Thursday, October 21, 2010

Melacca trip

Us..being crazy in Malacca
Pinjam topi sat...nk promosi dlm blog.. heh heh heh
In the park.. Wee

China town.. Eh kat Jonker St..Cool huh?

Last weekend we went to Melaka trip. Saje2 nk treat Apis b4 he going off beginning of Nov. However En.suami cannot joined us since he has to work during that weekend. Too bad. Uwaa..
We stayed at Kak Anna family's condo somewhere at Pantai Kelebang. We start our journey after work on Friday night. After reach Pantai Kelebang then we had our supper at Mak Jah Conner. Aband and Apis had Nasi Lemak at 12am midnight.. hoaaa.. Then we lepak and filled ourself with watching Phirana movie until 2am.. Ekeke.. ( I watch half way actually cozt the movie is too hard for me. Badan terbelah dua la..darah2..keluar isi perut sume.. No way! scarry duuhh.. )

Tgh hari tu we keluar kejap...sempat la had Kelapa Shake for the 1st round. shopping sket.. then after that Kak Anna's parent got invitation for the new opening Nasi Lemak Jumbo Restaurant. So, we all pon pegi la skali..makan2 free.. I like the rice very much...the smell was soo good, ade bau pandan leaf and of course because the taste is yummy too. Ada mcm2 kat sana rendang ayam, rendang daging, telur goreng, dan many more. Sedapp!! soo, sape2 pegi Melaka, dont missed to try Nasi Lemak Jumbo key. I tak ingat la the exact location..but when i googled, it is at Bukit Beruang. The restaurant is actually kat tepi jalan j...senang nk cari sbb ade banner besar in front of it..Balik dari mkn nasi lemak, we had another Kelapa Shake.. i'm actually addicted to it. Its toxic hokeyyyy!! tp i likeeeeeeee.. hahaha.. petang tu, pegi swimming ramai2..Baby maisara pon swimming skali. ( Okey Mey Mey...if one day u read this, your first time swimming in the pool with the swimming suit was on 16th Oct 2010. And you are such a good girl..and yes, brave too. You enjoy swimming at that time..pandai sangat anak mak ngah ni nak ikut org lain buat floating.. sampai biru2 muka kesejukan. Haha )

Malam nye we go to Jonker Street. Mey Mey kepenatan...keluar dr kereta j..terus lentok kat bahu Mak Ngah. Semua gilir2 dukung Mey Mey mlm tu..pak long paling lama la..

Penat berjalan, we had our dinner at D'laman. Suke the concept mkn dlm taman. The owner bukak restoren tu dkt halaman rumah dia..Ala2 pegi kenduri kawen garden wedding pon ade.. cume bezanye..kat sini lepas mkn kena la bayar kann..

The day after, we go for Melaka tour. First we visit Musium Melaka.. The funny first every one of us is behave and innocently read the history and view the historical thingy. Tp lama2..we become naughty.. habis huru hara musium tu. That musium is too lame.. x de org dtg melawat pon. Just us.. and there is no care taker nor security guard. Cuma ade org jaga at the entrance and kaunter masa sblm masuk tu j. So, ape lagi..... kitaorg pon be part of the sejarah there. ambik feeling... heh heh heh.. ( evil lough )
That was the first time I feel so fun and enjoy when visiting the museum.. best gilak you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~click to enlarge the pitcha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Being naughty inside the museum

Then after that we walk around the a-famosa and bandar hilir. Then go to Jonker street again. We meet up with pakcik yg jual barang2 antik and duit2 lama. So, pakcik ni bnyk jugak kasi information pasal duit2 lama..barang2 lama ni.. how to take care of its and so on. Ohh..abang sanagt suka pakcik tu. Mcm2 dia tanya. Da lama sembang2 tu.. then that uncle suggest us to go to Dataran Pahlawan and the Menara Taming Sari. So, we had no objection..then terus shoot pegi sana and had our lunch inside the Dataran Pahlawan food court.

After that we stop at Melaka’s latest tourist attraction, Menara Taming Sari (Revolving Tower), ye ke latest?? haha...for me i just knew about it last week. Thus, I consider it is new attraction la.. kah kah kah. Its cool man! Since it is the first of its kind in the country with a revolving observation cabin, 360-degree view of the entire Melaka city. This 110m high spinning tower is complete with air conditional and comfortable sits for the visitors and of course, along the journey, the cabin crew had explain a bit history of Melaka and about the tower which definitely we are not listen to. Haha.. Kitaorg at that point of time are too excited in there and mostly in the JAKUN mode.X tau la apesal.. padahal da macam2 tower da naik..effiel tower at Paris pon da sampai.. Tp bila sampai spinning tower at melaka ni..jakun jugak. haha.. ( okey, stop exaggerate or membebel.. ) The design is inspired by the Keris Taming Sari which was used by Hang Tuah once upon a time..Price per adult with the mykad RM10, child is RM5.

Inside the Taming Sari Spinning Tower

Boat Melaka~~ we tak naik pon..lalu lalang j kat area situ.. hehehe

Us at Musium pengangkutan melaka,

Kelapa shake again b4 go back.. ( this was for the last time.. ;'( )

Shopping kerepek2 belacan, sotong kering n cencaluk.

That all !! weeee...:D

P/S : **Some of the pictures taken from google.


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