Monday, October 11, 2010

Perkahwinan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor dan Datin Dr Harlina

Ten Ten Ten

Tonight most blog tulis pasal perkahwinan diaorg ni. Its a so-called-wedding of the decade. Sorry la if my comment ni x best. Its just my personal opinion. cuma musykil masa persandingan tu, tak nampak sgt apa yg Persandingan Kayangan nya.

The pre-wedding pictures were sooooooooo extra-ordinary superb awesome! terbaekk!! rasa teringin pulak nak ada gambar sendiri mcm tu.. Yg ni betul2 mcm di atas kayangan..

Seriously?? Even the events that was handled by most unprofessional wed planner was wayyyyy better than what I witness on the television last night. After these beautiful pre-wedding pictures, I am quit frustrated to organizer of the wedding event. Seriously?Don't even get me started on the so-called "Istana Kayangan" concept. Before that night, I was watching NONA at TV3 which they shows the behind the screne or the preparation of the wedding for that night. From what i heard, i was sooo excited and x sabar2 nak tunggu malam untuk tgk siaran langsung tu. Pandai betol derang ni buat promo. Congrate to the promo team. Tp hasil nye mcm indah khabar dari rupa. Bila tgk siaran langsung tu..i rasa..oh...thats it?? is this the best thing that the organizer can done? Alamak... there are sooo many room for improvement. Rasa mcm bnyk lagi contoh2 perkahwinan yg NONA selalu tunjuk waaaaaaaayyyyyy better than this.

The first wedding dress? It was just o-kay. The make up?? Hmm.. I saw Memey angagement make up is much better. The second ensemble for the cake cutting ceremony? Lame. The cake? Lame.. And then its just replika. Yg pengantin suap2 tu adalah kek yg lain. They have got to be kidding me. I watched the live telecast all the way, hoping for some miraculous transformation of event but I was left hoping. And screaming profanities on the telly. Actually, when they said Persandingan Kayangan, I was imagine like there should be somehow macam fairy tales story like I used to read when I was a little. Haha.. ada pari2 yg cantik2..ada kereta terbang ke yg bawak the bride and groom. Ape2 j la kan.. Macam berada di taman khayalan tuuu.. haha..

Gambar dr Cikgu

The Cake

Gambar dari

Heh.. x mo la komen bnyk sangat. Congratulations to TV3, you have managed to ruin what little respect I have for you. The only thing that saved the wedding from total disaster was the bride and groom. They were soooo sweet and they looked so happy and contented. The bride... alahai..manis nye. Tersenyum ceria j sepanjang majlis. Ye la, hari bahagia kan..The groom, not to be informed la kan..rasa nya ramai kat luar tu meleleh air liur sbb x dpt Dato' Sheikh.. hehe..Just kidding! ;P At the end of the day, I guess that is what matters most, no?

I wish both of them happily ever after, welcome to the new marriage life, selamat menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai suami dan isteri..moga dikurniakan anak2 yg baik dan bijak mcm mereka jugak. Weee..

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