, so we only enjoy the good scenic view of the tea plantation.

The cool weather and lush green make us feel fresh and its really awesome. Udara pon segar...n luas permandangan. Teruja sungguh kami dtg kat sini..siap main hide and seek dgn En.Suami lagi. Kah kah kah.. Nasib tak guling2 macam dalam cerita Hindustan tu.. mau jadi Aiswarya Rai nnt. Lepak2 sambil hirup udara segar yg susah gila nk dapat kat KL ni... sambil tu tangkap gambar then terus gerak ke Rose Velley pulak.

Nothing much can say about the Tea plantation so I lets the picture talk by themselves. Enjoyyyyy its.
Rose Valley is another one of the place that I admire the most. There are countless varieties of roses to be seen in these two farms, including the thornless variety, black rose as well as green rose.Its located at Tringkap, Cameron Highlands which is below a bit after Brinchang.
In addition to roses, the Rose Valley also plants numerous other flowering plants and fruits plants too. Like many of the garden centres in Cameron Highlands, the owners put in much effort in landscaping their gardens to attract the most visitors. From the outsides, we didnt aspect that the place is big to explore...but our expectation change. Rose Valley is huge and one could easily spend a few hours admiring the flowers and taking photos....siap kena naik

tangga lagi untuk tgk mcm2 kat atas. We just managed to climb until second checkpoint to see the orange plants and giant cactus area. Cantik sangat.. Entering fees is only RM4/adult. But, I bet u..its really2 worth it..

Seperti berada di taman larangan..huhu..( Drama lagi..!! ). As this is my first time sampai kat Rose Valley, it was my "Oh-My-God" time..never been in the place where Roses is everywhere..and also other types of flowers. Yg best nye...the landscape is soooo wonderful. Imagine u are in "taman larangan" like i said la..siap ada buai untuk santai...ada kolam ikan..air terjun ( even it is buatan )..tmpt duduk, ada replika kuda, snow white, dan many2 more. Setelah Tuan Puteri dan Sang Arjuna puas bermain di taman larangan..mereka pon keluar untuk mencari santapan. ( Tgk tiba2 ayat sawan da mari.. ) more time..lets the pictures talk for me..If you are going to Cameron Highlands, I highly recommend paying Rose Valley a visit.

Kat luar tu..along the road, ada jual2 sayur, jagung, strawberi and bla2..
Perut pon da, we beli ubi rebus n jagung..( again...xde jual nasi kat gerai2 tu. Terus terfikir mcm nk bukak gerai mkn j kat tepi jalan, di Cameron Highland ni. Huhu..) Sempat jugak beli jagung sket untuk buah tangan Mak n Ummi. Dan kami juga beli madu tualang...yg sangat lah murah disana. Sape2 nk pergi cameron, bilang sama aku ya dong..aku mao kirimin madu sama lo. Bisa ngak??
Menyesal beli dua botol j..patut kena turuti sikap tamak dlm diri tu...beli 15 botol sekaligus..hah??
Sebotol da kasi kat mak...lagi sebotol, we punya. Amalan minum sesudu per day elok untuk kesihatan disamping boleh awet muda.

Tau tak??

ha...tau takpe..

Sebelom balik, we singgah kat Pasar Brinchang..beli limau cameron j sbb memang plan nk beli sayur mayur ni esok b4 we off from here. n mkn tgh hari kat situ.Masa tu da nk petang, mkn petang la..ekekeke..letih suda. Berjalan naik bukit turun bukit, panjat tangga la bagai..Balik tu, lepas solat, terus zzzzzzzzzz..sampai maghrib. ;P

Malam tu baru we ol keluar mkn kat Tanah Rata. Xde bnyk aktiviti sangat waktu malam di Cameron, dok dlm bilik j..Nasib baik En.suami bawak lappy dia. So, tgk movie la, apa lagi. ( Kat challet Cik Nah tu hanya ada TV1 & TV2 saje...too bad ;( )

Nota Little Lizzy : Gambar, nnt I upload key.

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