Monday, September 27, 2010

Flag this message: Revoke of Invitations to Celebration of Amazing Skin with Vaseline Party ~~~ tsk tsk tsk..


Uwaaaaaaa.... Know what?? this is my first time after be invited by Nuffnang for party. Actually i'm glad to go, and looking forward to it to meet and mingle around with other bloggers.. ( sbb x pernah..selalu tgk picture2 at nuffnag website, rasa sooo wanna go.)


Due to my carelesness and time frame to sit in front of PC during this Open-house-seasons, where I'm not open my email this few days.. Had result, this invitation has been rovoked. Too bad! ;'( Huhuhuhuhu...nagis tersedu2.

I blame my phone which dont have internet update me about this. haha

That y I really hungry for iPhone right now.. auummm!!

P/s ; Just not my luck. Not my rezeki..maybe next time. Perhaps! ;)


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