Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?


Do you guys still remember of my blog which regards the Magical Vaseline Petroluim Jelly which I've blog ages ago? hehehe...I consider this is the sequent of it. For those yg x perasan about that, please read this ---> Magical Veseline

Remember I said I'm so obses with this petrolium jelly where I keep it everywhere, so that it easy for me to used it whenever I feel like to. ;) There are a zillion uses for it, and did you know half of those zillion are beauty related! Can u imagine that?? hehehe... Actually I'm not a deep beauty conscious pon.. In fact, I seldom put on make up..or a kind of person who are really particular about my skin or go for manicure and padicure every month, SPA, go for oksigen your skin, used expensive product for anti aging..yeda yeda and etc.. No No No.. I'm simple..Just the basic one like, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, compact powder which I used Johnson & Johnson's product clean & clear, plus eyeliner is a must for my face. For body..i like to feel moist at all time perhaps, so, I used baby lotion which I usually mixed up with petrolium jelly to give the best result..And so far, i could say, my skin had not much problem and I love it. Maybe I'm not exposed it to the too many chemical product. Woot Woottt!!.. Whenever I feel like my skin dried..I will simply put a lil bit of the magical petrolium Jelly to it..and its really work. Yay!! worth harm geng.. I have tried it sooo many times. And also i applied it to En.suami too.. Ekekeke.. Okey, selain drpd tu..of course la kena jg permakanan jugak. As for me..i'll make sure I drink enuf plain water everyday and also eat a lot of vege and fruits ye kawan2.

Berbalik kepada tajuk, now.. the skincare expert Vaseline just unveiled its body lotion catering to different needs, Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh, Healthy White & Intensive Rescue. The Yellow, Green , Pink and Blue.. I like to have and try it all, but currently I used the pink and the yellow one. Guess what, I like it both.. the smell just make me calm and its gives me more moist than ever before.

Have you experience that some lotion, sit on top of your skin only which make u leaving it feeling tacky. Others sink through quickly and your skin is not thoroughly moisturized. So, this Vaseline lotion is the only body lotion to infuse and suspend superior moisture across all layers of your skin, for twice the moisture and an unmatched silky skin feel, compared to leading everyday body lotions. So, you can always count on Vaseline if you need a lil’ something to keep you moist.

Beside the petrolium jelly, this is another product that I'll be obsess to..from now on. Hehehe.. Actually, for the "Healthy White" Veseline lotion..the pink color one. I like the smell tho.. and it helps to restore the softness and tonicity to my skin. I usually used it during the office hour where you know that being in the office for more than 9 hours a day in the air cond, will make your skin dried. So, by using it, I can say my skin is fine since the lotion helps to sooth it..Kadang2 sampai balik keje pon still moist lagi..The best part is that I always hold my hubby's hand masa jalan2 the car ke..( of course la kan, tu pon nk cerita ke..)nope!! my point here..En.suami saya sampai x nak hold my hand selalu especially in the car b4 get to work.. he say, his friend make lough of him sbb tangan dia lembut mcm tgn perempuan bila salam dgn kawan2 or client ke. Dia selalu kena tegur cozt his hand become softer after marriage. haha.. Its true..sumpah x tipu! and my hubby x pakai lotion ye.. cuma tgn dia pon jadi lembut bila selalu hold mine..Seee..can u imagine that?? ;P

As for those who are always exposed to the sun also encaurage to used this. Since it have UV Protection and it triple sunscreens to help prevent further darkening caused by the sun. Kalau mcm I, I choose this because even keje duduk dalam ofice sejuk2 beku during lunch time..i need to go out and exposed to panas terik kan..So, better pakai yg ada UV protection, ada serum yogurt and vitamin B3 to help my skin and bring out natural faireness to it.

For the Total Moisture, it's a multi-vitamin moisturizer. It replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skin needs to be vibrant and feel healthy. I usually used it after taking bath. I used it on both face body. Hehehe...x senonoh kan? First I like to keep the fresh feeling especially after taking akan rasa wahhh, sangat fresh. So, I put the lotion to keep me in the fresh mode for at least a longer time. And I also like to used it before sleep. It help me to have a tight sleep dgn mimpi2 indah yg berbau wangi.. ( over la kan.. ) But serious, try la..i bet you will like it. ;)

Know what, many of us focus so much of their time treating the skin of their face only. As a result, we end up neglecting the skin on our hands and body. The key to keeping your skin soft and healthy is a good moisturizer. Most moisturizers available are composed of some formulation of oil and water, with added ingredients that may or may not help to combat specific skin problems. But by using these Vaseline lotion can give you nourishing moisture plus UV protection to keep the skin strong and help defend against sun and free radical damage.

( This is how i looked after taking part of the explore race of Sime Darby. Hehehe...does my skin looked moist? haha.. what i mean, even after berpenat lelah berpanas dan berlari2 pon, my skin x oily.. cumil lagi..pergh, perasan! )

Dari pembacaan saya, kalau nak buat sesuatu tu..buat selalu secara berterusan sampai lebih 20 hari..later, it will become a habit to u. So, if anyone of you, yg sometime..lupa la nk pakai lotion, x sempat la..cuba try pakai selepas mandi. Kalau boleh letak one bottle in your bathroom. So, lepas mandi n lepas lap2 badan tu...applied it all over your body. Senang kan?? nnt lama2 jadi habit la. tak gitu?? :D

Last but not least, stay MOIST everyone..!! chio..


Ms Ave T said...

Great post and good luck for the comp!

Miss Ave T

angahlyzz said...

Thank you Ms Ave, I never won anything before..just suka2 jer...But if this time i got the chance, very the like.. haha