Monday, September 27, 2010

~~~DiGi iPhone 4 Real~~~


Hi all,

Lets get closer of what i found with DIGI Postpaid Plans especially for iPhone promotional monthly fees.. The price was sangat2 impressive.. and value for money. Worth buy..

Click to enlarge the picture..

And please be remind that this special monthly Fee ( from RM58/mth) pricing only applicable for NEW signups from 24th September 2010 onwards. So, ape tunggu lagi.. be the first to sign up and grab the "King of phones" as yours.

Beside this, to ease their customer, DIGI also offers 2 option whether to buy with cash or credit card or via easy payment plan.

From my opinion, by getting the contract deal with existing local operators are the best choice instead of buying directly from Apple Online Store or through unofficial parties since the price will be much higher approx 3K++ and in the end you have also to connect the iPhone 4 with one of them to receive the

And make sure its DIGI peeps..!!

Ku bersamamu... Hehehehehe

For more info.. please google walk yourself to this link ya --> DIGIiPhone

Sila..sila.. jgn memalu.. ;P


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