Monday, October 4, 2010

Funny Game

Two psychotic young men; Peter and Paul take a mother, father, and son hostage in their summer vacation cabin and force them to play sadistic "games" with one another for their own amusement.

The twist is when two crazy boys in it are so good. They are so creepy and just good at being creepy. It tripps us up how polite they are the whole time while tormenting this family and that make us hard to beleive that they are bad man.

The two seemingly well-educated young men, apparently they claim that they are friends of the neighbors, and, at the beginning, their true intentions are not known. It start by the two young men, come over to borrow some eggs. They are so polite and nice that it is freaky. The one boy named Tubby asks for eggs, and when Anne ( the mother ) doesn’t want to give him any, his friend Peter and him become forceful for the eggs. ( When they do this, they are very polite, and it’s weird). However, in the process Tubby excidently destroy their phone and ruin all their eggs. Eventually a frustrated Anna demands that the men leave, asking Georg ( the father ) to ask them go out from the premises. The true color of them only shown when Georg slap Peter's face for being rude to him. by that, Peter faster breaks George's leg with the latter's golf club. Not just that, they also tell the family that they already kills Lucky ( the family dog.)

Only that, the family knows that the two young man are not just coming for borrowing an egg. They want to play game with them. Paul asks if the family wants to bet that they will be alive by 09:00 in the morning, though he doubts that they will win which I can say that they are completely psychopaths.

Georgie ( the son ) eventually escapes to the house next door for some help, but finds the family dead. He attempts to shoot Paul with a shotgun, but it is not loaded. Paul returns him to the house, along with the gun. After a few more games, Peter plays a counting-out game between the family members and shoots Georgie.

Georg and Anna weep for their loss, but eventually resolve to survive. Anna flees the house while Georg, with a broken leg, tries to get help with the malfunctioning phone. Anna struggles to find help, but eventually Peter and Paul reappear, capture her, and return to the house. They kill Georg and take Anna out on the family's boat early the next morning. Around eight o'clock, Paul casually throws the bound Anna into the water to drown, thus winning their bet. They dock at the house of the neighbors that had previously visited the family, and request some eggs, thereby restarting their cycle of murder.

It is so sick and twisted, and yet funny and weird, that it is impossible to not have a creepy grin on your face during the movie.

The film frequently blurs the line between fiction and reality, especially highlighting the act of observation. The character Paul breaks the fourth wall throughout the movie and addresses the camera in various ways. As he directs Anna to look for her dead dog, he turns, winks, and smirks at the camera. When he asks the family to bet on their survival, he turns to the camera and asks the audience whether they will bet as well. At the end of the film, when requesting eggs from the next family, he looks into the camera and smirks again. Only Paul shows awareness that the film is being observed by the audience.

At one time, when Anna successfully shoots Peter, as a possible start to a heroic escape for the family, Paul uses a remote control to rewind the film itself and prevent her action. However, I think the rewinding thingy ruins the entire makes no sense....

For those want to watch a film which is lightly diff from other thriller, do spent time to enjoy this movie. ;)As an overall, i am not into this movie.. I dont like the rewinding thingy and sometime i felt that the plot was quit slow..



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