Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Berkongsi G.E.M.B.I.R.A

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It was held on last weekend ( 02.10.2010 ) when my SIL had her convocation for Masters of Education Arabic Language ( if not mistaken la ) and Literature at International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak..

The night before Anne's convo, my MIL and another two BIL with his families came to our house and we had a family gathering together. That night, after had dinner, we spend a quality time watch movie, chit chat and so on..

I am happy to have them gather in my house, to look at my darling dear face which was happy and bright to have his families around us. I am glad that they are okey even our house is quit small, but still they are wiling to even sleep at the living room. Awwww... =( ( I wish i have more than one guess room in future.. hehe )

There is one step to creating happiness. It is to express love. When you express the emotion of love you create happiness and joy within yourself.  By this, there is no other thing to make me happy than to see my love is happy. And to see my MIL's smiling and proud face all the while.. I can feel her satisfaction and her happiness for her daughter's achievement. And also to look at my SIL who for sure the happiest person that time. ;) To look at the kids, who's dont care of other things happen but wanna play all the times, and to see all of them are here in front of us.

Not like usual weekend, we woke up early in the morning. After subuh prayer, I start taking bath and prepare for breakfast. En.Suami go out to buy additional food for breakfast. After breakfast we watch another movie while lepaking. Then after that, me and hubby go for Sime Darby open House while the rest dont want to follow us since they want to buy some present for SIL and to go for Convo Festival. The convocation held on the evening. Still, we manage to come back on time. Okey, not on time..but ahead early than that.. punya la excited kan..so, terpaksalah tunggu kat luar dewan tu for a couple of hours. Berpeluh2 muka. haha..

Us.. while waiting the ceremony to finished

Me, posing with SIL's rose bouquet

My SIL just came out from the Main Ceremony hall.

After dinner, we go to the studio for group family photo

The day after, we have a visit to IKEA.. wehooo!! shopping and meat ball time..haha ;P ( yeah, the truth, memang me and hubby x beli ape sangat. Just beli spice container and its handling, then we buy hooks for hanging my handbags, then ape lagi ye?? x ingat la..beli benda merepek kecik2 jer. Suka!! tu j...x sampai seratus pon. Hehe.. Tp dapat mkn chicken wing n Swedish meatball at IKEA memang terbaik. Nyum2..)


P/S : Sempat jugak reminisced memories while i'm one of the student of IIUM. Sayu j bila pegi balik tempat cafe yg selalu we lepak2, having discussion and study group..the classes, the mosque, the river, and yeda yeda.. while i saw those student handling the activities during the convest, also remind me of my past time as a student here..huhu,..yewp, i sangat active taw?? see my leg la.. ;P

Nway, special CONGRATES to my beloved SIL on your Masters. Lepas ni amik PHD pulak ye dik.. Haihhh..bila la I nk ikut jejak adik ipar ni..??


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