Friday, September 24, 2010

== “DiGi iPhone 4 Me” ==

~~~~~~~~~~~~ “DiGi iPhone 4 Me” ~~~~~~~~~~~

Why I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi??

My current handphone kept giving me problem.

At first, the volume control button got hairwired..where i cannot control the sound at all. Haih..ok lagi. Sbb I boleh pakai headphone yg ada volume controller tu. So, boleh la kurangkan and kuatkan sound tu aight?

Then, it just turn off whenever i start to type. It’s freaking irritating & annoying as i have to turn on my phone back & key in my password & then have to wait for like 2 minutes so that it can load everything. Pfft!

Not just that.. now is due to the slide phone ( mine is N95 )..everytime i wrongly slide it..the skrin will turn to black. Mcm blackout pulak. Tp bila da bnyk2 kali slide in and out..dia ok la. But still. It make me urghhhh!! Then sometime, when this happen while I want to take a picture.. u know la, i am not the person yg bawak camera all the time., i usually snap picture using my HP j. But when my HP become like this..uwaaaaa too bad to missed out the 'so-called-best-moment' and cannot keep it in the picture...

So that, I really need a new handphone which are :

1. Branded ~~ Hehe..of course mar..worth buying. My old HP N95 is more than 2years old. So, I think should give it an early retirement. Who what?? ppl change their car more often than it kan kan kan? Haha..

Sekali sekala nk beli, so harus pilih yg terbaeekk la..that y iPhone 4G..wehoo!

2. Budget ~~ Money worth. Cheap in term of the functions and its powerful players. And of course by DIGI package. Yummy yum!! Ahaha ;)

3. Specs ~~

-longer life battery (not every night have to charge like mine)
-Huge storage
-look stylish & smart
-Unlimited internet access especially buy from DIGI
-Data speed must faster than others
-Photo capture.

And to know that Apple has improved features and the latest iteration enhances a number of important elements from previous model like display, camera (with Flash), dual-microphone, larger battery and multi-tasking and yeda yeda yeda.. just make me feel sooo want to have it!

4. Type/Size ~~ This surely comes to my priority to choose the right HP.
As you know, the design of iPhone 4G is excellent. It has been updated to use steel and aluminosilicate glass, which is ultra-resistant to scratches. Yay!! Amat sesuai wif me..Among the things that I really like in this design are the buttons: on/off, volume +/- are very easy to "feel" with the fingers and to use. This is something that most competitors often screw up. I use the power button dozens of times a day, so it should be nice and easy to reach. And not forgotten that 4G iPhone is thinner and slimmer than 3G's one..

And good to tell that I typically want to change my style to use phone differently by now. Ye lah, zaman da canggih, so dun wan to just use a handphone as a HP ony. What a waste.. ngek ngek ngek.. Practically I want to check my email often with Exchange and also want to browse the web several times a day to check on news sites, Facebooking, blogging, yutubing and maybe wanna watch movies or play music as well. Last but not least to used it as a navigator..since i had difficulties in remember the road. haha..selalu j sesat. Nway,I don't call much - maybe 10mn a day, if at all. But I text much..since my package with Non-DIGI customer is soo expensive. So, i da biasa text than call. hehe.. This usage pattern is a based to figure out what would be the best HP to get.

And, know what?? DIGI give an awesome package for all this. So, why wait? lets grab iPhone 4 from DIGI bebeh!!!

Awww...sooo want it!

Truely yours,
Cik LittleLizzyMe ;D

( While giving my puppy dog face.. Ngee.. )

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