Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pergo floor and cermin hiasan rumah


Opps.. i'm in rushing of something.. but still, i got something to share with u guys.

So, sblm terlupa..i update dulu point2 yg i nk story tu ye. Its about lantai pergo yg i idamkan parent got it. Sblm raya aritu ayah da pasang kat kampung..Best banget...I'm soooo jelous. haha.

Lagi satu nk story about...Cermin!!! yay, finally we did bought the mirror for our living room. I loiiikkeee!! sayaaaaaaaaang en.suami.. sbb actually the mirror was my b'day present.

Since my b'day this year fall during fasting month..we x celebrate pon kat mana2. Just a simple dinner for breaking fast. Sbb, masa x panjang. lepas berbuka nk kejar2 pegi solat terawih pulak kan.. So, when he ask what i want..i list down a few things..( so, he gave me some cash $$$ for it. Yippies! )tp suddenly when we go to IKEA for window shopping, i nampak cermin ni...sooo lovely. So, i change my mind. I said to him..i want that mirror as my b'day present.. Hehe. The cash, i boleh simpan dalam ASB j la.. Untuk masa hadapan. Heh heh heh

Later I update more k... ;D

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P/S : Another wish list for this year tercapai... MIRROR -- checked!

Naahhhh...lama sgt x upload gambar we berdua.



sweetlittleneil said...

Big and Nice... wink..

Little Lizzy said...

Hehehe..thanks. Wink wink wink!!