Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~~~ New hair = short bobstyle ~~~


Last Monday, I give myself a new looked by change the new hair style.
Selalu rambut panjang lurus, leyered..since after get married, I never cut my hair. Not just that, I'm not give it pampered for doing treatment at saloon, trim ke, cuci kat kedai sambil bubuh pro-vitamin ke ape ke..Ops..ade la one time, i stimmed my hair plus do the treatment by professional. Haha.. teruk juga I ni kan. But, it doesnt mean i am not taking care of my hair at all. its just I'm not going to professional..but still doing it myself at home.

But out of suddent teringin nk try rambut pendek pulak.. Beside, b4 this, i pernah ckp pada En.Suami, how about if i cut my hair short. He said he's okey, but not too short. Huhu..

Maka, pada pagi Isnin tu..kebetulan I sakit kepala pulak. Sakit sebelah kepala tau. X larat sangat.. After mandi basuh kepala pon still rasa sakit. Then i pon terfikir nk pegi cuci rambut kat saloon and do the treatment. Kan masa derang cuci tu, they will massage ur head and neck, and then bila kena air sejuk tu sambil kena massage, fuhh, best banget..i liiikkkeee..!!

Sampai2 j..tgk pakej gunting rambut + treatment + pro-vit + highlight + rebonding hanya RM200. Murah kan?? i terus la tanpa fikir or tanya2..straight away i said i want that package., mula la..tgk2 katalog..which style kan nk potong..Then i choose to cut like Posh Beckham short bobhair style. ( Kena highlight nama Posh Beckham supaya nampak sexy rambut i..huhu ) Cuma i x buat highlight, but add on collagen to my hair supaya rambut lebih lembut dan kulit kepala lagi sihat.

Guess what?? En.Suami loved it.. yay!!

Tp yg x best nye..part nk settle the bill..sudently the price is not really RM200. The RM200 package is actually not include ubat la..x masuk cuci rambut la..bla bla bla. At the end..i need to pay rm300+++ since I buy the serum oil as well. What la.. kan??

Tp...nasib baik hasil nye SEXY!! And yg penting my darling dear loved it. Double Yay....!!

And last but not least, picture again... ~ Victoria Beckham in a bob hairstyle ~

Her sun glasses looked soo "menggiurkan", no??

P/s : All pictures taken from google

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