Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say Cheeeeeseeee eberibodi!! ;DDDD

Many people think of calcium-rich cheese is a dangerous trap that can lead to a heart disease or at least most commonly says that it is a leading cause of fat.. But not many people know that cheese also gives some benefits to our health.

The health benefit of cheese include the following:

1. Dental Care: Cheese is very-very high in calcium content, the first and foremost thing you need for strong teeth. This also is beneficial for the teeth as any form of sugar (glucose, maltose or lactose) in food stuff harms teeth.

2. Bone Health: Apart from having very high calcium content, cheese is also rich in vitamin-B, which is very good for children, women (particularly pregnant and lactating) and elderly people (well, for adults too), for formation and strengthening of bones and cartilages.

3. Osteoporosis: This is particularly seen in women who undergone menopause, elderly people and children who suffer from malnutrition. This can be treated with a protein, calcium and vitamin rich diet (calcium alone will not help much, because the problem is with its absorption and utilization for bone formation). And these three are found in abundance in cheese.

4. Hypertension

5. Weight Gain: Cheese is an excellent food for gaining weight. They are full of proteins, fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals. You have proteins for muscles, fats for fats, calcium for heavier and stronger bones and vitamins and minerals for better metabolism.

6. Other Benefits: Cheese contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids which help prevent cancer. It contains a lot of vitamin-B which develops in it during fermentation. It also enhances blood formation, strengthens liver, facilitates absorption of nutrients in the body etc.

7. Cheese helps pregnancy go more smoothly. One of the biggest benefits is that it can help stimulate contractions when it's time for the baby to come. It also helps to create proper milk production in the body to help feed the baby once it is born.

8. Cheese can reduce problems associated with PMS.
That's because the calcium in cheese can prevent or reduce some of the symptoms associated with PMS.

9. Cheese may be good for your skin.
Cheese is a product that contains B vitamins. B vitamins are good for maintaining supple, healthy, glowing skin too.

10. Cheese is good for people who suffer from migraine headaches.

11. Cheese can boost your immune system.

Looking at these surprising number of health benefits that cheese offers, of course, I want to always eat it ( for sure in moderation ) but it's nice to know that eating this great ingredient can actually be good as well..No?

Cheese is one of my favorite foods. Do you know that Pizza Hut latest promotion now is an Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza with a combination of six different cheeses in it?

" Hello all, we are unity in diversity.."

Ohhhh.... by knowing that, I was just..OMG, this is really extreme. 6 type of cheese hokeyy! its six.. sooo mouth watering cheesilicious. For those cheese lover out there, faster go and grab "must-have-menarik-tertarik-gilasedap-daboom-cheesiestpizza" ever.. Not only that, I'm sure you will go wild and go cwaaazzy bout it too..

Yummylicious izzit??

Nomnomnom.. Walllaaaaaaahhh.. Melted stringy yummy cheese.. Its creamy,slightly tart,nutty and yet soft.. Muuaahhh..

The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza also comes with 3 other toppings besides just cheese. (Cheesy Chicken, Cheesy Hawaiian & Cheesy Pepperoni)

And last but not least....

“And yup, I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”

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