Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play



Speak up about why I need iPhone 4, I still want to continue it. Please dun get bored ye kawan2..Wohoo.. ;P

As soon as they announced the official release of the "King of Phones", I was sooo onto it. I am not one easy consumer to please. On the contrary, I am one extremely demanding phone user.

Never is it enough that my phone can just call or text. I want to use my device to surf the internet on the go, check my emails, blogging, watch movies on the plane, organize my appointments, give directions to hopeless KL taxi drivers using GPS ( okey..i'm liying..i am the one who hopeless dun know the direction at most of the time.. hehe ). On top of it all, I want my phone to sync to my PC so all my calendars and contact list stay as one, united and also i want gamming.. I'm getting myself a Wii as well like i used before. Hobi I dulu ialah menghabiskan jam demi jam menghadap komputer bermain game.

Champions Manager (CM) was my favourite. The Sims was another favourite. Dan I suka game yang memerlukan strategi, seperti menjadi perancang bandar (yang memaksa you berfikir tentang langkah ekonomi, politik, infrastruktur dan sosial yang efektif) dan juga game peperangan pra kemodenan (War of the Worlds, Age of Empires). Beberapa tahun sebelum ni, I merupakan seorang game junkie. They are many game that become my favourite. Which sometime I rather skip my meal to finished up the game and sometime sampai mimpi2 the stategy of the game. haha...esoknye pagi2..bagun tido start main game balik cozt of i was dreaming about the strategy a night before... Yeahhh i noe i noe, sangat gila!

So, speak up of the iPhone 4 which we can easyly get free apps to d/load, maka I fikir, elok juga kalau I mula balik hobi masa lampau ber-gaming. No?

Not just that..On the iTunes Store tons of Apps, both free and paid, that lets you do everything from reading blogs offline.

To check local traffic camera - just suit for me and En.Suami which our working area is just at the heart of the KL city.

To check the weekly whether

To chatting on MSN.

To identifying the song on the radio.

To stalking people on Facebook.

To keeping track of stocks and foreign currencies.

To find the best recepies & Get RECIPES THAT WORK, -Need a foolproof recipe - Dictionary & Thesaurus and many more

Apple has been adding improvements and releasing new versions of its software from time to time. How many other phone manufacturers do the same?

By that, there is absolutely no reason for me not to love this phone. Aight??


Last but not least..iPhone rocks! ;D


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